Overloading a washing machine

November 19, 2022

Washing machines are certainly complex devices in many ways, and are quite robust. However, there is one problem that many users of this equipment encounter, but do not know how to correct.

This problem is related to overloading! It is possible to overload a washing machine with a large number of items. Even if you think there is still room, but the machine may think that the drum is overloaded.

So, let's take a closer look at overloading , find out what it is, why it's so harmful, and see how you can prevent it. No matter what type of washing machine you have, this problem can occur in any of them.

If your washing machine is not used carefully, you may need the help of a qualified washing machine repairman in Calgary.

What is overloading?

Overloading is when you load too much laundry into your washer, but it doesn't always mean you've exceeded the weight limit. It's quite possible to overload your washing machine and still stay within your weight limit, so the two problems are not as closely related as you think.

Overloading your washer basically means that you've loaded too many clothes into the drum, so that when the washer spins, they don't have the freedom of movement needed to wash effectively. This seems like an easy problem to avoid, but many users overload their washing machines without even realizing it.

Why is overloading bad?

Overloading your washing machine is bad for a number of reasons, to better explain why, let's look at three basic things that a washing machine needs in order to wash effectively. A washing machine needs warm water, movement, and finally, detergent to effectively wash laundry.

Warm water dissolves dirt and stains, and that's what activates the cleaning properties of any detergent you use. The movement of the washing machine is what shakes off the dirt particles and helps wash them away. Whereas detergent is what actually helps deal with stains.

Now, as you can probably guess, an overloaded washing machine affects all three of these factors in one way or another. The main area that overloading affects is movement, because when clothes are packed tightly, they won't have the space for movement needed to spin effectively, and so they probably won't be able to shake off dirt particles.

Overloading also affects warm water and detergent, because when loaded, neither water nor detergent has the ability to evenly distribute over the garment.

This means that your clothes won't wash properly and will often be left with white streaks of soap. So, as you can see, overloading your washing machine can cause many problems.

So what can be done to eliminate overloading in the washing machine?

Overloading may seem like a relatively simple problem, all you have to do is carefully load your clothes into the washing machine and make sure there's enough room, right? Well, unfortunately, no, not by any means.

If you want to wash larger items, such as sheets or blankets, you need to stack these laundry in such a way that they don't get tangled. It's important to stack the clothes in the washer one piece at a time, not the whole pile at once. This doesn't seem like a significant point, but it is the best way to prevent any problems with overloading.

You should also make sure that there is a 10 cm clearance around the washing machine drum so that your clothes can move to effectively rotate around the washing machine. And while weight is an important issue, you should also consider the volume. You need to take that into account.

All you need to know about overloading is that it's not a big problem, and it's easy to fix by removing excess laundry from the drum and reducing the weight and volume of the laundry in the drum at the same time. However, if your appliances will often face the problem of overloading, this in turn can already lead to serious breakdowns and damage.

Therefore, be careful when loading the washing machine to avoid such a simple but common problem.




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