Overview Of Concrete Scanning

November 11, 2022

A concrete structural survey might be difficult to complete if you are attempting to scan a structure made from concrete that is much too large for typical scanners. You may want to scan the walls, columns, beams, or slabs.

When working with large structures, and concrete scan may be necessary

GPR or some form of Enhanced Concrete Scanning is often used, yet this may not be possible with the structures. Instead, ultrasonic nondestructive testing methods like Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity or Sonic Impact Echo Technology might be better suited for these jobs visit precision-um.co.uk for more information.

These are the methods that you will want to use to obtain the accurate data in and around the concrete slab that you are going to scan for a client and it can be accomplished in several ways.

The Benefits of Using Concrete Structural Surveys

There are several strategies that can be implemented when using a concrete structural scan. What you are trying to do is evaluate the diameter and spacing, reinforcement cover, foundation locations, or even the thickness of the slab of concrete.

Once these are scanned by the system, the attributes collected will be used to determine load capacity and the structural integrity of what you are scanning, and may also be useful in updating structural drawings that are inaccurate which may currently exist.

The detection avoidance, or any prestressed tendons can be identified, along with partially hollow objects and conduits. This data can even detect imagery through reinforced concrete.

Methods Used

ACSYS has produced MIRA tomography equipment that we currently use today. It is highly advanced by comparison to any comparable types of machinery.

By sending a short pulse directly to the concrete, the scanner will be able to find surfaces that contain small bits of metal. The instrument will then take this information and create a two-dimensional array that will lead to generating the final image.

Reporting methods and as built drawings

To get flexible digital outputs using maps, raw data, or even files that you can use with CAD, you can incorporate all of this into an existing as built slab, all the while taking into account your analysis of the structural design.

3D laser scans, along with on-site data, will be processed in-house, using software that we have designed in order to deliver quantifiable measurement of any slab attributes that need to be detected. Once that is done, we can then present and as built structural design with drawings that will give you detailed information that is extremely comprehensive regarding engineering decisions that should be made when planning a project and determining the different phases of the project itself.



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