Overview of the Cost of Real Estate in Alanya

November 24, 2022

You are welcome to the never-sleeping and dazzling country of Turkey. A nation is known for too many unique items and a location buzzing with good trade, beautiful life, and exceptional opportunities. However, did you know Alanya is one of the comfiest locations in Turkey? Yes, you may be wondering why Istanbul and Ankara are not being mentioned right now; but to know Alanya is to love the place. The city area has many wonders, numerous life-engaging events, and a beautiful beach layout.

However, this article will not be discussing the wonders of Alanya city. It will instead focus on an overview of the cost of real estate, flats prices in Alanya city, what to expect with rented apartments, and the kind of deals you can find with purchases or sale of buildings in the area. Stay glued till the end for more information.

What are the prices of real estate in Alanya?

The prices to get real estate will depend on your tastes and, most importantly, the nature of the property you fancy. According to Turk.Estate, there is no fixed price for all properties; it differs from time to time and from quality to quality. Here are some of the most famous types of apartments you can find and the budget you should towards:

  1. Penthouses

You is invited to enjoy the penthouses in Alanya, usually possessing a spacious luxury apartment with a swimming pool and jacuzzi ensuite. The excellent news about Alanya Penthouses is that they allow you to see the open sea, especially since they are positioned on the upper floor of the buildings. Although they are built for luxury, the prices for penthouses in Alanya are very fair. You can rent a Penthouse in Alanya for between €2, 000 - €5 000 monthly.

You can buy a Penthouse in Alanya between €150, 000 - €500, 000

You will discover that the higher the quality and perks, the more expensive the penthouse will likely be. For example, if it has a sea view and a swimming pool ensuite, you should be ready to pay more, and what about a private beach area? More!

  1. Flats

Flats in Alanya is one of the most popular available real estate options. Tourists, foreigners, and indigenous occupiers patronize flats consistently in the Turkish property market, and Alanya is no exception. The size, number of bedrooms, toilet facilities, and kitchen areas are huge pricing factors for apartments. Some of these properties are priced daily, while others are monthly. It is better to go for those that are priced monthly in rent. These apartments differ on many luxurious grounds and may span up to €100 000 monthly for rent and much more, while some as relatively low in their prices.

  1. Villa resorts

A villa is like a mini village, and it is crucial to include that with such luxury comes a heavy burden in cost. Villa resorts in Alanya are not for the fainthearted. These top-class estate commodities often come in a simple story building but are equipped on the inside to accommodate multiple bedrooms and impressive decors. They are often marketed in a finished state and may have a swimming pool, a modern yard, or a terraced balcony. As stated earlier, villas are expensive, and you must have a minimum of €250 000 to have a chance in the market. You may also need to be aware that villas may climb up to €600 000 depending on the marketing company, the facilities, and the comprehensive offer.

  1. Hotels

Lastly, hotel property offers are often pricier than others, and the reason is that hotel management wants to make money and recoup their investments via the hospitality business. So, if you are on a budget or cautious about spending too much, you should look beyond hotels and find more stable rentals. Hotels charge daily for lodgers, and the prices may range from €1 000 to €50 000, etc.


This article sums up a price overview in Alanya for the standard type of real estate properties open for sale or lease. The prices have been analyzed from the Euro standpoint, and you can invest in the market through an off-plan and various comfortable/accessible mortgage plans.


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