Planning a Wedding? Who Should Choose the Man’s Ring

November 19, 2022

Often, when the guy proposes to the woman, he either brings her the ring or goes shopping for the ring with her. But after the proposal and in preparation for the wedding, everyone seems to forget about the man’s ring.

Who chooses the man’s ring? What are the etiquettes involved in choosing a man's wedding ring?

This article answers frequently asked questions about a man’s wedding ring.

Who Chooses the Groom’s Ring?

As much as you might want a straight answer for this, there is no one answer. Usually, the individual proposing purchases the engagement ring.

Wedding bands, however, are a different matter. The bride is often in charge of the groom's ring. Even though that is custom, some modern couples might think this arrangement is archaic.

If a couple is torn between the decision of who to choose the man’s wedding band, here are some factors to consider

Couples’ personal preference

How do you feel about this decision as a couple? There is no requirement that you adhere to a particular tip or guideline.

Create your own wedding ring shopping guidelines and determine together who will select the man's band.

Ring style

Do you desire the bride’s and groom’s rings to match? You must select or create rings as a couple if you want your bands to match.

Also, the couple has to consider the man’s preference and style. If the man would rather choose his style and wedding ring, it might be best if he shops for it himself or goes with the bride for the shopping.


How are you (as a bride) going to pay for the wedding band? This isn't a big deal if you've already combined bank accounts.

However, talk about the financial implications of this transaction if you have different accounts or credit cards.

Men’s wedding rings are not as expensive as women’s rings, especially considering the design. has various men’s ring designs.

Who Buys the Wedding Band?

According to customs, each person is responsible for purchasing the other's ring. Accordingly, in a conventional union, the bride's ring would be purchased by the groom or his family, and vice versa.

Thoughts on this procedure and interactions between spouses have evolved to take a wide variety of situations into account in more recent times.

Every couple may choose to buy their wedding bands in a different way, but it should all begin with open conversation. Especially if there is no family support, a couple's wedding is frequently their first significant financial commitment.

This will go much more smoothly if expectations, preferences, and dislikes are all out in the open.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Man’s Wedding Band

When choosing a wedding ring, here are some factors to consider.


The possibilities for wedding bands are endless, whether it be adding jewels, using textural elements, or engraving.

There are ways to combine artistic decisions that foster symbolic ties between the rings without really matching, depending on the person's decisions.

An etching of a fingerprint or a gemstone that matches one's own could illustrate this.


Whether the man wants something with designs or something simpler is a question many people ponder.

You should try both on and maintain an open mind as a man. You should think about your lifestyle and line of work.

You may choose a minimal maintenance band if you are active, do manual labor, or travel a lot, so you don't have to worry about cleaning it or losing your ring.

Something plain, devoid of jewels, can be both classic and useful.

Ring Size

Knowing your ring size now will help you avoid many future problems. Rings or eternity bands with an all-around design cannot be resized.

Additionally, any engravings should be reviewed with a qualified jeweler to ensure that they are secure if a resizing is required.

The ring size and material

Finding the ideal material is the most crucial step in selecting a men's wedding band. Most men's wedding bands come in one of the following metals: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, and stainless steel.

Thankfully, the selections aren't so numerous that you'll spend months second-guessing yourself. Many alternative metals, including tungsten and zirconium, are joining that group.

Because white gold and palladium are valuable metals, they have enduring symbolic value, are simpler to resize, cost more to buy, and are generally more likely to be worn.

Modern metals like titanium and tungsten can rarely be resized, are frequently less expensive, and are much more resistant to dents and scratches.

Remember, it's also crucial to decide on the color you and your bride will choose. Selecting the color of your wedding bands—gold, rose gold, or platinum—is just as important as selecting the material.

Width and Size

You should think about this because a broader ring would not only fit your finger better, but it will also appear more gorgeous.

However, if you have a thin finger, you will value the thin ring you choose for yourself. Make sure your decision suits your finger well at all times.

Make sure the band will fit comfortably on your finger because most wedding rings can be bulky and heavy.

A larger band can assist a man with long, slender fingers that appear to have broader fingers. The opposite is also true; bands with a narrower width are better for short, thick fingers.


Most men keep their wedding ring prices reasonable while deciding on their budget. Therefore, there's no need to overdo it.

And even though research says there is a correlation between the amount you spend on a wedding ring and marriage longevity, the cost should strictly be according to your budget.

If you really want to go overboard, you should look for a platinum or diamond-encrusted ring, then palladium, white, yellow, rose, and then silver. Beyond that, you enter the realm of contemporary metal (titanium, tungsten).

In conclusion, contemporary metals typically cost less, while precious metals typically cost more. The good news is that there are many amazing men's rings available for less than $300, especially if you choose metals like tungsten or titanium.

See for yourself by browsing the Men's Rings Online inventory and sorting by "price."


Choosing a man’s wedding ring might not be a custom as old as choosing a woman’s, but it is now as important. Whatever decision you make while choosing the ring, buying it, and wearing it depends on the couple, and it does not have to follow any known custom.


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