Product 3D Rendering for a Smart Digital Marketing

November 18, 2022

When people think of product 3D rendering for digital marketing, they think about the immediate customer contact. They think about that fancy image on an affiliate advert, or an exploded animated view of the interior of the device. However, that is only the tiniest tip of the sales funnel. You have to educate your consumer, remove barriers to a sale, identify a problem, present a solution, and give people a clear path to a solution. There is more to the sales process than offering up pretty 3D renders of a product.

Comparative Quality Demonstrations

Don’t just show people your product. Show your product in use and show how other products fail in comparison to your products. For example, do not simply show how your disability standing frame looks when it is all set up. Show how it also distributes the weight of the patient in a very even manner. Show how other products are poorly balanced, how they put undue pressure on body parts and how they may even strain a patient’s muscles and tendons. You don't need to do this with 3D animation if your 3D renders are cleverly thought out, framed and positioned.

Fix The Offline/Online Problems

There is a reason why real-world shopping still beats out several online shopping and marketing options. There are certain problems that exist in the real world and offline world, and most of them relate to how poorly a flat image conveys details.

An easy example is a mirrored or photo-reactive surface being displayed on an image. It looks flat and unresponsive. On a 3D render, along with correct lighting, a product can look amazing. You may ask yourself, “Why not shoot a video of the object in good lighting?” but if you are dealing with custom made items that do not exist yet, you either 3D print something at great expense and show off the details on a smaller scale. Or, you use a quick and low-cost service like Rebus Farm and offer your clients some solid and impressive 3D renderings of the product.

The Problem of Size

Sizes are another online/offline problem that 3D digital rendering can help to solve. It works in two ways. The first, and most frustrating, are clothing sizes. We are told that items of clothing are certain sizes, but when they turn up they don't fit the same way that other same-sized items fit. Some online retailers have review sections (like Amazon) where a default question is how well the sizes fit. With 3D digital rendering, it is possible to show where items fit tight, fit loose, and where they fall and rise on the body.

Another problem is simply understanding how large something is in the real world. A great example of this is gazebos. The larger ones do not look large in pictures, even when they are placed besides real life people in pictures. It is hard to judge the dimensions, especially if you are planning to put garden furniture or a portable spa into the gazebo. A digital rendering set into a digitally rendered garden will help people see how large or small an item really is in the real world.

Why Not Digitally Animate?

There are certain times when digitally animating is the best possible option. For example, when bag less vacuums first became a thing, digital 3D animation helped to show how air was drawn in and the dirt deposited without the need for a bag. However, there are many times when the control offered by a 3D image is far more powerful. On a similar note, there are many circumstances where a 3D image is not suitable. For example, it may be useful in showing how mascara makes eyelashes look thicker but would probably do a poor job showing how lipstick makes lips redder or glossier.


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