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November 3, 2022

If you are buying or selling property, you will need the assistance of a conveyancer, who is also known as a conveyancing solicitor. The legal procedure of transferring house ownership from one person to another is referred to as conveyancing.

As long as you are not applying for a mortgage, you are free to handle the conveyancing procedure on your own, despite the fact that doing so might be somewhat challenging . However, the majority of individuals believe that it is best to locate an experienced Sydney conveyancing company and "instruct" them to manage the process of conveyancing.

The best places to search for a conveyancing solicitor

Research is essential. Try asking the internet for a “conveyancer near me”. In any case, doing an internet search shouldn't take too much time, allowing you to swiftly move on with the appointment process.

Receive referrals from friends and others who work in the real estate industry, and make it a point to get estimates from the companies they recommend. However, you should know that hiring an estate agent or the developer's conveyancer might increase the total cost. We strongly advise you not to choose the solicitor that the developer recommends if you are going to be purchasing a newly constructed home. You need the assistance of someone who can act only in your best interests.

You are able to compare prices for conveyancing services from the lowest, closest, and top rated conveyancers instantaneously thanks to our network of over 150 quality guaranteed providers.

What your property lawyer will do initially in the conveyancing process

Once you hire a conveyancer, they'll open a file and create a contract or conditions of engagement. This itemizes their fees and stipulates any deposits that are necessary.

In addition, you'll have to specify the real estate agency you'll be working with, whether or not you'll require a mortgage, and the name and contact information of the mortgage provider. They will also want to see a picture identification document, such as your passport.

In the event that you are selling, your conveyancer will request a memorandum of sale or notice of sale from the estate agents. This document will include the contact information for all of the lawyers involved in the transaction. You'll need to fill out certain legal forms detailing your property and the items you want to sell.

The next step is for your solicitor to notify the other party's lawyers that they have been appointed to act on your behalf in the acquisition and/or sale.

Property investigations and inspections

Even after having a survey done and going on viewings, there is a possibility that there are aspects of the home you are purchasing that you are unaware of. A conveyancer will thus coordinate a series of local searches as part of the process of transferring property ownership.

Your conveyancer will go through the findings from these local searches with you and point out any relevant information, such as upcoming road construction or development plans. Find out more information about local authority searches, including what they cover and how much they cost.

You should look into having a survey done to determine the current state of your property. Once the findings are available, your conveyancing attorney will be able to review them and provide guidance on the next actions to take. Find out what to do following an unsatisfactory home inspection here.

What about my home loan payments?

If you're purchasing a house with a mortgage (, your conveyancer will review the terms. If you want to sell your home, you should consult with your mortgage lender or broker to find out what recommendations they have for you.

The vast majority of mortgages are transferable, which means that you may shift them from the house you now own to the house you want to buy in the future without any problems.

Deeds and tenure

A copy of the Title, also known as the "Deeds" for the property, as well as the draft contract will be sent to your conveyancer by the seller's conveyancer.

If you're purchasing a leasehold house, your conveyancer may tell you the terms of the lease, any limitations, maintenance payments, and ground rent.

However, while checking the duration of the lease, you shouldn't put all of your faith in your conveyancer. Lessons to be learned from leases with terms less than 80 years. Extending them is likely to cost you a lot of money, and you'll need to be the property's owner for at least two years before you can do so. Therefore, you should read the lease for yourself. Avoid signing any leases with a term of less than sixty years.

Asking questions and conducting investigations

It is now the responsibility of your conveyancer to carefully check through the papers and each search, as well as to communicate any questions or concerns to the conveyancer representing the seller.

The act of putting pen on paper

When all of the questions have been answered, your conveyancer will email you the paperwork that has been examined for you to sign and submit back.

Dates for the exchange and completion have been agreed upon.

The next task for your conveyancer is to arrange the date of exchange, which is the day on which you will legally possess your new property and sell your current home. After that, they will set a date for the completion of the work, and on that day, you will be given the keys to your brand-new house.

If there are a lot of people in the chain, finding a date that works for everyone could need some negotiation and concessions.

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