Ready to choose the best coffee bean types for your specialty café? Read this first.

November 5, 2022

Starting from brew duration, and boiler temperature to steaming, there are several things that go into the making of a perfect cappuccino. But what is above all is one significant ingredient that becomes the show-stealer. Yes, you guessed it right? It’s none other than the perfect coffee beans. 

The Different Types of Coffee Beans

When it comes to brewing purposes, there are four different types of coffee beans available. Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa are the different types of Coffee Beans available out there.  

  • Arabica: Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans are the most commonly used coffee bean type and popularly marketed coffee bean in the world. Arabica coffee tends to be less acidic and has a delicate sweet flavor. These coffee beans are mostly cultivated in hilly areas where it rains almost every day. The soft and sweet taste of this coffee bean pushes the price slightly to the other side. Serve the coffee with hot milk or cream and it tastes fantastic, to say the least. 
  • Robusta: This is a coffee bean type that contains 2.5% more caffeine when compared to the other types. There is a strong, pungent taste of coffee beans and that is what makes it one of the readily available coffee beans in the grocery store. You will have hints of chocolate and rum blended in the flavor of the best quality Robusta coffee bean. 
  • Liberica: This is yet another delectable coffee bean type. But there is a catch. They are rare and not available in plenty. They are grown in a specific climate in order to achieve that authentic fruit and flower-enriched coffee taste. 
  • Excelsa: Excelsa is another distinct species of coffee bean which comes from the Liberica coffee bean family. Excelsa has an idiosyncratic fruit flavor, which is ideally used in both dark and light roast coffees. 

Where can you purchase the best coffee beans for your coffee?

If you want your café to build up its brand and business, then procuring the right coffee bean type becomes pretty essential to this end. And we would say that grocery stores are the best place to buy. If you have a good touch with the roaster, then that could be the right way to go for. You can cut out the middlemen and purchase directly from those who offer Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans. In this way, you can keep fresh coffee beans in stock. And if you don’t have access to a coffee beans roaster, then you can buy premium Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans online. There are many roasters who provide online business and international shipping. All you need to do is to execute a quick online search and enquire of them whether they deliver in your area.

Choosing from the Coffee Bean Types

If a comparison is drawn between the four coffee bean types, Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans are always in the topmost position, coming with a sweet soft texture and taste. And if you are someone who likes the high caffeine content, then Robusta might just be the best fit for you. 

But how do these two coffee beans differ from each other and on what parameters? Well, the next section will clear this part too. Read on. 

Climate: Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans are grown at high altitudes while the robustas enjoy the easier, warmer climate that is closer to the sea level. 

Taste: Since time immemorial, Arabica has been more popular than Robusta, and not without specific reasons. It is the sweeter and more refined flavor of Arabica that makes it all the more popular. On the other hand, Robusta is generally higher in caffeine, and there are coffee drinkers who have recently been discovering the joys of blends made by a concoction of both beans. 

Caffeine: As aforementioned, Robusta has higher caffeine content varying between 1.7-4 %, than Arabica which varies between 0.8-1.4%. 

Origin: The world’s first cultivated coffee variety was Arabica. Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans originated from Yemen and were transported around the world by traders and Dutch missionaries. Whereas Robusta is a plant, that is indigenous to many equatorial countries. 

Resistance: When compared to Arabica, the Robusta plant is considered to be more resistant to pests and less prone to diseases. 

Genetics: Robusta only has 22 chromosomes, whereas the Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans have 44 chromosomes. 

Berries: When it comes to Arabica plants, the coffee cherry will drop to the floor once ripe. While the Robusta coffee berries remain on the plant. 

Final Take:

 Now, the question arises, which one should you choose or which one is the best? Now, that’s a very personal question and that depends on everyone’s personal preferences. When it comes to the coffee cognoscenti, there is a definite preference for Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans. But if you like blends with Robusta or Robusta coffee, then that’s also fine. 



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