Significance and Best Practices for Medical Software Localization 

November 22, 2022


Digitization in the medical field have changed the way patients deal with healthcare practitioners. They use medical software to get all the information about patients' histories and reports. The Covid-19 pandemic has given a boost to the use of medical software. This is because people are restricted at home to mitigate the spread of the pandemic. People don't go to hospitals, instead, they take appointments with doctors online through apps like Trafft. This trend is continuing.

With the help of medical software, the doctors already have the history and medical reports of the patients so they don't find difficulty in treating the customers online.  This practice is easy in the native country. The problems come when people go abroad to seek the best healthcare services. They can get leverage from health care services if they go for professional medical translation services.

The Demand for Medical Software

Due to a hectic lifestyle and pollution in the air, every second person is suffering from blood pressure, sugar, and other ailments. This has increased the demand for medical software. The medical field is very complex. It requires attention to detail. Any error in the medical field can result in hazardous consequences. Therefore the medical software should be translated and localized to ensure effective communication between the patients and healthcare practitioners. To enhance the online experience of patients, the management of the hospitals should take the assistance of localization services.

What is Medical Software Localization?

Medical software localization is a process of altering all the elements of telehealth software so that patients and healthcare providers can interact with each other easily? The patients should understand the context of the software. For instance, if you want to go to Italy for state-of-the-art treatment then the patients going to Italy can book the appointment online and provide the healthcare practitioners with all their details. The doctors in Italy can understand the entire information in the Italian language. Therefore, you need to take the assistance of Italian translation Services.


Many people think that software localization only includes translation. This is not true. Instead, the software must be localized according to the rules and regulations of the country. The objective of medical software localization is to make the software application resonate with the regional and cultural intricacies. In addition, it requires technical requirements for the specific target market. Any error in the content can put the patient's life at stake. Thus medical practitioners should follow the localization strategy that can make software abide by the FDA and HIPPA standards.

Medical Software Localization Strategy Best Practices

Let us have a look at medical software localization best practices that can localize your software for global markets.


Before going for the localization process, you should first consider internalization. Internalization should be considered from the start of medical software development. It can save a lot of your time. The second important thing that you need to keep in mind is that software elements should not be hard coded. In this way, you can easily change the format and design of the software according to each region.

Design the medical software using Unicode and go for Unicode software developers. It will make the software localization journey easy.  It is a very tough task to handle the hard-coded elements of the software. For example, each country uses a different format for date and time. During the localization process, you have to modify the formatting for every region. If you are using the hard code format then it becomes very hard for developers to write the code for different countries.

It is very difficult to handle the hard-coded elements from your medical software. It would save you from the hassle and make your localization journey easier. For instance, every country uses different formats to display time and date. In the localization process, you have to modify your formatting for every region. If you hard-code one format, your developers have to write new code for every region.

Hire an Experienced Team

After the internationalization of the software code, you must hire a team of experienced and qualified people for the localization project. The localization team should be comprised of developers, translators, editors, and quality assurance people. You must ensure that the people that you are hiring have prior experience in software localization, especially in the healthcare industry. The team of expert people can increase the effectiveness of the localization process. For robust software localization results, try to hire an experienced project manager. He or she can manage all the tasks of localization effectively.

Workflow Automation

To get the best results from the localization project, you must optimize your workflows and localization processes. It is better to use reliable and professional TMS tools that will automate your workflows and increase the speed of the localization process. Automation, not only increases the speed. However, it also ensures accuracy. As most of the operations are done through machines so more work is managed in less time. Still, human translators are required for proofreading and to make changes according to cultural and regional nuances. If you want software localization in the French language then you must go for french translation services with the assistance of native french translators.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The final software must be seamless to provide the best healthcare services to the patients. Testing the accuracy and quality of the software is done by a professional QA system. A quality Assurance system is necessary to check for any bugs in the medical software. Once the bugs are removed, medical software is ready to use.

Wrapping Up

If you follow the above-mentioned practices in medical software localization then you can complete the localization process systematically without any hurdles. Medical software can influence the patient's health directly. Therefore it should be localized with utmost care.

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