Simple Dorm Room Decor Ideas for Students

November 21, 2022

Whether you’re a rising college freshman or a final-year senior, jazzing up your dorm room is a surefire way to boost academic performance.

We know what you’re thinking: What do my curtains have to do with my GPA?

Well, when you have a homey place to write essays, you’re more likely to tackle your assignments. 

Sure, it may sound silly. But some fairy lights and a shag rug can really set the mood for studying.

And it’s not just for college kids! Decorating your space is one of our many helpful tips for new high school students.

So, what do you say? Wanna gussy up your dorm room? 

If so, here are our top 15 simple decor tips.

  1. Greet Visitors With a Welcome Mat

Set the mood from the get-go with a cute welcome mat.

  1. Decorate Your Door

Decorating your dorm door to add a personal touch. 

(Pro tip: Dry-erase boards are very helpful for this!)

  1. Add Some Fun String Lights

Is your dorm room dark and dingy? 

If so, brighten up the space with some fun string lights.

  1. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

College dorm rooms are notoriously cramped. Luckily, you can create more space by lofting your bed and using stackable storage cubes.

  1. Buy a Whimsical Rug

Warm up the cold tile floor with a fun and whimsical rug. 

(Pro tip: Shag rugs are back in style and super comfy!)

  1. Invest in Floor Seating

Want to have friends over? 

Buy a few floor cushions to accommodate more guests. These cushions can also double up as a reading nook!

  1. Get Some Zzz’s With Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains will make your dorm room super dark at night, helping you grab some much-needed zzz’s.

  1. Deck the Walls With a Tapestry

Maybe your dorm room walls are stark white or a depressing shade of gray. 

No worries. 

You can add a splash of color with a wall tapestry.

  1. Set the Mood With Essential Oils
  2. Essential oils aren’t technically decor. 

However, they do mask the smell of dirty laundry and last night’s pizza.

  1. Trick the Eye With Mirrors

Dorm rooms are small (it’s worth repeating the statement, isn’t it?). But you can create the illusion of space with a mirror or two.

  1. Grow a Plant

If you’re missing the family pup, try raising a succulent. They aren’t as cuddly, but they’ll add greenery to your space.

  1. Create a Photo Wall

A photo wall will also ease your homesickness. Incorporate some old family photos and pics of your high school friends!

  1. Get Comfy With Pillows

Throw pillows will make your creaky dorm bed feel lush and luxurious. Plus, they look nice!

  1. Create a Tiny Kitchen

Are you getting tired of the boring meals in the dining hall? 

If so, convert a corner of your dorm room into a pantry.

  1. Use Washi Tape… Everywhere!

Washi Tape is an incredible invention. You can use this decorative masking tape on just about anything. But we suggest using the tape to create a colorful accent wall in your dorm room.

Lampshades and Rugs and Curtains, Oh My!

We know how hard it can be to write a college essay. Fortunately, adding a bit of glamor to your dorm room can help you focus. 

Everyone writes better by twinkle light… duh!

Try implementing these decor ideas into your dorm room and you’ll see the difference for yourself.

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