Six Basic Rug Care Ideas to Make it Look Like New Again

November 21, 2022

Do you have rugs in your home?

If yes, you will probably know the benefits of them. To enjoy the full warmth and comfort of your rugs, you should consider two important points: to find high-quality floor rugs in Australia and to take the best care of them.

Why rugs are important

Rugs are beneficial in different ways: from brightening up your room to bringing warmth, confidence, protection, providing safety, and more. Some studies show that rugs can provide health benefits as they ensure better air quality compared to hard floors. 

Giving the proper care to your rugs is critical, as it will help you to enjoy the full benefits of these unique covering. Check out some simple steps you should consider if you have rugs.

  • Clean regularly

Some luxurious options for rugs can come from generation to generation. However, regular cleaning is a must, whether you are using it at the moment, or not. Dirt and dust can reduce the lifespan of your rugs, regardless of quality. The ones that you use at home need regular care for sanitary purposes. If you clean your rugs regularly, you will enhance the indoor air quality and keep them as fresh as they are.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and the label

Each rug is unique and requires special maintenance. Regardless of how durable the rugs are, it is critical to follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions, labels and unique guidelines to keep them new-looking. It is essential for protection and safety purposes as well. Depending on the using environment and other factors, you might need a customised consultation. Generally, specialised rug stores provide excellent customer support where you raise your awareness and get all of your questions covered.

  • Avoid putting furniture on top of it poorly

Many people leave furniture with sharp legs on the rug for a long time, which causes damage. For this, you can always use carpet savers and other tested and tried methods from experts to avoid any damage. If you have furniture on rugs, you should organise every detail to reduce harm and keep them soft and new-looking. However, once the damage already exists, you can find a reliable carpet repair service not to worsen the situation.

  • Proper Vacuuming 

While vacuuming is one of the best solutions in rug maintenance, you should use a reliable vacuum cleaner that will not cause damage. Some unknown models can bring the opposite picture and spoil your rug look. If done properly, vacuuming is a must-have activity. Getting out the solid and dirt softly with the vacuum cleaner will keep your rugs away from possible damage and maximise their sustainability.

  • Avoid walking with shoes at home

Research shows that about 30% of people wear shoes at home, either regularly or sometimes. Shoes can harm the rugs in different ways. Many people don't take their shoes when entering the house, which causes damaged rugs, dirt, and a lot of health risks. 

Make removing shoes indoors a crucial rule, and try to follow it regularly, as shoes not only damage the fabric but will require more mopping, stain removers, and other cleaning products. 

  • Find expert cleaning services

While rugs act as crucial filters and aim to keep you safe from harmful elements, you should take regular care of them from time to time. Regardless of how often you clean and mop them, professional services are important. They will help to avoid mould, bring them back to their amazing look, and extend the life of your rugs. Make sure to find a reliable service that will give the required care to your rugs. Experts recommend getting your rugs cleaned every 12 months. However, based on some circumstances these numbers might vary.

Does a rug make a difference?

Add a beautiful rug to any room, and you will feel the difference. They will help to transform the house visually and practically, making it more cosy and comfortable. However, all the rugs don’t share the same experience. That’s why you should consider all the details when buying them online. Stores like Adore Rugs aim to deliver the users the best experience offering a wide range of rugs at the best price.

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