Sleeper Black Friday Pj Sale and Other Wonders of The Yearly Shopping Holiday

November 21, 2022


Source: Sleeper’s official Instagram

For people who love shopping, Black Friday is a great holiday. And if you are a fashionista, eager to refresh your wardrobe, the Black Friday pajama sale and other hits of Sleeper, a popular Ukrainian clothing brand, may be really impressive for you.

If you're already familiar with Sleeper sales, you're probably excited. If your fashion experience has not yet responded enthusiastically to the brand, hurry up to introduce you to the universe of comfortable and stylish clothes.

From origins to PJ Black Friday sale

It all started in 2014 when fashion magazine editors Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva decided to watch the “Curly Sue” on Christmas Eve. At that viewing, the girls were interested in the main character's pajamas, and inspired by the idea – "How nice it would be if going out clothes were no different from pajamas in their practicality and comfort".

The idea was reflected in Kate's dream, where she was in the middle of a factory sewing comfortable and fashionable pajamas. And wherever there was an idea, there was a swift realization – the first Sleeper pajama sale collection. Having invested only 2000 dollars into the project, the girls ran a great risk, but it was justified. Within two months, Vogue magazine was already talking about the brand. Today, their fashion lines, including Black Friday PJs are known throughout the world, and the brand products are sold out at the speed of the Harry Potter Firebolt.

Why Black Friday pajamas sets and other garments are such a hit

Inspired by the cozy, cuddly pajamas in the movie, the designers set out to create something as comfortable as possible but also stylish and memorable. They wanted to convey the message that comfort is not a secondary aspect, but is just as important as aesthetics. This is why in the Sleeper Black Friday PJ sale collection you will find only comfortable, skin-friendly clothes and shoes in which you won't have to sacrifice your confidence, practicality, and comfort. The range includes:

  • black pajamas with removable feathers around the cuffs, a comfy elastic band of Black Friday pajama pants, and a semi-loose top cut;
  • Belle dress with lantern sleeves and a tailored bodice to emphasize the silhouette;
  • the elegant silk ballerinas with bows that you can wear even to the Prom;
  • the infinitely comfortable Macaroni strap sandals;
  • Feather-trimmed mules that match the PJ Black Friday sale mood.

One of the reasons for the brand's popularity is the choice of materials employed. Viscose, linen, and silk are not only hygroscopic, breathable, and soft, but they also perfectly biodegrade and do not harm the environment. The designers are convinced that even the most stylistically creative idea should not contradict environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Pajamas – the best Black Friday deals

If you think Daily Sleeper pajamas are too bold to step outside your bedroom, here's how to dispel your doubts.

As mentioned earlier, the brand makes wearing comfort a priority, while not neglecting the stylistic component. Black Friday PJs are the incarnation of sleepwear in which one does not want to sleep. How, for example, can you resist showing off a stylish set with feathers to your friends? Why not wear this splendor to a party? Especially as the outfit successfully combines with cardigans, skirts, tunics, shirts, belts, or scarves. And with the feathers removed, neutral black, white, and blue pajamas would make a great office option or a win-win solution for a business lunch.

The sizeless Black Friday pajamas sets with pockets are a practical outfit for the active lifestyle.

The unisex linen set offers a range of alternatives. While shorts are designed for the summer, the autumn and winter version offers Black Friday pajama pants with spacious pockets.

Find out more about Sleeper sales

Source: Sleeper’s official Instagram

With winter and the festive season upon us, it's time to make sure you have something to wear to every occasion. That's why the Black Friday deals are worth investing in, in particular, pajamas and other outfits.

Anticipating autumn and winter activities, Daily Sleeper sale offers:

  • PJs
  • Various dresses
  • Original suits
  • Cardigans
  • Jumpsuits.

So, if you are expecting a fancy social event where you want to emphasize your femininity and fragility as much as possible, a maxi Atlanta dress, with its fitted bodice, billowing sleeves, and ruffles, would be an unmissable choice. Feel like conquering a cocktail party without fail? A bold French kiss mini dress with slim straps and feather trim will come in handy.

Good examples of Black Friday deals are the pajamas, with feathers and a turtleneck, which create an advantageous accent on the gracefulness of your neck.

Why are pajamas and other Sleeper outfits a win-win investment in your style?

When you choose clothes from a popular brand, you complete your wardrobe to suit all occasions. You get Black Friday pajama sets that you can wear on different occasions, from romantic dates to business lunches. The collection of dresses is complemented by versatile models – from evening Atlanta to casual Loungewear. And the usual heels are accompanied by stylish ballerinas or comfortable slippers.

So pajamas and other fashionable clothes from the brand will become Black Friday deals with the grand promise of forgetting forever the panicked "I have nothing to wear!"


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