The Marketing Fundamental To Stick By In Uncertain Times

November 11, 2022

Successful marketing involves tactics and strategies your brand uses to promote your products and services to your customers. At first, marketing even a single product seems daunting. But a successful marketing strategy encompasses knowing your audience, analyzing your customer behaviors, and acting on them accordingly.

To help you understand the marketing dynamics, it’s equally essential to understand the marketing fundamentals and their role in your business success. Marketing fundamentals are tools and concepts that can be summarized with four “Ps.” Whatever product you are selling, make sure you package it and present it well to your customers.


Determine the ’price’ of your products through research, ’promote’ your product through ads and social media, and ’place’ your product where customers can easily reach it. But even with these fundamentals in mind, still marketing efforts can hit or miss. Here are marketing fundamentals to stick by in uncertain times.



Stick With What You Know

As mentioned earlier, the concept of the four Ps has been used for a long time in marketing. In the digital age, marketing fundamentals are crucial for successful businesses. Every time people complain about marketing not working for them, probably it’s because they don’t follow the marketing fundamentals.

They are not keen on the importance of customers knowing your product, pricing products competitively, promoting products, and strategically placing them where potential clients can notice them.

Marketing fundamentals represent vital elements that customers need to understand about your products or service to decide whether to purchase them or not. While these fundamentals can be presented to customers in myriad ways, these marketing fundamentals do not change, and you should never lose sight of them.

Sticking to these marketing fundamentals is beneficial for your business. At a basic level, these marketing fundamentals can help you spread the word about your business and establish a fantastic company in the long run.

Marketing also entices customers and attracts them to your products and services. Marketing can take the form of business cards, social media advertising, social media marketing, and everything in between.

Risks of Uncertainty

Marketing is exciting, but it can be challenging to roll out. As you market your brand, you’ll be tasked with explaining your product and service and appealing to a broad population to get them to buy the Product. As a company, you can choose to focus on a small population and primarily appeal your product to them. However, it might be hard even to challenge a small crowd when economic uncertainties arise.

Market uncertainties are caused by different reasons, including declining trends in consumer price inflation, stagnant revenues, and persisting government deficits. Uncertainties cause a decline in liquid assets to purchase goods and services. Therefore, creating a marketing campaign during a time of uncertainty needs to consider marketing fundamentals and launch it accordingly.

During uncertainties, ensure that you address customer concerns, as nothing is more satisfying than listening and addressing your audience. Reassess your information and see if it’s relevant to your audience.

Delivering Value

While automation can be a great thing when all things are smooth, everything should be done by hand, things are rocky. If possible, turn off scheduled posts on social media and redo your content. Adjust your marketing tactics to bring in the human element and elicit an emotional response.

Customers are always looking for value in your products during this time. Make sure that you focus on delivering value. If possible, go beyond showing the characteristics of your products. Focus on showcasing their benefits and contributions to the lives of the people you are targeting.

Marketing on multiple channels can work for your business. But with uncertainties, you may be forced to cut budgets and focus only on marketing channels that can give you the highest return on investment.

Authentic Appeal

Sticking to your brand’s authentic self, and don’t get distracted by irrelevant happenings in the market. Stay focused on what your customers’ value and want in your products and services, and don’t just shift to appease the socioeconomic change.

Another trick that can keep your business afloat during uncertainties is going to where your customers are. Consider attending upcoming trade shows and make the best of them by pitching a booth to attract customers. Improve tradeshow booth attendance by using colors to draw attention and leverage social media to your brand’s advantage.

The Purpose of Marketing During Uncertain Times

Marketing informs existing and potential customers about your products and services and how it meets their needs. Marketing helps your business to stay in people’s minds after transactions. Therefore, focus on quality to ensure that customers need you again. You also need marketing to make money and grow your business.



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