The Most Commonly Damaged Items When Moving Home

November 17, 2022

Moving home should be an exciting experience. It’s an opportunity to say goodbye to the old and embrace a new challenge. For some people, it’s even a chance to reinvent themselves.

But, moving home can also be traumatic. You need to pack up all your belongings and move them, it’s common to have a limited amount of time to achieve this, and you’re likely to feel stressed. Moving is also when most household items are most likely to get damaged.

That’s why you need to carefully pack everything, ensuring things are properly protected in their box. It also helps to get reputable Sydney removalists with a reputation for looking after your belongings.

Naturally, some things are more likely to be broken than others. Being aware of what they are will help you to ensure they are well-protected during the move.


This isn’t surprising. The kitchen is home to a variety of easily broken items, such as plates, glasses, and even serving bowls. Many of these are made of glass or china and can easily be cracked. You’ll need to wrap each item individually with paper or bubble wrap to help ensure they make the move in one piece.


Another unsurprising one. Mirrors tend to come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This makes them awkward to pack and they will often be transported individually. The risk of breakage is high as things are usually tightly packed into the van. Of course, breaking a mirror is supposed to bring seven years of bad luck.

Pay extra attention when wrapping it for your move.

Electronic Items

Most people think of electronics as sturdy items. However, while they are generally robust, items like your kettle or blender, are irregular shapes. As you’ve probably got rid of the original packaging you’ll be left to find a box, and pack them as carefully as possible.

The awkwardness of their shape makes it likely they will be damaged.

Individual Items

Anything that is transported out of a box is at higher risk of damage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a microwave, mattress, or even your couch. It is likely to be put into the van without protection. When other items are slid into the van it’s easy to brush against a couch and damage it or accidentally push a microwave off its balancing spot.

A little packaging around these items and using boxes wherever possible can reduce the risk of breakages.


If you have indoor plants or even outdoor ones that you’re taking with you, then you’ll appreciate how awkward this can be. Plants need to stay in their pots and they are very vulnerable, especially if added to a removal van. It takes very little for the leaves to be trapped and torn or the pot impacted and broken.

They can also occupy a significant amount of floor space, reducing your ability to carry all your household items.

The safest option is to get the professionals to do the removal for you, including the packing.


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