The Ultimate Secret Of All Terrain Electric Scooter -Varla Eagle One Pro Review

November 27, 2022

Varla Eagle One Pro is here to rule the streets.  With its massive, powerful, and 52% larger battery as compared to the Varla Eagle One, commuting becomes a breeze.  The Varla Eagle One Pro electric scooter is for you if you're seeking an escooter that can be incredibly comfortable on the road and crazy and ferocious off the road.

The Varla Eagle One Pro adult scooter is equipped with two massive dual motors, each rated at 1000W with a peak power of 2600 W. Varla suggests riders weighing up to 262 lbs. maintain efficiency even though these strong motors can support a weight load of 330 lbs.

Let’s find out more about The Varla Eagle One Pro adult electric scooter.

Quick Overview of Varla Eagle One Pro Electric Scooter

Due to its extra-large 11-inch tubeless tires, the Varla Eagle One Pro dual motor electric scooter is the best choice of bicycle for rough terrain.  Two 1000W motors in this adult electric scooter work together to create an astounding 2600W of nominal power.

This dual motor electric scooter has a range of approximately 45 miles and a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs, thanks to its superior lithium-ion cells and a 60V 27 Ah battery of the highest class.  Despite folding for storage, this scooter weighs an amazing 90 pounds.

This dual motor electric scooter boasts a Dual Hydraulic Brake and excellent heat dissipation, which promises quick stops.  With its headlight and taillight, this best electric scooter for adults is safe to ride both during the day and at night.  Riding is possible even in wet situations owing to its water-resistant design.

The ultra-smooth shock absorbers in this model provide a comfortable ride on and off the road.  It is an excellent option for cross-country riders due to its fiery top speed of fiery 45+ mph. The Varla Eagle One Pro best electric scooter for adults also boasts a 3.5-inch LCD, a thumb throttle, a 35+ degree climbing angle, and two charging ports.

Varla Eagle One Pro Electric Scooter Review

Let’s dig deeper and discuss each feature of the Varla Eagle One Pro adult electric scooter in detail.

1. Build and Durability

The Eagle One Pro off road electric scooter is unique, a lightweight beast, and in a league of its own.  The form of the 90 lbs, 11-inch tire adult electric scooter has been toughened to endure the challenges of harsh riding.  It is an all-terrain heavyweight.  To make the body durable against falls and the harshness of rocky routes, 6061 aluminum alloy and magnesium were used in its construction.

The stem, which has an integrated steering damper, is completely stable and is secured by an original stem clasp.  The screw cap latch rotates into position and is supported by a security pin for increased stability.  To stop any potentially irritating stem creaking, grease the stem.

The off road eletric scooter has a sizable display that makes keeping track of your data easier.  The big rear bumper effectively blocks trash from falling to your feet.  The blue and grey inlays on the mostly black frame create excellent looks.

Additionally, you don't have to worry about damaging the adult electric scooter if you get caught in a light rainstorm because it has an IP54 rating that protects the electronics from sudden downpours and small puddles on the riding surface.

2. Acceleration and Top Speed

The Varla Eagle Pro accelerates significantly and more quickly than other light-heavy off road electric scooters do.  It tested with a 2.1-second acceleration time to 14.9 miles.  If you want to steady your thumb and provide it a reference point when engaging, you could want to establish an angle to anchor it.

We adore the top speed of the Varla Eagle Pro, especially considering its cost.  When compared to other scooters in the same price range, the adult electric scooter's top speed of 45+ mph is incredibly high.

3. 35-degree Hill Climb

Hill climbing is one of the outstanding features of the Varla Eagle Pro electric scooter.  Without significantly losing power, this fastest electric scooter can climb hills, and it doesn't seem to slow down when the user is overweight, or the battery is running low.

The powerful dual motors, each with a 1000 W capacity and a peak power of 2600 W, are credited by the manufacturer with flawless hill climbing.  According to Varla, the engines provide 36 Nm of torque, which is sufficient to move the adult electric scooter over 35° inclines.

4. Maximum Range

The Varla Eagle Pro fastest electric scooter provides a respectable 36 miles of the tested range, which is unmatched in the scootering world for good mileage.  A high capacity 60V 27 Ah battery with 1620 Wh of energy is the ultimate secret behind the range.  The addition of 21700 battery cells makes it bigger and more powerful.

This is an improvement over the Eagle One, whose battery had a 946-watt rating and only included 18650 lithium cells.  To prolong life, both batteries use sophisticated battery management systems.  It takes 8 to 9 hours to charge the battery fully, but if you have a second charger, you can cut that time in half to just 4-5 hours.

5. Dual Hydraulic Brakes

We all desire that all off road electric scooters have hydraulic brakes.  That is not to argue that electric scooters equipped with cable brakes are dangerous or incapable of stopping reliably.  The Varla Eagle Pro's cable brakes and ABS have proven to provide excellent and simple-to-achieve braking power.  At 14 km/h, the electric scooter stops at just 3 meters.

6. Superb Ride Quality

When riding off-road, the tubeless pneumatic road tires are excellent for comfort.  Their tubeless design makes it easy to avoid pinch flats caused by rocks.  However, you would be better off swapping to self-sealing, tubeless knobby tires if you plan to use the fastest electric scooter largely outside city tracks.

The firm configuration keeps the motorized scooter for adults from falling out and is good when tackling significant bumps.  The suspension looks a little too bouncy for comfort on well-kept tracks.

A steering damper is also included with the Eagle Pro.  Riders will experience superb stability on straight, fast circuits.  The steering damper has the drawback of forcing riders to apply more force to the handlebars when navigating corners.

7. Control Dials and Display

One of the most elegant cockpits we've seen is this one.  The 24-inch handlebar has one of the largest profiles and a little inward bend.  A broad handlebar helps you adopt the best riding postures while also providing you with the best control and cornering capabilities.

The dashboard has two brake levers and a thumb throttle on the right side.  Rubberized handlebar ends provide a better grip even in wet or sweaty conditions.  The enormous 3.5-inch LCD that is located in the very middle of this device is its brilliance.

The display is sizable and is sunlight readable.  In addition, the digits are large, so you won't have as much trouble as with smaller integrated screens.  Additionally, trouble messages indicating a bad battery, motor, throttle, controller, or communication sending or receiving are displayed on the motorized scooter for adult's display.

8. Head Lights and Tail Lights

One of the greatest lighting profiles we've seen, but yet again, why the low-mounted lights?  The fastest electric scooter has a low-mounted, 10 W, 900-lumen headlight that, in a medium beam, is comparable in brightness to a car's single headlight.

The headlight will most likely illuminate about half the road ahead at its lower point.  A taillight that also serves as a brake light is included with the scooter.

The light blinks when you pull the lever, signaling to other cars that you are decelerating or about to stop.  Varla disappointed us by omitting turn signals, though.  Although they are still not a requirement, they are advancing in importance per safe riding, and we anticipate incorporating them in the upcoming version.

9. 11-inch Road Tires

The onus of proving an off-road-capable fastest electric scooter falls heavily on the tires.  And we're delighted to report that the Varla Eagle Pro's 11-inch road tires perform equally well on city streets as they do on rough gravel and dirt.

Since the Eagle Pro's tires are tubeless, the threat of pinch flats is gone.  They have a large footprint when traveling straight ahead and exceptional traction when stopping, thanks to their blunt design.  However, they need a lot of effort to turn when combined with the built-in steering damper.

10. IP54 Water Resistance Rating

The Varla Eagle One Pro, dubbed the "ultimate off-roading beast," is water resistant to an IP54 standard.  This means it can wander across showers and pools without water damage.  However, the QS-S4 LCD is not resistant to heavy rain.  Riders are advised to refrain from departing during a downpour.

Bottom Line:

One of the most fascinating and practical aspects of the Varla Eagle One Pro has to be its vast mobility.  You may quickly fold and unfold to use on public transit or for commuting.

Furthermore, the smart and cutting-edge LCD gives the Varla Eagle One Pro rider more flexibility.  When dealing with tricky situations on your trip home, the single or dual switches in the main dashboard and the simple acceleration switch all come in helpful.

If you are looking for an electric scooter with an extended battery, power, and thrilling speed, then Varla Eagle One Pro is going to be your ultimate choice.


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