TikViral: 8 Fantastic TikTok Content Ideas for Fashion Designers [2022] 

November 8, 2022

In the past decades, fashion enthusiasts await for weekly or monthly magazines to grasp the 

latest trends, styling ideas, and more. But now? Literally, the launch of social media platforms has been easing the way of consuming content, especially in the fashion niche. 

Among a plethora of social sites, TikTok is preferred by millions of people to get ideas these days. Considering this as an opportunity, niche experts curate and share informative content that interests users. Besides, they avail free tiktok views trial to increase content visibility and bring in more audiences at no cost. 

Are you a fashion-minded person looking for ways to set yourself apart from the crowd? Then, TikTok is an ideal platform for you! All you need to do is showcase your value through valuable content and build loyal followings. Alright! This article will guide you through crucial content ideas that are capable of bringing fame to you and your profession. Continue reading! 

It is an undeniable fact that TikTok has been a trendsetter in recent years. There are loads of trends and content ideas out there to try. Let us discuss the best ones you can adapt to spice up your profile. 

#1 Replicate Celebrity Outfit 

Fashion designers should always be up to date with the ongoing trends. Nowadays, people are fond of following celebrities' makeup, dress styling, and occasional outfits. And so now it turns to recreate the famous personalities' outlook. 

One thing that you need to understand is that VIPs prefer expensive brands to groom themselves. So, check whether you can gather similar accessories before jumping into this trend. It's good if possible. But keep in mind that you are recreating a look and not the exact same. So blend your creativity with this fashion trend and share it with your audience. 

#2 Style a Single Outfit In Multiple Ways

Buying different fashion apparel is now out of trend. People now prefer to style a single outfit in different ways or alter the cloth pieces for different occasions. As a fashion designer, create and share a video that resonates with this current trend to grab the attention audience. 

For instance, pick a clothing set you used to wear and show how to match it with another pair to create a new look. Then, enrich this video content with TikViral to boost engagement and increase your following significantly. 

#3 Shoot & Share Clothing Haul Video 

Another popular trend on TikTok is the shopping haul video. Fashion creators can create this video in many different ways. Either you can display the clothing or fashion accessories that you purchased recently.

If you own a brand, wear the most demanded apparel to show its original look to your potential customers. Since loads of haul videos are already available on the TikTok platform, set yourself apart from the crowd. So take time to deliver uniqueness and draw attention by taking advantage of in-app features. Include powerful CTA, compelling captions, and relevant hashtags to make your content visible to more audiences than usual. 

#4 Create Theme-Based Outfits

Fashion designing is all about bringing out one's creativity! If you are a passionate designer who wants to set yourself apart from the competition, then you should wear theme-based clothes. This way, you can impress your spectators and create a unique sense of style for your brand. Merely search for them that interest your audience and take further steps to bring them into reality. Here are some of the themes from which you can get inspired and make it in your own way. 

  • 70's or 80's outfit designs
  • Newspaper like designs
  • Beach, Space, or outdoor theme
  • Dresses from eco-friendly materials
  • Upcycle old clothes into brand-new ones
  • Clothes made of recycled products and more. 

#5 Show Behind-the-Scenes Video 

From buying raw materials to promoting products, fashion designers are involved in different tasks. If you do so, then interactive content is ready for you. Yes! Film behind the scenes of your works and share it with your audience. Of course, it will build credibility for your brand and showcase how transparent you are. So, you can gain new customers who purchase based on trust and drive more sales. 

#6 Educate Audience With Your Expertise 

Being a fashion designer, you might have a heap of knowledge in your niche. So, why can't you make use of it to educate people and convert them into your loyal customers? As trends evolve, people always look for guidance to style them in a better way. So, often create videos that convey tips, tricks, myths, how-to tutorials, styling mistakes, and much more. Following this ideal will garner a high number of followers for your profile. 

#7 Pair Videos With Viral Sounds 

According to TikTok statistics, it is determined that videos with trending songs receive better engagement among audiences. Therefore, social media experts advise TikTokers to combine quality videos with viral sounds to make them more interactive. 

The best part is that you don't want to wander here and there to find songs for your videos. TikTok has its own Music Library where you can discover popular songs and pick the one that suits your content. Furthermore, take advantage of TikViral to widen the reach and increase the chance of getting featured on TikTok. 

#8 Post Review / Testimonial Videos 

Review video stays on the top forever on TikTok. This is because most people never go blindly to buy a product, especially when it comes to clothing. Instead, they go through the reviews, testimonials, or feedback to make better purchase decisions. Hence it is recommended to gather feedback from loyal customers and post it as a video frequently. This way, your profile will gain more followers and garner more clients for your fashion brand. 

Let's Wrap Up 

Hope now you have a collection of content ideas to enrich your fashion-related TikTok profile. Apart from these, endless trends and fashion videos are found on the internet. So get inspired and put effort into becoming a prominent fashion designer and a creator. Keep yourself motivated and stay updated with the platform to accomplish your dream. 

Good luck 🙂


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