Tips for surviving long-haul flights

November 5, 2022

Before boarding a long-haul flight, it's important to prepare yourself. Get plenty of sleep the day before and exercise before the flight. Refrain from forcing yourself to stay awake, as that could backfire. Similarly, avoid alcohol and caffeine. You may even want to bring earplugs for added comfort.

Avoiding alcohol on long-haul flights

There are numerous reasons why you should avoid alcohol on long-haul flights. The first is because many airlines prohibit alcohol sales, while others only serve alcohol under certain conditions. In addition, alcohol is not permitted on flights operated by some countries. Middle Eastern airlines, for example, have strict policies against alcohol sales.

Secondly, alcohol is dehydrating. While you may feel thirsty, alcohol dehydrates you at the cellular level. Therefore, it is best to alternate drinks with water and electrolyte drinks. You can also bring a water bottle to fill up at the airport before takeoff.

If you are planning to drink alcohol on a flight, you should ask the flight attendants for permission before you consume it. Some airlines, including JetBlue, have policies that do not allow passengers to bring alcohol onboard. Besides, it is better to ask for permission than risk getting caught.

Layering clothing on long-haul flights

Layering clothing is essential for long-haul flights, which can be very cold. It is important to choose layers that are comfortable and allow for flexibility. The top layer should be lightweight and can be removed to reduce sweating. This top layer can also be a pillow if you miss your connecting flight.

If you are going on a long-haul flight, consider bringing a lightweight T-shirt and a pair of trousers. If you are uncomfortable with tight-fitting jeans, you can opt for some comfortable jeggings. You can also choose cozy activewear or an oversize sweater to keep yourself warm.

To keep your feet warm, wear merino socks. They regulate foot temperature and are odor-resistant. Choose medium-cushioned socks for extra comfort. A sweater or jacket can be layered on top for extra warmth.

Bringing earplugs

Bringing earplugs for long flights is a great idea, as they will keep your ears from getting too loud. Most of these devices are lightweight and can be worn all day, which is especially useful when flying. They are also made of silicone, which conforms to the shape of your ear and is waterproof. These devices can also be cleaned and reused; many brands include a carry case to make them portable.

Ear plugs are useful for many different situations and especially helpful when trying to sleep. They help block out air, engine, and vibration noise, so you can relax and get some sleep. They also prevent your voice from getting lost in the noise. In addition, earplugs will allow you to hear the airline's announcements and conversation without blocking out the other passengers.

Earplugs also help keep your ears free of pressure during a long flight. However, it is important to consult a medical professional before using them to ensure they are right for you. Also, if you have an ear infection or tinnitus, you should avoid wearing earplugs.

Avoiding jetlag

One of the best tips to avoid jetlag when surviving a long-haul flight is to ensure that you drink plenty of water before the flight. It helps your body to constently adjust to the new time zone and will also help to avoid dehydration. Also, it is recommended that you stay away from caffeine and alcohol. Bright natural light will help you adjust to the new time zone.

Depending on how many time zones you'll cross and how long you'll be in a new time zone, you can make a plan to avoid jet lag. One effective strategy involves gradually adjusting your eating and sleeping schedule to fit your new time zone. Another effective method is to try and prevent flights in the middle of the night or very early in the morning.

Another effective way to avoid jetlag is to take short naps after landing. This is important because sleepless hours during the night will worsen the effects of jet lag. Taking a short nap during the flight is also recommended. Taking a melatonin supplement is beneficial to reduce the effects of jet lag, but you need to consult with a medical clinic to ensure it is safe for you.

Pack a Travel Pillow, Sleep Mask & Earplugs

While some airlines provide complimentary travel essentials like earplugs or cushions, getting these things in advance can save your life. On crowded flights, these complimentary goods are frequently the first to run out; in some situations, the quality can be a significant problem. You'll need an excellent pillow and earplugs that stay in your ears if you want restful sleep. Even though cutting corners on travel accessories could seem like a wonderful way to save money, you might wind yourself "paying for it" in the long run.

Bring Your Entertainment

The airline's little screen will likely be filled with wonderful entertainment, but something else compares to your carefully selected enjoyment. Bring some periodicals or books. Put your favorite TV episodes, films, or podcasts on your tablet or phone on Hulu in South Africa, but with the help of a premium VPN, you can watch all of your fun lists easily. Just remember to bring the required charging cords and a portable charger pack. Additionally, you should get your earbuds or headphones in case the complimentary ones could be better. Again, if you intend to sleep on the flight, consider using a white noise app or bringing noise-canceling headphones to filter out the rest of the aircraft. Your eyes can become fatigued from staring at a computer for long periods, so switch up your pleasure by using analog media like paper books and digital media like tablets.

Get Mentally Prepared & Be Courteous

Everyone on a long-haul trip experiences stress, including other passengers and flight crew. Get lots of rest before your trip to prepare for the reality of spending hours at a time in a moving vehicle. Your emotional, as well as physical health will benefit from this. You may become agitated if you're hungry, exhausted, or stressed. Being in the correct frame of mind helps you and those around you be comfortable because everyone on the plane is under comparable amounts of stress. Show consideration and courtesy to your seatmates, crew members, and flight attendants. (Being rude in the first hour will undoubtedly result in a long day.

Wrapping up:

Hey, with our amazing surviving tips, have a safe and fun-filled long-haul flight.

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