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November 24, 2022

Aluminium could be a versatile material integral to modern life. The metal is found in everything from soda cans to cell phones, window frames, and airplanes. The method for creating the aluminium that goes into this merchandise is located within the pages at intervals in the Industries section.

Uses of aluminium

The rising demand for aluminium is especially posed by the boom of the downstream industries like automotive, packaging, electrical applications, construction, and shopper merchandise, etc. because the consumption of aluminium in numerous industries around the world remains high, those world's largest aluminium makers are expected to extend their revenues. In contrast, the business opportunities within the world aluminium market are projected to flourish soon.

The steady growth of the worldwide aluminium business is fuelled by the world's top ten largest aluminium supplier firms and, therefore, the top ten leading aluminium manufacturing countries in 2020.

This business truth sheet is to help business professionals, investors, and other people generally that have an interest in gaining insights into the worldwide aluminium business, including:

  • How much is the world steel market worth?
  • What is the most recent world steel production?
  • Which country has the most significant aluminium production?
  • Who are the highest ten largest aluminium manufacturing countries?
  • Who is the largest aluminium company in the world?

Global aluminium business Analysis

Due to its benefits of light weight and resistance to corrosion, aluminium is one of the world's most essential and widely used non-ferrous metal materials in numerous business, commercial, and domestic applications. Thus, the assembly and consumption of aluminium worldwide conjointly reflect economic performance.

According to the most recent knowledge from International Aluminium Institute, worldwide primary aluminium production amounted 63.7 million metric tonnes in 2019, slightly reduced from 64.3 million metric tonnes in 2018. Another recent market report from Allied marketing research shows that the worldwide aluminium market size was valued at $147.2 billion and is anticipated to succeed at $189.8 billion by 2026, registering a robust CAGR of three.2% throughout the forecast amount.

The growth of the worldwide aluminium market is mainly driven by the fast development of downstream industries as well as transportation, construction, engineering science, packaging and goods sectors, etc. Meanwhile, technological advancements in aluminium production, similar to aluminium employment, conjointly play a crucial role in the dynamic expansion of the worldwide aluminium market shortly.

Geographically, Asia-Pacific, crystal rectifier by China and the Republic of India, is the largest aluminium market in production and consumption, followed by Europe and North America. Asia-Pacific's dominant position within the world aluminium business is mainly attributed to its vast urbanization, increasing financial gain, and fast industrial development.

Largest Aluminium Producing Countries

China remains No.1 on the chart of the world's largest aluminium manufacturing countries in 2020. China's aluminium production has surged from around sixteen million metric tonnes in 2010 to a hefty thirty-six million metric tonnes in 2019, notably in the automotive business and industry.

The Chinese government has been targeting a capability reduction of up to half-hour of the country's full aluminium output capability since 2017 as a part of the nation's "supply-side reform" to tackle chronic overrun and surroundings pollution. Despite the considerably cut on its aluminium production capability, China remains the world's largest aluminium producer in 2020, accounting for over 55.6% of the world's total aluminium supplies.

Other world's high ten most oversized aluminium manufacturing countries in 2020 embody the Republic of India, Russia, Canada, UAE, Australia, Bahrain, Norway, the U.S., and Iceland. Together, these high ten largest aluminium producers account for over 85.6% of the world's total aluminium production volume each year. Their leading position within the world market is anticipated to continue in the coming years.

Largest aluminium firms in the World

  • Chalco
  • Hongqiao cluster
  • Rusal
  • Xinfa
  • Rio Tinto
  • Alcoa
  • Emirates world aluminium
  • Norsk Hydro
  • East Hope cluster Company LTD
  • China Power Investment House

Global Aluminium Market Trends for the Future

The growing demand and usage for recycled aluminium became one of the foremost trends within the world aluminium market. Aluminium is additionally well-known for being a widely recycled metal, with over seventy-fifths of all created aluminium still in circulation and being reused worldwide.

Meanwhile, the secondary aluminium assembly method is much more energy-efficient than the first production method, increasing its significance in end-user industries. Growing demand and increasing use of recycled aluminium merchandise are expected to create many remunerative opportunities within the world marketplace shortly.


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