What are the Couple Expenses to live in Dubai 2023

November 5, 2022

Due to its wealth of chances, luxurious lifestyle, and safe environment, Dubai is a thriving and active city that draws visitors from all over the world.

Prior to moving and living in Dubai, any individual always thought of the expenses. The same goes for the couple. So, let’s dive into this blog to know what it costs to live in Dubai before making a final decision.

How Expensive or Affordable is Dubai?

Dubai is a pricey city, based on the Bloomberg Cost of Living survey. It is considered the 23rd most costly city out of 209 places. However, it costs roughly 25% below than NYC and 4% less than Abu Dhabi, which is close by. As a result, Dubai may seem like a good deal based on where you now reside.

Fortunately, Dubai offers its citizens the freedom to lead a decent or profligate lifestyle as they like. Sometimes they find affordable apartments for sale in Dubai. The fundamental costs of life in Dubai, such as housing, utilities, groceries, schools, and more, will be covered today. Find out how much a couple would have to pay to live in Dubai.

Dubai salaries

The monthly average wage in Dubai is approximately 21,500 AED, or approximately £5,163. Along with Abu Dhabi, it has the highest cost of living among the United Arab Emirates, while having the highest average pay.

Since there is no set minimum wage in the UAE, salaries can vary widely. In Dubai, salaries can range from about 4,800 AED to 99,000 AED. While manufacturing jobs often pay extremely little, the financial, legal, and technology sectors typically pay more. Your salary will also rely on your credentials and level of education, with minimum wages set by the UAE's Labour Ministry for college grads, highly trained professionals, and skilled laborers.

You need an income of between 10,000 and 15,000 AED to live a decent life in Dubai. You should be able to do this in order to pay your rent and other expenses and have extra money to fully enjoy Dubai.

What is the estimated cost of living in Dubai for the couple?

Let's look at the overall living costs in Dubai for a couple in detail. These insights are useful for those couples who want to get a robust idea of the expenses of living in Dubai.


Your employer will pay for your private health insurance in Dubai if you’re already a working professional.

All UAE citizens are required to carry health or medical insurance, which will increase the cost of living in Dubai. The employer is obligated to continue providing healthcare coverage for you unless you are sponsored by them. Though it's also typical for the business to provide healthcare coverage for your spouse as well. If your spouse does not have access to health insurance or if you're in an investor visa, then you will have to acquire it on your own from several of the medical insurance providers in Dubai. You must offer a housekeeper health coverage as well if you hire her, frequently through the Basic Benefits Plan.


The typical monthly expenses for families in Dubai are increased by the cost of education. When figuring out how much it would cost you and your family to live in Dubai, you must account for education costs if you have kids. In Dubai, parents can choose from a variety of schools for their children, with the most common curricula being British, American, Indian, or IB. However, when comparing the top institutions in Dubai, tuition can be extremely pricey. 

Contingent on the rank your kid is in, the top schools can cost both AED 4,000 and AED 9,500 per month. British, American, as well as IB schools usually charge higher fees. In contrast, Indian institutions in Dubai charge less for tuition, with prestigious institutions like GEMS Modern Academy charging between AED 2,800 and AED 5,200 a month. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that when uniforms, school transportation, notes, exam fees, school trips, and other costs are factored in, your monthly costs in Dubai for a family would climb.


There are countless attractions and things to do in Dubai for residents to experience. There is never a dull weekend in Dubai thanks to its upscale eateries, IMAX theatres, extreme sports, and well-known tourist attractions. If you're thinking about moving to Dubai and are interested in learning more about how much it costs to live in Dubai, we suggest setting aside money each week for weekend activities. Furthermore, residents will likely order takeout more frequently as a result of the popularity of meal delivery services like Uber Eats and Deliver, which will increase the costs. It'll still add up to the typical expenditure on food in Dubai if you purchase online frequently.

Residential Assistance

Having access to reasonably priced house help is one perk of living in Dubai, a privilege that many locals take advantage of. Housekeepers must be sponsored by the expats who hire them, and their visas must be renewed annually. Take into consideration that this may add to your Dubai living outflows.

The estimated cost of living in Dubai for a couple

Depending on their lifestyle choices, a newlywed couple's minimal monthly expenses in Dubai can range from AED 4k to AED 9k.

Depending on the neighborhood, 1 BHK flats in Dubai are the most affordable option for housing. As can be seen above, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Al Nahda is AED 3,166, whereas the same figure in Dubai Marina is AED 6,250.

Couples should set aside a starting budget of AED 1,000 to AED 1,400 for utilities. While the price of necessary groceries for a pair is AED 960 per month.

However, if they look for cheap apartments for sale in Dubai, then their residential cost can be reduced.

Costs can be different.

But keep in mind that these prices can vary greatly based on your tastes, lifestyle, and place of living. It's a popular misconception that inhabitants of older neighborhoods in Dubai have more cheap options for housing, stores, and restaurants, while those who live in homes closer to Sheikh Zayed Street and in seaside neighborhoods have more opulent choices.

How a couple can Minimize Expenses in Dubai?

To reduce expenses for a couple it is vital to keep a close check on the daily expenses. It is imperative for a couple to remain mindful of the necessities and luxuries. They should draw a fine line in between, only that’s the way to control expenditures. However, in case you are wondering how a couple can go cost-cutting if they want to live a lavish lifestyle. So, you should note that they can live a lavish lifestyle and still can save a handsome amount for their future if and only if they know how to spend and where to spend. 

It would be the best approach if the couple spend less on entertainment. Try to find entertainment at your own home. You can watch movies at weekends and even can go to a nearby park instead of going to a luxurious restaurant just to make Snapchat and insta stories.

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