Why Every Home Builder Should Invest in a Modern Website

November 28, 2022


Success within the home building industry depends on the quantity and quality of clients. More home builders are investing time and resources in marketing and lead generation.

Businesses that don’t can get left behind. But because of the accessibility of the internet, the landscape of marketing for this industry changed forever.

We now have access to paid ads, SEO, social media, email marketing, and more. Although we have all these platforms, at the center of it all is a modern homebuilder website.

Benefits of Investing in Modern Website

Whether you’re a local home builder company or an established name in the industry, modern websites provide several advantages.

A study suggested 70% of customers looking for professional services such as home building use Google.

Having modern websites allows home builders to strengthen their online presence on Google by being more accessible, presentable, and trustworthy.

Here are more advantages of having a modern website:

Intelligent Website Design

Home builders can create quality websites even with little to no website-building experience. There are hundreds of ready-to-use, and easy-to-personalize templates available for home builders.

Intelligent design means that both the front-end and back-end are working optimally. This allows faster load times, dynamic website elements, and more intuitive navigation.

Social Media Integration

Social media is among the most effective marketing platforms. Websites and social media accounts should be used in tandem to strengthen your online presence.

Most internet users already have their own social media. Seamless integrations of your social media accounts help site visitors find your more accessible pages.

Modern websites can also help home builders sync content uploaded on your website to your Facebook Business Page.

Automated Lead Generation

Modern websites can serve as a 24/7 automated lead generation tool. Strategically placing CTAs (calls-to-action), forms, and slide-ins help improve conversion rates.

Think of your website as a store that never closes. Visitors who land on your site can still engage with your content, find deals, or secure meeting schedules.

Cost Effective

DIY website builders and hosting platforms aren’t that expensive. If you put enough time into learning the basics, you can create quality sites all on your own.

Small businesses or those starting out don’t need to hire professional web builders if they chose to DIY. But if you want to streamline the process of creating top-quality website designs for home builders, hiring a professional is a good option.

Saves Time

Local businesses need to prioritize and streamline how their time management. This can be difficult between the business, social media, and maintaining the website.

With a modern website, maintaining your site is easy. But be sure to use a platform that offers saving functions and auto-update features for plug-ins and themes.

Modern Website Design Best Practices

Now that we’ve got an insight into the advantages of modern website design, let’s take a look at the best practices we need to consider when building one.


Modern websites can help promote your brand image. Everything from the fonts, color schemes, logo, and the way you market is part of your branding.

When choosing these elements, make sure that it’s consistent across your site and social media platforms.

Fast Loading Speeds

Studies show that one out of four visitors leaves a website that loads for more than four seconds. In addition, 46% of users don’t revisit sites poorly designed sites.

Home builders want to showcase their portfolio to visitors as fast as possible. To ensure that images load in less than 2 seconds, you can do the following:

  • Cache web pages
  • Compress images
  • Minify codes
  • Limiting redirects

Dynamic and Responsive Layout

Home builders want to have a dynamic website. Updating portfolios, testimonials, and other design elements take time using a static site.

Dynamic sites also offer a more visually appealing experience for visitors. The design should also be responsive on all devices.

If the site is dynamic and responsive, there won’t be any issues when users transition from desktop to mobile devices.

Mobile Optimized Design

Most internet users use mobile devices. Having a mobile-friendly site ensures that users have a positive experience when browsing your content.

Website builders often optimize for mobile first then desktop.

Show Testimonials/Reviews

Customers trust organic reviews and testimonials more than paid advertising. According to a study, 77% of customers trust products and services and recommend them after a single positive experience.

Key Takeaways

A home builder’s website should be as beautiful as their portfolio. Modern website design helps create beautiful, functional, and dynamic sites.

Here’s a rundown of some important factors:

  • Modern website design is integral to the long-term success of home builders.
  • Home builders can use websites as automated lead-generating tools.
  • Dynamic designs make it easier to present portfolios and update content.
  • Customers are more responsive to authentic and original photos versus stock photos.
  • Consistent branding is important throughout all platforms, not just on the website.


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