Why should you consider the Bulldozer Financing Option?

November 18, 2022


Bulldozers are the most costly pieces of equipment which are a must-have at the demolition or construction site. The bulldozer financing and loans should get approached differently when compared to any other heavy equipment vehicles in this market. The dealer does not usually offer any startup company with financing and dealers typically want you to have a credit score exceeding 700, although there are greater chances that you can get a low rate from the dealer, which is good. The top finance companies like Trust Capital specialize in financing start ups with a score greater than a 650.

You might work with an equipment financing company or financial institution in several cases. However, here we will discuss financing a bulldozer, which entails whether it is a good decision for you.

Factors to determine the cost of financing or leasing

The most vital factors determining the cost of leasing or financing will be how long you plan to finance the bulldozer, along with how long the business is operating. Several other pertinent factors include your personal credit history and whether you plan to rent, lease or finance your bulldozer.

Why lease or finance your bulldozer?

You are becoming busier in managing your business, so we will discuss the point. Our flexible leasing and financing programs help your business to get state-of-the-art equipment without typing up any valuable cash but our benefits are not restricted here. The businesses enhance the cash flow with affordable monthly payments along with discovering efficient tax benefits. Equipment leasing or financing is a smart business move along with personal customer service.

How long does the process entail?

The loans get approved within two to four hours, and funding takes place within 1 to 2 business days.

Financing new or used equipment

No down payments are required, and the soft costs, including the installation, freight, and tax, get covered for the used and new equipment.

Online lenders for bulldozer financing allow businesses to structure the equipment financing or the leasing program addressing general business issues, including the budget, cash flow, growth, and cyclical fluctuations.

For instance, a few businesses are requesting seasonal leases allowing them to schedule their payments in the busiest months. However, other businesses wish to have the ability to add to their lease as required for the additional equipment developing over time. Irrespective of the issues, there are flexible payback structures that address the business specifics.

Which is the best option?

If you do not obtain any financing option for the bulldozer, then renting is ideal. But, the massive issue in renting this bulldozer is that it costs you significantly more whenever they are compared to the financing option. A couple of cases cost you several hundred dollars daily to rent the used bulldozer for the projects. It might become a highly practical solution if you need the bulldozer occasionally instead of routinely.

But, if you plan to use a bulldozer that performs while the work is the ideal option, then you would either try leasing the bulldozer or getting a loan.

Frequently, it will result in massive differences for various companies, which involves tax treatment. You might easily write off the payments for the bulldozers through the loan or write it off for nearly half a million dollars off the bulldozer payments immediately by getting the loan instead.

How credit scores impact financing

In real work, your credit score will have a greater impact on your financial rates. Alternatively, the rates are higher if you have low or poor credit scores, as you might appear as a big financial risk to your lender. We can also imagine that you wish to procure a loan of about $100,000 for the bulldozer with a term of five years on this loan.

A bad credit score might need a down payment; however, we do not need your home as collateral, but we can consider other equipment. If you have a bad credit score, we also check whether you have a good bank balance or higher deposits in the business checking accounts for approval.

For the ones with a bad credit score of sub-600, a couple of financing options are made available; however, there are higher rates in several cases. The good news here is that if you can start demonstrating the distinctive revenues through the financial history, you might start compensating for the credit issues you deal with.

Payment Scenarios for Bulldozer Financing

You might start picking the options for machine financing with the required papers which can get presented. Fortunately, several equipment financing companies make things easier for you to know the payment scenarios that suit your business.

For a start, the equipment leasing company has to start assessing the risks associated with your business, as it means that you have to offer them the following information:

  • Credit Score & History
  • Total time spent in business
  • New or Used Equipment
  • Bank statement history

It is easier for you to start negotiating with the equipment leasing company for the ideal rates, terms, and structure of your equipment lease, as mentioned earlier in the categories. If you are concerned about your low scores, there are various online lenders offering bulldozer financing options made available for you.

How do you compute your monthly payments?

There are other factors you should become mindful of whenever you are computing for machine financing payments. The following are the factors that affect the monthly payments:

  • Entire tenure of the bulldozer lease terms
  • Cost of the bulldozer
  • Personal and business credit history
  • The number of years you have been in this business

You should never worry about whatever you are thinking till now compared to the instances we have posted in our article today. You may even find yourself in a tough situation where the credit is bad, or the business finances are not in order.

The lenders might also look for you to have a minimum of 5 open tradelines and 50% of the loan amount under installment debt history, which is at least listed on your credit report for two years in addition to the FICO score above 650.

Where do the startups stand?

You might wonder if you can qualify for the bulldozer financing option if you own the startup or part one. The good news included here is that several people are starting in this industry to qualify for this financing option, as you will never offer your lender anything to offset this risk. There are better instances, including the distinctive assets or the credit scores being leveraged to aid the startup in getting the financing option for a bulldozer.

But, if you get involved here in procuring the loan. The option would be to avail someone with a great credit score for consigning the loan for approval.


If you need help with the bulldozer financing option, then the reputed online lenders are there to help you. These companies have experience working with thousands of clients across the transportation, industrial, construction and manufacturing industries. However, they are also offering flexible financing options along with the lowest interest rate in the market as they have access to many lenders in this country.


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