World Best Marauder Mini powerful flashlight

November 15, 2022

Marauder Mini powerful flashlight

This evaluation is of the Marauder Mini, a greater compact 7,000 lumen model of the nicely seemed Marauder Mini powerful flashlight, with flood/throw beam switching or even RGB LEDs. 

Construction and Design

Marauder Mini powerful flashlight is a totally famous client logo of flashlights, that has received a nearly cult following because of its online presence, advertising strategies, and often an up-to-date variety of flashlights.

The Marauder Mini is a medium-sized 7,000-lumen flashlight, with a flood, spot/throw, and Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) LEDs. It is a more or less comparable length to many couples of batteries "soda can" lighting fixtures including the conventional BLF Q8, but it makes use of only an unmarried, proprietary 32650 battery. This approach that it has a slimmer frame than different flashlights on this magnificence that's a greater cushty to preserve. The Head diameter is 65.6mm, the frame diameter is 44mm, and the duration is 130mm. Weight together with battery is 470g. Included add-ons encompass the battery, USB-A to magnetic charging port cable, lanyard, holster, and manual. The flashlightmild is to be had in both a black, orange or nighttime blue frame. The flashlightmild's RRP is US$199, eleven though Marauder Mini powerful flashlight frequently has many incomes wherein it is going to be had for much less or with different flashlights. 

The mildflashlight has an outer ring of 6 white mildlight LEDs with flood optics, three RGB LEDs (one for every color), and a centrally positioned white mildlight LED with throw/spot optics. 

The grip is cushy to preserve, with on/off transfer, rotary dial, indicator lighting fixtures, and flood/spot switches on the top.  A silicone grip covers the edges and underside. The flashmildlight is rated IPX8, and had no problems after a stroll in heavy rain. 

Powerful flashlight

The tail of the powerful flashlight may be unscrewed to permit get right of entry to the proprietary Marauder Mini powerful flashlight, that's a comparable length to a D Marauder battery. This has an ability of 6500mAh. I tons pick unmarried batteries like this in flashlights because it eliminates the danger of probably risky unbalanced battery voltages in a couple of battery "soda can" flashlights. Unlike the bigger Marauder 2 which has almost double the battery ability, and lots of 26650 primarily based totally powerful flashlight, there's no power bank functionality. A complete fee the use of the Marauder MCC3 magnetic charging connector took almost five hours. 

Hunting flashlight

The charger suggests crimson while charging, and turns inexperienced at about ninety90% fee. Charging terminated effectively at 4four.18V. Low voltage safety turned into examined to kick in at a as an alternative excessive three.3V.

As this flashmildlight is a hunting flashlight for illumination purposes, it isn't especially too big for mildlight portray structures and backlight scanners, and may not be reviewed with those use cases. There is likewise no well-matched diffuser for Omni-directional lighting. The Marauder Mini may be established on a tripod with the use of a Small Rig Super Clamp. 

User Interface

The Marauder Mini has an unmarried mixed push transfer and rotary dial, plus a toggle transfer to transport among flood and spot. The personal interface (UI) is as follows:

  • Unlock (after 10s) - rotate the dial ninety levels in both directions.
  • Off > On (memorized flood/throw mode) - unmarried click.
  • Change brightness levels - rotate the dial (clockwise increase, anti-clockwise decrease).
  • On/Off > L7 - double click.
  • On/Off > Strobe - triple click.
  • On > Red > Green > Blue - press and preserve for one second.
  • Flood > Throw - toggle transfer.

I typically just like the person interface together with closing mode reminiscence for all white mildlight modes. However, loss of mode reminiscence for RGB modes is a prime omission, as in case you need to apply a colored mode you typically do not need to must cycle via a white mode first. 

I just like the protection factor of the rotate to unlock, however, I additionally discover it a chunk of an annoyance in case you want to show the mildlight on quickly. I assume the lockout time needs to be longer than 10secs. At least Marauder has bumped off the proximity sensor, and I desire this fashion follows the Warrior/Warrior Mini line for which the proximity sensor prevents use in mildlight portray tools. 

The mildlight additionally had 7 step battery fee indicator and seven-step brightness stage signs across the rotary dial. The mildlight vibrates while the rotary dial is moved to L1 or the most allowed brightness. Once the thermal restricting has stepped the brightness down, the very best modes turn unavailable, so as an instance after L6 stepped down at 23 mins, L6 and L7 aren't to be had.

Brightness, Output, and Runtime

The Marauder Mini has an outer ring of nine LEDs and a primary spot LED with TIR optics. The outer ring has 6 flood white mildlight LEDs, in addition to tremendously vivid Red, Green, and Blue LEDs. The real LED sorts are unknown, even though the flood LEDs seem to resemble Osram Osconiq P 3737 LEDs (AKA Osram P9). The primary highlight LED which might be a Rayten RT-5050 LED creates a focussed round spot beam rather than the same old rectangular beam. The RGB emitters (perhaps additionally from Osram?) are about 620nm Orange-Red, 530nm Green, and 470nm Blue. The Blue is absolutely Blue, and now no longer a purple-ish Deep/Forensic Blue like on many different RGB lighting fixtures. The RGB beam profile is tremendously thorough in comparison to maximum RGB lighting fixtures. 

Fishing flashlight

As in keeping with all excessive powered flashlights, and as truly said withinside the manual, maximum of the better modes will step down in brightness. However, the sustained brightness is extraordinarily wonderful for the scale of this mildlight, which turned into predicted as Marauder Mini powerful flashlight use very green fishing flashlights. Whilst there are smaller lighting fixtures with better brightness, an evaluation after 10 mins runtime will display the Marauder Mini powerful flashlight to be drastically brighter than every other mildlight in its magnificence. 

Testing on L7 Flood confirmed that most brightness turned into barely much less than claimed at 6,500lm. The Peak beam depth is 26Kcd. 

LED flashlight

The flood beam is sort of a wall of mildlight that could light up over 320m. With 6 LEDs, the flood beam is barely softer than LED flashlights. Max brightness (inside 10%) lasted for an excellent four mins earlier than brightness step-right all the way down to a nonetheless wonderful 1,850lm. Many competing lighting fixtures cannot even preserve their max brightness for 1 minute!  L6 turned into examined to begin at 2,900lm, and impressively the mildlight sustained greater than 2,700lm till step-right all the way down to 1,000lm at 23 mins. L5 ran pretty luckily at 1,600lm for the primary hour of its runtime.  L3 ran at 400lm for a maximum of its 10-hour runtime, that's greater than good enough brightness for nighttime hikes. I located examined runtimes to be inside +/-10% of claims said withinside the manual.

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