10 Groceries to Stock Up On this Holiday Season

December 8, 2022

The winter holidays come with great deals on holiday grocery items that inspire us to stock up on these kitchen essentials for our everyday cooking. I usually listen to my gut and follow my friends who inform me about crazy seasonal deals on a range of groceries and food items online. With top food companies like Quicklly guiding me to grab-worthy offers, it is much of a delight to shop my favorite recipe ingredients and cook for my holiday winter house parties.

Quicklly, home to authentic Indian food and organic groceries, offers the best deals on its range of Indian food products and groceries. If you want to stock up on Indian spices, fruits, fresh vegetables, edible oils, or other hard-to-find specialty items, the online marketplace provides Indian grocery delivery for all you need.

The holidays are dedicated to spending time with your best-loved. From your winter meals to Christmas dinner, my list of add-to-cart grocery items aids you put up a delightful meal for your food-loving folks. Read along to learn the top groceries that help you cook delicious meals or desserts for your winter house parties.

Stock up on these seasonal holiday grocery with a longer shelf life, and you'd want to cook when in the mood for some holiday cheer.

1. Coffee

Stay calm and drink coffee. The hot beverage fits the bill of being your perfect winter partner - you miss the drink when tired, it keeps you warm, and it saves you from snowstorms and wet weather. Winter chills can get into your bones, leaving you with a scary cold. Keep your body warm and enjoy the coziest season of the year, sipping some hot coffee!

Coffee can be used to make some delicious coffee mocha, coffee pastry, coffee fudge, or other incredible dessert items.

2. Chocolate Powder

Nothing can beat hot chocolate. Period. I love serving my guests piping hot chocolate that makes our winter warm and excites all with its delicious taste. From kids to elders, everyone loves this creamy and rich-tasting beverage, and you can never go wrong with hot chocolate as your Christmas dessert.

3. Ginger

With numerous health benefits associated with ginger, one that rules the list is how it helps to cure a cold or a runny nose. Sip some ginger tea, and you will relax deeply with a warmed-up body. The aromatic & spicy root adds an Asian flare to my curries, adding wholesome goodness plus the goodness of health.

4. Fresh Cranberries

Why worry when you can have berries? Cranberries are found aplenty during the winter season. You can prepare cranberry pies for Christmas or homemade cranberry sauce that can be stored for a month. The red berries can also be added to your everyday winter smoothies until the season lasts.

5. Carrot

Say gajar ka halwa, and you know how a desi reacts! In India, gajar ka halwa is one of the seasonal delights prepared in every home, relished warm on chilly winter nights. The dessert is heavily loaded with nuts, milk solids, and ghee. You can also stock up on carrots to make carrot cake, halwa, or warm carrot soup.

6. Pearl Millet Flour

Also known as bajre ka atta, pearl millet four is one grocery you must definitely add to your holiday grocery list this winter. Known as one of the winter superfoods, millet flour is nutritious and great tasting. You can prepare warm millet chapatis layered with ghee or butter and jaggery. It is often used as a nutritional supplement to fight off the cold during chilly nights.

7. Ghee

Helping the flavors of your curries shine through, a spoonful of ghee is enough to keep you warm in chilly weather. Ghee is super nutritious and adds to the flavors of your spicy Indian curries. When consumed in the right amounts, it boosts your immunity and aids digestion.

8. Jaggery

This healthy alternative to sugar comes packed with great immunity-boosting properties. Loaded with iron and essential nutrients, jaggery keeps your body warm and can be a great pick for conscious eaters. Switch to jaggery to reap its incredible benefits in weight management and fighting anemia.

9. Amla

Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is a rich source of Vitamin C. During the snowy months, we fight with dried scalp and loss of skin moisture. Consumption of amla effectively maintains your skin health and improves hair quality. You can have amla in various forms like - murabba, candies, chutneys, pickles, juice, or relish it finely sliced with sprinkled black pepper powder.

10. Peanuts

A great snack to binge upon - peanuts are one of the most versatile foods you can eat salted or mixed with seeds to form winter energy bars. You can prepare these homemade energy bars with a blend of peanuts, honey, and sesame seeds. Peanuts are a rich source of protein, and sesame seeds come packed with manganese, calcium, and zinc.

As the temperature dips, we find ourselves picking up body-warming foods for maintaining skin moisture or warding off the cold or blocked nose. Quicklly’s fresh grocery delivery has always helped me cook the perfect flavorsome meals for my family and friends. The online store delivers fresh groceries at incredible rates right to your doors.

Try out these grocery items available on Quicklly. Head to their website www.quicklly.com and explore their range of authentic Indian food and groceries available for Indian grocery delivery you'd want to shop for your Christmas night or New Year's gifting.



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