6 Heating And Cooling Mistakes To Avoid

December 16, 2022

Making sure your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are still in good shape and capable of meeting your interior comfort requirements should be a top priority if you want to prevent irreversible damage or mishaps.

Instinctively, inquiries about the safety and cost-effectiveness of the heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems usually come first. However, it’s important to also ask about how to handle these systems from providers of heating and cooling services, as everyone is bound to commit errors.

Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid in order to save money and prevent the early shutdown of your heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems.

1. Don’t Skip Regular Maintenance

Contacting maintenance services shouldn’t be something you do only when your heating or cooling appliances break down. People frequently disregard the fact that they should occasionally contact professionals to maintain and repair their heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems. Remember to make appointments with HVAC experts, such as those at heating and cooling services Onalaska, TX at least once a year to make sure your HVAC system is operating properly.

For good measure, you can increase such routine checks to twice a year. Although selecting the least expensive HVAC service provider may result in some savings, you'll wind up paying much more when the system starts to malfunction due to shoddy parts, poor maintenance, or inexpensive filters. Hence, using top-notch providers is a smart and cost-effective choice.

2. Don’t Keep Air Vents Shut

In the belief that doing so will route the air to areas that need it more, some people close the air vent in an empty room. But that isn’t how HVAC systems operate per experts from sources like:

Your HVAC system will experience a pressure imbalance if an air vent is closed, which can lead to ductwork leaks and less-efficient operation of the machinery.

Additionally, the indoor air quality of people's houses is frequently disregarded, and the most frequently affected rooms by insufficient ventilation are the kitchen and bathroom. Insufficient ventilation has a negative impact on your HVAC system's efficiency; henceforth, such mistakes should be avoided. Discuss implementing a zone control system in your existing HVAC system with experts if you'd like to be able to cool or heat certain rooms in your house.

3. Don’t Run your HVAC System Indefinitely

Some folks use their HVAC systems nonstop; many even turn on their heating and cooling systems as they leave the house so that they may come home to the ideal temperature. This method of maintaining a steady, comfortable temperature during extreme heat or cold not only consumes electricity and increases cost but may be hard on your HVAC system.

To prevent the overload, you might get a programmable HVAC system with capabilities for temperature adjustment during specified times of the day or settle for a bearable temperature and hold onto it until you get home.

4. Don't Set The Thermostat System To An Extreme Level

Another common mistake is raising the temperature too high or too low. You could be tempted to raise or lower your thermostat to an extreme level so that your HVAC system works faster if you feel particularly hot or cold. The truth is that just because you've set your system's temperature high doesn't mean that it will operate more quickly.

It's also bad practice to leave your HVAC system in one setting all year long. Seasonal highs or lows in temperature may place an inordinate amount of strain on the system. Therefore, avoid leaving the thermostat in the highest setting or leaving it stagnant for an extended period.

5. Don’t Use The Same Air Filter Indefinitely

Dust and other airborne particles must be kept out of your HVAC system, and your air filter is essential for this. A significant amount of air will not be able to pass through your HVAC system if the filter becomes clogged with dust and hair. Your system may potentially overheat and malfunction as a result of inadequate airflow, as the components aren’t only forced to work harder and longer but are subjected to extra wear and tear too.

By performing normal maintenance on your cooling system, such as changing your air filter regularly and arranging periodic tune-ups, you’re more likely to be able to spare yourself the hassle and financial strain of a breakdown.

6. Don’t Install Your HVAC In A Hot Or Cold Place

It's quite important where you install the HVAC system because it can force your air conditioning to operate longer than necessary. If you install it near a heat-generating device or on a wall that receives direct sunlight. Additionally, if you install your AC in an especially drafty area, your heater can cycle more frequently than necessary, increasing your energy bills.


Being able to heat and ventilate homes and commercial buildings is made possible by modern-day HVAC systems. Because of this, routine maintenance and ensuring that the aforementioned steps are followed will spare you the inconvenience and financial strain of an unplanned breakdown.

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