6 Prettiest Flowers to Decorate Your Home with On Christmas

December 4, 2022


Flowers are essential for any festive occasion, whether for gifting or decoration. Flowers decorate homes during festivals and other happy occasions such as weddings and birthdays. While the emphasis is on outdoor decoration at weddings, flowers are typically used for indoor decoration at Christmas.

Flowers chosen for Christmas decorations should be elegant and classy, reflecting the true spirit of the season, which is one of joy and spreading warmth and goodwill to all. We have compiled a list of 6 Christmas flowers that are beautiful and elegant and will brighten and make your home a welcoming space.

1. Red Roses

bed of red roses in bloom

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Red roses aren't just reserved for romantic occasions; they're also common in Christmas Flowers. Their vibrant colour matches the traditional colours of the season, giving bouquets an instantly festive appearance. We especially like them when combined with seasonal green berries and golden foliage for a classic Christmas colour scheme.

Red roses can also be used as table centrepieces, adding a vibrant pop of colour to your Christmas table.

In water, cut red roses can last a week or more. If you want to use them in your Christmas decorations, we recommend ordering them a few days before the holiday. This means they'll still look lovely a few days after Christmas.

2. Poinsettia

red flowers with green leaves

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The poinsettia, or Euphorbia pulcherrima, is a delicate plant beloved for its vibrantly coloured bracts. It is one of the best winter house plants and Christmas plants given as gifts.

The Christmas tradition is based on a Mexican folktale about a poor girl named Pepita who, lacking a gift for the baby Jesus, picked a bouquet of weeds that were later transformed into bright red, star-shaped flowers - a reference to the Star of Bethlehem.

Poinsettias, when properly cared for, can provide seasonal cheer for weeks. Significantly, it should be placed in a warm, light location away from direct sunlight and drafts of either cold or hot air. Poinsettias are temperature sensitive and thrive between 60 and 68oF (15 and 21°C) - keep foliage away from cold window panes. Also, water only when the compost feels dry; excessive watering causes leaf drop and wilting—mist plants regularly create humidity and thus extend their flowering life.

3. Amaryllis

red flower in macro shot

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Amaryllis is a well-known Christmas flower. It blooms with festive bright red flowers that complement traditional Christmas colours. Other varieties produce snowy white flowers, perfect for a winter wonderland appearance. The flowers are large and trumpet-shaped, so they are naturally eye-catching.

Despite their icy appearance, they are tropical plants native to South and Central America. Nonetheless, they became popular Christmas gifts because they can bloom indoors in the winter. Although it is most commonly purchased as a plant, it also works well in bouquets, adding a showy flair to arrangements. It looks especially lovely when combined with other festive foliage, such as berries.

Amaryllis also has the advantage of lasting a long time. The plants bloom for about seven weeks, making them look beautiful throughout the holiday season. Similarly, cut Amaryllis have an impressive vase life, lasting three weeks or more with proper care.

Purchase a bouquet a few weeks before Christmas and enjoy it until after the New Year. Notably, Amaryllis represents strength, confidence, success, and determination in flower language. The ideal way to send your best wishes for a prosperous New Year.

4. Holly

The holly is a more traditional Christmas plant. Saturnalia, Rome's seven-day debauchery and drinking festival, inspired the oldest Christmas tradition of decorating churches and homes. Christians later adopted holly as a symbol of Christ's crown of thorns, crimson berries as a symbol of his blood, and evergreen leaves as a symbol of life after death.

Holly boughs are now used to decorate Christmas hallways, while berries are used to add colour to Christmas wreaths and tree decorations.

Outside, hollies can be used as shrubs, hedging, or topiary, clipped into balls and standards to supplement a yard's permanent framework.

Easy-going with glossy berries contrasted by prickly leaves that range from dark to light green and are frequently splashed with yellow, Ilex aquifolium hollies come in a variety of bushy to tall cultivars. Berries need one flower from each sex, typically produced on separate plants for male and female flowers.

5. Cymbidium Orchids

pink petaled flower

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Cymbidium Orchids, native to Himalayan forests, are an unusual and elegant addition to Christmas bouquets. They are only in season during the winter because they are usually found above cloud level, so Christmas is a good time to enjoy them.

They add gorgeous interest and texture to flower arrangements with elegant flower spikes of decorative blooms. White varieties are especially lovely at Christmas, lending an enchanting snowy aesthetic to bouquets.

Cut Cymbidium Orchids have the advantage of lasting longer, with stems lasting up to 4 weeks. This makes them an ideal addition to your Christmas decorations because they won't wilt before the end of the season.

6. Mistletoe

Prepare to receive a kiss from that special person standing beneath your home's mistletoe. Show your love to your partner, children, grandparents, or any of your favourite visitors. You can hang the flower above the doorway to kiss your loved ones every time they leave and return home safely.

Mistletoe represents love, peace, and goodwill. With this meaningful flower decor, you can make the people around you feel the warmth of your love this Christmas season.

What Plants Can I Grow for Christmas?

Poinsettia, snowdrops, and cyclamen are the easiest plants to grow indoors for Christmas; holly, ivy, and hellebore are low-maintenance plants to plant in December.

People in the Middle Ages believed that smelling rosemary on Christmas Eve would keep them healthy and happy throughout the New Year, so they walked on rosemary spread across the floors.

This started a rosemary tradition in Christmas decorations that we still use today, such as rosemary tabletop Christmas trees, wreaths, festive swags, and evergreen bouquets.

If you grow your rosemary, ensure you know when to prune it and how to harvest it to keep it in good shape for the holiday season.



So, there you have it, our list of Christmas flowers. In addition to the flowers mentioned above, you can use succulent flowers. Succulents are hardy flowers that come in various colours and are available all year. In addition, you can use them to decorate your home's entrance, walls, and dinner tables. This year, use these flowers and ideas to create an elegant and welcoming Christmas decoration.



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