7 Effective Tips To Help Your Kid Prepare For Exams

December 20, 2022


Irrespective of standard and subject, examinations are somewhat stressful for all students. Research.com reports that 36.5% of college students in the U.S. have cited stress as a reason for poor academic performance over the past 12 months.

As you can see, exams can pile a lot of stress on a student who is already under tremendous academic pressure. This pressure can have a negative impact on the preparation for the examination itself. They can also cause serious health issues as well.

There are various ways in which you can ease pressure on your child and help them prepare for examinations. Let us take a close look at some tips.

Having A Schedule

Having a routine before examinations will help your child with time management. The most prevalent problem with routines is that people often overestimate their own abilities and come up with routines that are too strict and nearly impossible to follow.

One should create a routine keeping their own abilities and activities in mind, and in this case, the normal day-to-day activities of their child. Creating an effective study schedule is the first step towards preparing well for exams and then doing likewise in the exam.

Regular Breaks

Under pressure, students often tend to study for long hours at a stretch. This can develop tremendous pressure on the brain and body and even cause neck and back problems.

Regular intervals or breaks, short ones and, in certain cases, long ones, can help to get rid of the monotony of studying one single subject. However, if the intervals are too long or too frequent, it might result in the student losing his or her interest.

A student, or a parent that is supervising a student, can schedule breaks depending on the amount of time spent studying.

Take Help From Online Learning Platforms

Exploding Topics states that the global eLearning market is proliferating and is expected to hit $350 billion by 2025. Also, 73% of US students want to continue taking online classes after the pandemic.

Students tend to enjoy studying from home as much as you enjoy working from home. Thanks to the various e-learning platforms, hybrid forms can also be implemented for learning rather than only in workplaces.

You might think that many adverse effects of online education are already there. But so is there a lot of stress with assignments, homework, syllabus, and so on. It's really difficult to cope with all of that together and still be going to school or college.

E-learning platforms like Proprep’s STEM practice resources provide an all-in-one solution for students who find it difficult to perceive their subjects just by going to school. STEM subjects are particularly difficult to understand, which is why online resources can be of great help.

We all know that school is not just for education. It’s normal for a student to get distracted by the sudden pinch of his/her fellow classmates during class. And the lesson stays unlearnt.

There comes the blessing of the internet. Be it Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, a student can find everything in the e-learning platforms that has been bothering them for a while.

These platforms are also super helpful for exams as they provide practice questionnaires to boost confidence. You also have the privilege to answer them whenever you feel you’re ready.

Plus, a study by Brandon-Hall suggests that it takes students 40% - 60% less time to learn the material through e-learning than in traditional classroom settings because learning is done asynchronously.

Solving Previous Year's Papers

Solving sample questions, workbooks, or questions from previous exams can help one get an idea about what to write in the upcoming examination. Solving these questions gives the student a morale boost and allows them to get acquainted with the structure of questions and pattern of questions.

A morale boost is very important prior to examinations and helps the student to keep calm and steady even in the face of tremendous academic pressure.

Information Should Not Be Crammed Into Their Heads

Long hours of study or staying up all night with books might lead to anxiety, sleep deprivation, and stress. And these are the last things you want for your child before he or she appears for an examination.

The day before the examination should be reserved for some light last-minute revision, reviewing notes and concepts, and organizing oneself. One needs to be calm and maintain composure on the day of the exam.

Cramming information into the head might lead to confusion during the time of the examination and affect the pupil's performance.

Arranging All The Necessary Materials

Proper organization of study materials and study space can help boost students' preparations for exams. Organization and management before exams will also help them to learn to manage their time and their things so that they can be calm and patient during their preparations as well as during the exam itself.

This also includes planning differently for each subject but paying enough attention to all of them as all of them are equally important parts of the curriculum and help the all-around development of your child.

Keeping The Distractions Away

Distractions such as cell phones, laptops, and video games are a strict no-no during exams. However, good distractions, such as pleasure reading, exercise, or sketching, may be helpful during the intervals. Music is often prescribed as a tool to calm students down during exams, and it is well known to help one relax.

In conclusion, there are many ways in which you can help your child with the preparations for an examination. Remember, examinations, at least in school, are only examinations and are not definitive verdicts about your child's abilities. Neither are they a reason to pile unnecessary pressure on your child.

Hard work, sincerity, and proper guidance from you will help your child shine, both academically and outside school.


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