7 Incredible Hats To Boost Your Street Style

December 12, 2022


Accessories are crucial to any outfit and can make or break your look. One of the most important accessories you can own is a hat. The hat can add finishing touches to any outfit you own, whether formal or informal.

When styled in the right way, casual outfits or streetwear can go from drab to stylish, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is with a hat. For example, a simple t-shirt and jeans can look fashionably cool paired with a fedora, making you look runway ready.

People love wearing hats for vanity, protection, and status. Hats protect your head from the sun's harsh UV rays, enhance your look and show your status as a fashionable person. It can be challenging to pick the right big hat for your style with many different hats. Here are seven incredible hats to boost your street style.

The Best Hats to Elevate Your Street Style

Hats are meant to accentuate your outfit and make you look great. Below are some of the best hats to elevate your street style.

The Beret

Although the beret might not be great at properly protecting your head from heat, it can add sophistication and flair to your outfit. Berets also called the artist or painter hats, originated in the Basque country around the 17th century. These hats are associated with many cultural icons worldwide throughout history.

Berets are soft, round hats often made with synthetic materials, cotton or wool. They are flat-shaped with a flat crown and a visorless brim. The visorless brim is a tight headband that prevents the beret from flying off your head when you wear it. If you want an edgy, modern, street-style look, pair your beret with combat boots and a leather jacket.

The Bucket Hat

Nothing says streetwear like the bucket hat. The hat first became popular in the 60s during th Vietnam war and has gone in and out of style many times. Although it has had many controversial fashion moments, the bucket hat is still one of the most popular and fashionable streetwear hat styles.

This chic, fashionable accessory has evolved from a typical retro style to a more high-fashion piece with muted colors. The bucket hat is a soft hat with a chin strap to hold the hat firmly to your head and a medium-sized brim.

You can pair your bucket hat with various outfits to boost your street style. For example, a simple white tee and a pair of jeans with a bucket hat can elevate your entire look for the day.

The Bowler Hat

The bowler hat originated in 1849 and was extremely popular among working-class men in England. Made with hard felt and featuring a rounded crown and short brim, the bowler hat is perfect for staying one step ahead of the style game. Wear the bowler hat to make a real style statement wherever you go.

The bowler hat can create a playful or serious style depending on how you wear it. You can go formal and pair it with a tailored jacket or create a chic, street-style fashion and pair it with a casual shirt, fitted jeans, boots, and a jacket. The bowler hat is a guaranteed head-turner, no matter how you style it.

The Fedora


he fedora is a timeless hat style and one of the most common today. It gives the impression of a noble appearance with a classic style. The fedora can add an old-school classical look to your modern outfit when worn properly.

A dent on either side of the crown characterizes the fedora. It also has a soft, wide, or short brim which can be unlined or lined with a ribbon, leather, or cloth sweatband. Some fedoras have feathers on them as decoration. The wide brim of the fedora keeps the sun out of your eyes, which is why it must be worn and pulled slightly over the eyes.

Although the fedora is mostly worn for formal purposes, you can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt. Also, wearing the fedora shows a sophisticated and high position.

The Panama Hat

The Panama hat is a straw hat that originated in Ecuador. With a medium-sized brim and thick weave, the Panama hat is best for protection against the sun's UV rays. The beautiful weave and light hat color have made it a perfect match for fabrics like linen and silk.

Traditional Panama hats are made entirely with straw, but the more modern ones are made with felt or wool. You can pair it with a suit or flowery dress for a formal look or a pair of jeans and a tee for a casual look.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are one of men's and women's most common hat styles. This classic fashion accessory used to be characterized as a sports accessory but has evolved to different colors and styles. The baseball cap features a six-panel design and curved bill to keep the sun out of your eyes.

They are simple hat styles that can be worn with any casual outfit. Pairing baseball caps with a blazer, shirt, and a pair of jeans will make you look smarter while keeping your style minimal. They also come in various styles and materials so you can dress up or down for any event.

The Boater Hat

Similar to the Panama hat, the boater hat is a straw hat that was popular between the 19th and 20th centuries. Although it was originally worn as a formal straw summer hat for men, the boater hat has evolved into a more modern variation with wool and felt.

This is a timeless hat style perfect for the warm weather due to its straw material, and you can wear it on formal occasions or beach events. The boater hat features a ribbon around the crown, a flat top, and a small or medium-sized brim.

You can pair this hat with a blazer and jeans for a vintage look or a button-up, cuffed trousers, and suspenders for a simple summer look.



Hats are timeless, functional fashion pieces that can keep you safe from the sun and elevate your look. They have been around for years and have shown no intention of going out of style soon. Whether you love them or hate them, hats are here to stay.

The right hat can take your outfit from simple to exquisite. So it is important to note the hats that best complement your outfit and can boost your street style. You can check out the hats listed in this article to choose one that best elevates your street style.

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