8 Useful Tips On How To Buy Art Online

December 12, 2022

With the world gradually becoming digital, most people have been shopping online. From furniture to jewelry, groceries, and electronics, there's now an opportunity to buy virtually anything online. If you see art online and love it, there's every possibility that you're envisioning how it will look on the walls of your home.

A piece of art in your home can change the overall mood of your home and bring harmony, style, and fun to your space. However, buying artwork you love online can be daunting if you don't know how to navigate the online art world, but with the right tips, you can easily navigate your first online art purchase. Here are eight useful tips on how to buy art online.

Tips On Buying Art Online

Buying art online is all the rave right now. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when buying art online to guarantee a smooth shopping experience.

Do Adequate Research

When buying art online, adequate research on the art you want is important. You can peruse many art options and find everything about the artwork you wish to buy. Knowing the story behind a painting and creation process makes it more than just a purchase.

It's also advisable to know as much as possible about the art world when making your first art purchase online. This will enable you to understand what you're looking for so you don't make mistakes and get fake artwork.

In addition, researching the painting you want gives you a sense of pride and happiness whenever you show it. Researching will also make your online art shopping experience more fun and stress-free.

Know The Artist

This is expanding on your research into the art you want to buy. Every piece of art is different, with its own unique story. The same can be said for the artists making the art. No two artists are the same. Thus, knowing the artist of the painting or sculpture you want to purchase will help you better comprehend the story the artwork tells.

You also need to check the artist or seller's credentials before you buy any art online. Check reviews online to see what other customers say about the seller if it's an art dealer. If the seller is the artist, check the artist's website to find out if they have any art recognition.

Ask For a Certificate of Authenticity

Once you have gotten an artist and artwork you love, ensure you ask for an authenticity certificate. The authenticity certificate is an important authenticity declaration document with the artist's signature proving that the art you're purchasing is authentic and not fake.

If you're buying from an art dealer, ensure that they provide you with a certificate to prove the artwork's authenticity. Ensure that every dealer or gallery you deal with has this authenticity document before patronizing them.

Clarify Your Reason For Buying Art Online

There are several reasons why you might buy art online. You could be looking to decorate your home or trying out art investments. Whatever your reason, it is important to be clear with yourself and the dealer or artist about your purpose for purchasing.

Being clear about your reasons for buying art online can impact the theme and size of the art you want and your budget.

Measure Your Space

Unless you're a collector of art with much space for storage, you will need to measure the area you want to put your painting before you begin shopping. When you have a place in mind to display the artwork, measure this space to know how much space will be left after the painting goes up and how big the wall space is.

Measuring the space will help you determine how big or small your art has to be to fit your area so you don't get disappointed when the artwork arrives.

Have a Budget

One of the benefits of buying art online is having a wide range of possibilities to choose from. While this benefit is great, it can be overwhelming to make your choice, and you might spend more than you want on a painting.

Having a budget allows you to pace your spending and narrow your options, so you don't buy what you can't afford. The online art store is a beautiful space, so as a first-time art collector, you need to set a budget for how much you're willing to spend on artwork.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

The online art purchase process can be daunting, and there are moments when you'll feel overwhelmed. Every artwork you buy is unique, so don't be afraid to ask questions about the artwork if you need to know more. Most online galleries will gladly offer more information on their products and purchase processes.

Feel free to ask your dealer or online gallery questions to help clarify your purchase process. Some online galleries, like the Delray beach art gallery, have credible customer service agents ready to answer your questions. Asking questions will go a long way to smoothen your shopping experience.

Consider Harmony and Style

Before buying art online, you must consider how the artwork will fit into your home's style and blend with your decor. Any art you choose will add personality to your home, so it would be nice if it complemented the pre-existing decor.

The style of artwork you want is also very important when shopping online for art. it would be better to gain insight into the different types of art before buying to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed by the various art styles,


The digital age has made art acquisition much more feasible for most people. However, there are days when the entire purchase process can seem impossible to complete. As a first-time art collector, it is extremely important that you understand what to watch out for when purchasing art online.

Hopefully, the tips listed in this article have shed light on what you need to do to make your online art shopping experience smooth. Always ask for an authenticity certificate when purchasing your artwork online to avoid fraudulent purchases.

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