9 Mistakes While Cleaning Your Office Building

December 23, 2022


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Cleaning an office building is a daunting task, and it's not uncommon for mistakes to be made during the process. To maintain the health and safety of people, as well as the aesthetic appeal of your workspace, it's important that you thoroughly clean your office building according to certain guidelines. Common errors can lead to potential liability issues for businesses, from forgotten spots in corners to incorrectly sterilizing surfaces.

This article will explain some common mistakes that everyone should avoid when cleaning an office building.

Cleaning Windows on Sunny Days:

The heat from the sun can dry any cleaning solution on your windows before you have a chance to wipe them down, leaving streaks and smudges. To avoid this, try to clean windows on cloudy days or in the shade. You should also wait until sunset to finish your window cleaning routine, as the cool air will help the glass dry without streaks or smudges.

For instance, If your office building has an east-facing window, it's best to clean that window in the evening when the sun sets, and cool air will help the glass dry without streaks or smudges. A commercial window tinting company would be able to implement their tints to at least give you a better feel in the office during the day.

Using Different Cleaning Products:

Cleaning agents can react with one another and create hazardous fumes that can harm your health. It's important to use only the same products for each surface type. You can use a different product for every surface, like glass cleaner for windows and wood polish for furniture.

However, always try to get industrial-level cleaning supplies from resources like Continental Research Corporation, as they are specially designed to meet the needs of any office building. Their team will visit the property and provide the best product for each surface so that your office building is properly cleaned without any health risks.

Scrubbing Spilled Stains:

If you spill something on the floor or a countertop, you should never scrub it with a brush. Doing this can cause further staining and damage to the surface. Instead, soak up the spill using a damp sponge or cloth and then use a cleaning solution to remove it gently. You should also never scrub stains on carpets or upholstery, as this can cause further damage or fading.

Not Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Places:

Hard-to-reach places like the corners of a room or cobwebs on the ceiling get neglected. However, paying attention to these areas is important, as they can become breeding grounds for dust, dirt, and germs. Use long-handled mops or brooms to get into the corners of a room, and use an extendable duster to reach high places.

For instance, to get into tight corners, use a vacuum with a hose attachment or an extendable duster to reach those hard-to-reach places. It will help you clean those areas and make your office building look spotless.

Using Too Much Water:

When clearing dirt and dust from surfaces, it's tempting to use a lot of water. However, this can cause warping or discoloration on some surfaces. Using a damp cloth or mop and a small cleaning solution is best. Also, if your office has Metallic furniture, avoid using too much water as it can cause corrosion.

Offices also have electrical equipment, like computers and printers. Again, be sure not to use water on these surfaces, as it can cause short circuits or worse. Instead, keep them clean with a damp cloth or dusting solution.

Not Checking for Damage:

Before you start any cleaning routine, check for wear and tear on walls, floors, and furniture. If you spot any damage, call a professional to fix it or purchase replacement items before cleaning the affected area. It will help ensure that your office building is safe and healthy.

Furthermore, checking for damage while cleaning can help you identify problems before they become bigger issues. For instance, if a wall is discolored or chipped, you can call a professional to repair it before the issue worsens.

Vacuuming Everything:

Some people think that vacuuming everything is the best way to clean an office building. While it's true that vacuums are great for picking up dirt and dust, they can also cause damage if used on soft surfaces like carpets or upholstery. So always check the manufacturer's instructions before using a vacuum on any surface in your office building.

If you need to use it, just vacuum once a week and use a handheld vacuum for more delicate areas like upholstery and curtains. For tables and desks, you can use a microfiber cloth. It will help reduce the amount of dust and dirt on these surfaces.

Not Disposing of Garbage Regularly:

The most common mistake when cleaning an office building is neglecting to dispose of the garbage regularly. Not only does this cause a buildup of rubbish, but it can also attract pests and lead to a health hazard.

Make sure you have designated recyclables, waste, and compost bins and dispose of them appropriately. Have a cleaning schedule that includes regular garbage disposal, and ensure everyone in the office follows it.

Using a Dry Rug to Dust:

It is another common mistake when cleaning an office building. While the surface may look clean, it can spread more dirt and dust around the room. Instead, use a damp mop or cloth to pick up any dirt and debris on the floor and furniture. After mopping, use a dry cloth to buff the surface and remove any remaining dust.

For instance, if your floor is tile or hardwood, use a dust mop first to pick up dirt and debris. Then use a damp cloth with a cleaning solution to wipe down the surface. Finish off with a dry cloth to shine the floor and remove any remaining dust.


Overall, mistakes during the cleaning process are bound to happen, and there be a few that you can avoid entirely. With these tips in mind, you'll be on your way to having a clean and well-maintained office building that will make both employees and visitors happy. In addition, ensuring that the office building is a safe and healthy environment is always important.


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