A Comprehensive Guide on Subnet Calculator

December 12, 2022

Are you facing trouble in calculating the number of subnets? Look no further. Here is a comprehensive guide about subnet calculators. A subnet is a method of dividing an IP address into individual addresses. A subnet allows you to allocate a portion of an IP address to different networks, hosts, users, or applications. A subnet is also a way to divide an IP address range into smaller sections, which can save space and make your network more organized. Each network needs its own set of unique IP addresses so that all information sent to the network is properly handled by the devices on the network.

What is a Subnet Calculator?

A subnet calculator, also known as a subnetwork calculator, is an adorable software program that helps calculate the number of subnets required for creating multiple network segments within a single network. By using this tool, you can calculate the number of hosts per subnet and the number of unique IP addresses that can be created on the network. This adorable tool is very helpful for business administrators and IP professionals because it helps to improve the efficiency of the network.

What is Subnetting and Why There is a Need for Subnetting?

Subnetting allows you to divide your network into more manageable sections. Subnets are relatively small networks within larger networks. These subnets allow more people to be added to the network. It helps larger networks to function more efficiently and allows organisations to fully utilise network capacity. If you want to know more about subnet calculators, read this blog post thoroughly.

Why Should You Consider a Subnet Calculator?

Manually calculating the subnets of a network is time-consuming, and overlapping two subnets can cause routing problems as an address may exist in multiple subnets. A subnet calculator makes this task easier for you.

Here are the following reasons which make this tool more valuable.

  • You can use the subnet calculator to find the size of a subnet. This adorable tool is very convenient and easy to use and is very helpful in network administration. It can also be used to calculate the address of the network.
  • It also calculates the number of network segments required to create multiple subnets within a single network. The primary use of a subnet calculator is in creating multiple private networks for companies, schools, servers, and other devices. If you work with subnets daily, then you must consider this adorable tool.

How to Choose the Right Subnet Calculator?

The following things must be kept in mind before choosing the subnet calculator:

Easy and Convenient to Use

Ensure that the subnet calculator that you are using is easy and convenient to use. It could help in improving the performance of the network. It ensures better security.

Up-to-Date Settings

Make sure that the subnet calculator that you are using is up to date, you must consider a different calculator if the calculator is not up to date.

Full fill Your Needs

While choosing the subnet calculator, always remember the purpose of your work. Then choose the subnet that fulfils your desired needs.

Must be Accurate

Accuracy cannot be neglected if you want better results. So make sure that the subnet calculator that you are using gives accurate results. You can also do the comparative analysis of the subnet calculator for better results.

How Does the Subnet Calculator Work?

Calculating the subnets using the subnet calculator is very easy. First of all, choose the subnet calculator according to your needs. The subnet calculator calculates the size of the subset using the IP address and mask. Open the subnet calculator webpage and enter the IP address. The size and number of subsets can also be adjusted using a subnet calculator. Then by clicking on the button, you can get the desired results.

These numbers are useful for IP networks to help determine where a subnet can be properly divided into smaller subnets. So you can enter your IP address or IP range into the calculator, and you'll have it easier. It will save you a lot of time. Routers use the network part to exchange data between subnets and the host part to send data to individual hosts. The following things must be kept in mind while using the subnet calculator

  • Knowing about your IP address is very important
  • To attain perfect results, you must know about the subnet mask of the network
  • Determining the number of hosts on the network is also very necessary to predict better results using a subnet calculator.


Subnet calculator is an outstanding and easy-to-use software that calculates the number of subnets. Subnetting divides your network into more manageable segments. Subnets are small networks that exist within larger networks. Manually calculating a network's subnets is time-consuming, but a subnet calculator can help you out so you must consider a subnet calculator for calculating the subnets. It determines how many network segments are required to create multiple subnets within a single network. We hope this article is very helpful in finding out all about the subnet calculator.




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