A fundamental guide on Equipment financing at Auctions

December 19, 2022

You are on the right page if you plan to buy industrial equipment at auctions. Several business owners are choosing industrial equipment financing at auctions since it opens their chances to various options. Auctions normally showcase a massive range of equipment from varied manufacturers.

But, since auctions are selling items to the highest of the bidders, business owners need a lot of cash or equipment financing from online lenders to make a purchase. It is due to this reason that several of them choose to get their loans to increase their purchase power.

A common question in our mind is, "how do I ensure industrial equipment financing is prepared for the auctions?"

Heavy equipment is important to work in a massive range of construction industries. The equipment has transformed the entire mining and construction industries throughout the years by allowing more efficiency with fewer workers.

Purchasing equipment at an auction offers various benefits to businesses that look to replace worn-out or broken equipment while expanding their machinery inventories.

In our post today, we will discuss a few tips that will help you purchase the equipment at auctions and how you can increase your working capital purchase potential with the help of industrial equipment financing. If you plan to buy industrial equipment at an auction then it is the right way you can go.

However, we should first look at the main reasons to consider buying heavy equipment at an auction through financing.

  • Maximizing equipment budget

Industrial or heavy equipment is mainly a necessity and valuable asset for construction businesses; however, it is also costly. Buying the equipment at an auction will allow the contractors to stretch their equipment budgets by offering the best purchase value. Auctions offer better chances to the buyers to avail quality machinery at less than their retail values, which means that businesses can land a discount on the type of equipment they require.

  • Dealing with Professionals

The whole buying process is highly predictable and pleasant while you are dealing with the professional staff at an auction. You need not deal with unknown sellers or risk fraudulent transactions while dealing with sellers who fail to understand the requirements of the buyers. Additionally, with the auction, there is no requirement for haggling, and no hard sales push while bidding on the items that you and your businesses require.

  • Value

The purchase price is reduced whenever you purchase the equipment at an auction with the help of financing and even limits the depreciation. The new depreciates significantly before they are even used to the initial job site. Purchasing the used equipment at the auction will also help avoid the initial depreciation while still allowing for several years of reliable services.

  • Preview a Variety of Equipment

The equipment auctions offer a better opportunity for the buyers to check out a massive variety of equipment which are not available at the local equipment dealers, which includes the older models known for their reliability or even multiple types of machinery capable of performing similar tasks. The diversity of selection offers opportunities to check out the equipment you might not otherwise consider while comparing the prices and features altogether.

  • Taking Advantage of options

Buying used equipment at auctions allows the buyers to take advantage of various choices. Additionally, the equipment financing at auctions helps you have equipment of varied ages and values, along with equipment from different manufacturers. It means that you are approaching an auction with an open mind while considering the different machinery working for your business and planning your bidding strategies accordingly for the addition of capabilities that you need at a cost that you can afford.

Purchasing Industrial Equipment Financing at Auctions

You should try out the auctions if you aim to buy industrial equipment of good quality without having to spend a lot. Several manufacturing and industrial companies opt to purchase their equipment with the help of heavy equipment leasing options at auctions since it offers them a huge range of options.

However, before you look for the auctions and start to bid, there are things that you should consider.

Things to Consider Before Acquiring New Equipment

Whenever you are buying industrial equipment or any other construction equipment, the one thing that you should answer is whether you are going to buy a new or a used piece of equipment.

The proper choice for your company depends on varied factors, including your business capital. You should have sufficient working capital in your small business if you wish to buy every piece of equipment that you require.

Consider acquiring industrial equipment financing to increase your purchase power if you do not have enough. Getting this done will help you avoid the issues related to cash flow down the road and when you need to buy inventories and hire employees for operating the heavier equipment.

Let us now discuss the cost of buying industrial equipment at an auction to help you with an idea behind the reasons behind businesses getting external funding done.

  • Cost of Buying Industrial Equipment at Auctions

There are several types of equipment you can pick from at auctions where you can buy it for your desired amount. But, if you win the bid, keep in mind that the final bid price or the hammer price is not always the total amount of what you are paying.

You can pay for the removal and shipping fee of your equipment too. The shipping fee varies mainly if there are bigger items and few industrial equipment involves handling and dismantling before it is shipped.

The import fee and the cost of the taxes may even get added to your purchase price. With all being said, it is recommended to understand how the taxes on auction purchases work under the specific jurisdiction.

Additionally, a 10% deposit is involved at times from the winning bidder. The remaining 90% should get paid within 28 days or risk the purchase getting forfeited. It is always the best practice to have approval from equipment financing at auctions from an online lender to win the bid since a few of the auctions will only offer you 7 days to make the purchases, or you might have to pay the late fees.

You can still save some money with the low cost associated with buying industrial equipment financing at auctions, even with these fees.

  • Using Industrial Equipment Financing

Industrial equipment financing is often used at auctions since it can get arranged in hours or minutes. The application process and quick approval match the business owners' conditions who need to make some fast money.

But, to use this financing effectively, you should find a flexible capital source. Check out reliable equipment financing companies and online lenders. Trust Capital is a prominent name that will offer you cash on top of your equipment purchases.

Clients can easily avail about 25% of the equipment cost in cash flow on top of the entire purchase price of the equipment. Trust Capital has a program applicable only where you can get a loan up to $350,000, with rates starting at 4.75%.

Although the equipment financing program of Trust Capital can help you increase your buying power at auctions, you should still exercise caution when making a purchase with flexible monthly payment terms.

There are various things you should avoid to get the most out of the purchases whenever you are buying industrial equipment financing auctions done globally.

  • Problems of Purchasing Industrial Equipment at Auctions

There are several auction-goers who have had a negative experience whenever you are buying industrial equipment at auctions and one of their issues is the scams related to payment. The payment method used across fake auctions makes reclaiming money impossible using wire transfers, which are not encouraged.

Business owners have even experienced false advertising or product scams apart from that. They will not get the heavy equipment they are supposed to receive. There is time, the specifications of the advertisement of the equipment are never true.

It is always best to review the feedback regarding them to avoid dealing with such sellers. You might even check the equipment before you start bidding.

What should you check before buying industrial equipment at auctions?

There are several factors and considerations which you should address before you are deciding on buying industrial equipment at auctions. Performing the following will help you avail yourself of the best equipment you would require for your operations with the help of the equipment financing options.

  • Signs of Wear

Initially, you should check out the machine's age, and the seller should specify the age as a part of the description for sale. If you are planning on picking used industrial equipment then expect the equipment with some scratches on it.

You should even consider other options if the equipment has hairline cracks or rust since these smaller damages can transform into massive problems. Therefore, you should avoid buying equipment that involves repairs, which means additional expenses. Frequent repairs serve as the financial services and their burden in the future.

  • Operating Hours

The machine's operating hours are one of the highly essential factors you should consider while evaluating the machine's condition. The equipment has longer hours of operation, which are already outdated or depreciated.

Always pick the equipment their previous owners adequately maintained involved whenever you pick it.

  • Maintenance Record

Checking the records of heavy equipment maintenance is the easiest mode of understanding whether it has been maintained at regular intervals for the application of the entire long-term loans.

Ensure checking out for the clues that indicate how they are being used and how they are being taken care of.

  • Check the Fluids

You should even check out the fluids mainly if you buy industrial equipment. There are a few fluids that you have to inspect: engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid.

The fluid of the machine will offer you better insight into the recent condition of the machine, and it will even inform you on how well the machine is maintained over time.

The dirty and low fluids signify that the previous owner did not keep up with the regular maintenance schedules. Additionally, having water in the engine oil is a sign that indicates bigger issues.

  • Check for Any Liens

Before paying for the equipment in full, make sure it's free from any liens by doing a UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) Search. Make sure that the seller has a clear title on the equipment that you're purchasing or else, you'll encounter legal problems in the future.

Before you pay the whole amount for the equipment, ensure that it is free from a lien of any type by performing a UCC or Uniform Commercial Code search. Ensure that the seller has a clear title on the equipment you purchase; otherwise, you will face legal issues in the future.

Final Thoughts on Buying Industrial Equipment Financing at Auctions

In our post today, we discussed how equipment financing at auctions could benefit you. There are several business owners who are picking to buy the equipment they require at auctions since it offers them several options.

It still involves a massive investment from business owners in buying industrial equipment at auctions. Various additional costs should get factored in whenever you are winning.

You will get approval in just a few minutes or a couple of hours after submitting the online application whenever you buy industrial equipment financing at auctions. It allows you to buy heavier equipment at the desired cost.

You should check the equipment you are planning to buy to ensure that it is still in top condition and not on its last edge to get most of your industrial equipment financing options. You can use your money in order to pay for equipment that causes a lot of headaches whenever money goes wasted and a huge paperweight.


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