Auto Transport Services: How To Get Car Shipping Quotes?

December 7, 2022


Enclosed Transport


Shipping price is one of the vital aspects of shipping services. Many customers believe that their-quality auto transport services come with a price and often hesitate to invest in shipping services. However, this information is false and misleading. With the right measures and appropriate knowledge about the process, one can save a significant amount of money during car shipping services.

If this is your first time hiring shipping services, it becomes more important than ever to learn the factors involved in vehicle shipping quotes. Depending on these shipping variables, the price to ship a car from one location to another is calculated. Even a minor difference in shipping variables can affect the overall price to ship a car for customers despite having a similar destination or distance.

Before we get deeper into the car shipping quotes, let us first learn the factors that can majorly affect your overall cost to ship a car across the country.

Factors affecting overall car shipping prices

1. Distance

Distance between pick-up and delivery location plays one of the biggest factors in deciding the cost of shipping a car. The greater the distance, the higher the shipping cost will be. Hence, a long-distance trip costs more than short-distance shipping services. If you are looking for ways to save some money during long-distance shipping services, you can opt for open auto transport means of transportation. Open auto transport is one of the cheapest and most budget-friendly available shipping options.

2. Condition of the vehicles

Generally, damaged or non-running vehicles require additional and specialized shipping tools that can add up to the overall cost of shipping. To load and unload the running cars into shipping trucks/trailers, shipping experts don’t have to worry about arranging special lifting equipment. They can easily load the car by driving the same directly into the truck. However, for non-running or damaged vehicles, shipping companies would require extra labor and shipping arrangements to seamlessly transport your vehicle to the desired destination.

3. Time of the year

Harsh weather conditions can majorly affect the transportation routes or infrastructure to transport a vehicle from one place to another. At times, it becomes challenging and risky for most shipping companies to fulfill the deliveries at the desired time frame. Hence, the companies that take up the responsibility charge more compared to other companies or the ongoing shipping rates. If you are not in haste to transport your vehicles, it is recommended to wait till the weather conditions stabilize before hiring shipping services.

4. Shipping services

Generally, there are two most common shipping services offered by auto transport companies: open and enclosed auto transport services. In the enclosed auto transport, your vehicle is transported in a closed container protected from unwanted road incidents and weather conditions. Enclosed auto transport is more expensive than other shipping options. If money is not your primary concern, enclosed auto transport shipping is the best available option for you.

5. Shipping season

Shipping prices tend to fluctuate with customer demands. High customer demand periods are also known as on-season. During on-season, there is a sudden increase in customer demand as more and more people travel across the country. It is quite challenging to find shipping services as it is the busiest period for the shipping industry. School and university reopening, festival seasons, and vacation periods are the time of the year when maximum people move across the nation. To avoid paying high prices during this period, you can consider advance booking.

6. Labor availability

Labor strikes and riots are some situations that are beyond the control of shipping companies. During labor strikes, there can be a sudden increase or decrease in shipping prices depending on the labor demand. Despite the ongoing strike, if some drivers agree to ship the vehicle, they charge hefty prices to fulfill the deliveries. A lack of labor force can create unrest among shipping companies. It can be nearly impossible for them to fulfill shipping deliveries during this period.

7. Additional services

Shipping companies allow customers to customize their services depending on their needs and preferences. All you have to do is pay a certain amount ( extra charge), to enjoy additional service benefits. Additional services include expedited shipping services, after-shipping services, and more. Different shipping companies offer unique sets of additional services. it is advisable to read their rules and conditions before paying for additional shipping services.

How to get car shipping quotes?

You can effortlessly get access to different shipping quotes using your internet devices. Most shipping companies offer free, instant, and accurate shipping quotes on their website. All you need to do is fill in the necessary information on their website and click on submit button to get shipping estimates on your devices. It takes merely a minute or two to get accurate shipping estimates. Consider comparing different shipping quotes to discover the best and cheap car shippers near you.

We hope, with help of this article, you were able to find solutions to all your ‘Ship my car cross country” concerns. Check online customer reviews to learn more about shipping companies before finalizing your services.



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