Been charged with a crime? Contact MassTsang criminal charge defense attorneys

December 18, 2022

So many people get charged with a crime but many of them don’t even know the full extent of their criminal charge. To deal with it, usually, the state provides legal counsel or a lawyer. But you could also hire an attorney if you have been charged with a criminal charge. In some cases, the court allows you to represent yourself as well. If you are looking for a good attorney, try MassTsang criminal charge defense attorneys. A criminal defense attorney can help you with your case from a legal perspective. Here in this blog, we will be looking over the things that a criminal defense attorney would do for you.

1. Case investigation:

Whether an attorney has been pointed by the court or you have hired it privately such as MassTsang criminal charge defense attorneys, the first thing they will do is commence an investigation into your case. It will be done during or after the first meeting. The attorney will gather information as much as he or she can to proceed with your case further. The attorney could ask several questions to help determine the legal options available to you. In some cases, the attorneys also interview the witnesses to the event and obtain police reports to find a solution for you. Doing such things may reveal new evidence or information that could be helpful for your case.

Furthermore, the attorney has the right to examine the prosecution case before it is presented to the jury. This way a criminal defense attorney could look for anything that may help discredit the prosecution’s case.

2. Guiding you with your legal options:

Whenever an attorney is appointed to you whether he or she is a drug lawyer, criminal lawyer, or anyone else, he or she already has some experience in the field. After gathering the details of your case, the lawyer will guide you with your legal options in light of his or her professional experience. Surely, the attorney would have handled many cases like yours and would be able to give his or her professional insights. Attorneys also know the loopholes of the judicial system so they will do everything in their power to lower the intensity of your punishment for the crime that has been committed.

3. Presenting you in the court:

The ultimate purpose of hiring a lawyer is to present yourself legally in a court of law. A lawyer would know how to lead the case. If you haven’t done anything wrong and the criminal charge is bogus then the lawyer won’t budge and would prove you innocent. But if you have done something wrong and the repercussions are serious then the lawyer can come up with a solution and make a plea deal. If things are really serious then the case will proceed to trial. In that situation, having an experienced lawyer is important. The lawyer will present you in front of the judge and jury and transcribe what happened in an incident. The criminal lawyer will also prepare you for the cross-examination beforehand and when the time comes, he or she will cross-examine you and other witnesses to convince a jury. Furthermore, your lawyer will present various types of evidence before the court to prove your innocence. The convincing arguments and evidence will both increase the chances of a not-guilty verdict from the judge or jury. Your lawyer will also file motions towards illegally obtained evidence from the prosecution.

4. Negotiation with the prosecution:

In court, there are not always punishments for a crime. There are different ways one can correct himself/herself. MassTsang lawyers can help you negotiate a plea bargain deal with the prosecutor. This way your punishment will be less, and you would get the best deal among all the options presented to you. A plea bargain can make all the difference in sentencing. It can turn a crime into a misdemeanor if it was a felony offense.

Unfortunately, a plea bargain is not possible in some criminal cases. Therefore, a lawyer needs to represent their client in court. There might be a trial in court, so a lawyer can prepare you for a cross-examination. Lastly, it can be said that having a lawyer by your side helps people.

5. Appeals:

In case, the verdict is different from what you had hoped for then your criminal lawyer will help you appeal against your conviction or sentence. The purpose of an appeal is to request the court to reconsider its decision. After receiving the request, the court will do its duty by evaluating whether someone has made a mistake during the trial. The involved parties could be your trial judge, jury, and your attorney.

However, it is a whole process where specific procedures and regulations are followed. The court uses its resources and time so if an appeal is accepted, the plaintiff needs to follow the guidelines to win the case. Your criminal defense attorney will guide you about all these things to ensure that your case is on the right track. Without an attorney, you will be lost.



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