Benefits You Get From Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

December 28, 2022

We enjoy the beauty of home furnishings specially our floor coverings like carpets and rugs. But at times we try to save on maintenance cost and try cleaning carpets on our own. Yes you might make some headway and see some success but still your efforts won’t go far or match with the professionals Carpet Cleaning Sydney service providers, as you do not know the techniques or right solutions for your specific carpet problem. One has to understand minute details like carpet fibres and the weave and what chemical is appropriate for which type of carpet. But let’s leave it to the experts as they can do the job smoothly, efficiently and easily leaving you stress free.

There are many methods of cleaning a carpet that is used by professional carpet cleaning company including many who specialise in a specific technique like Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney who provide this popular method for all homeowners. There are cleaning services for residential and commercial clients and each method has a few positives and a few negatives but to know which is best for you would need some knowledge. Of course people have diverse views on the best method but steam cleaning restores the carpet back to life.

Types of Cleaning Methods for your Carpets

Carpet Dry Cleaning: This method is the latest technique and has come to become very popular and seems to be in the good books of carpet manufacturers since it cleans well and is a convenient method not requiring drying time. This involves using high tech equipments and machines with most updated chemical technologies that allows very little or no moisture cleaning, resulting in restoring the beauty of your carpet having removed allergens, sand, stains and dirt. So call professional providers like Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney for your dry cleaning!

Hot Water Extraction method: Professional cleaners will use the modern and state of the art cleaning equipment to steam clean your carpet. Most use steam cleaning equipment of high quality that provide high levels of suction and heat giving the best results. Many cleaners like Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney invest in top end large truck mounted steam machines and also high heat portable carpet cleaning equipments to get a superior result.

Carpet Shampooing: This method is used to clean carpets with heavy soils but the disadvantage of this technique is that it results in carpet having large amount of residues of wet foam. This takes a while to dry and often becomes sticky on drying as there is no rinsing post shampooing. This causes soiling again making it less preferred than other options.

Dry Foam: This technique is close to shampooing as it involves a forceful brushing action. For this counter rotating brushes that are cylindrical are used. But here the solution is beaten into foam is applied before the brushing in place of liquid which is used in shampooing.

Encapsulation method: This method applies a base of synthetic detergents which crystallize into a powdery state after drying. Initial exercises with encapsulation would cause re soiling of carpets as the residue left on carpets attracted dirt particles. Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney applies their products with special compressor sprayers or applicators. Once detergent dries, a vacuum is used and sucks the dirt crystals. These crystals are attached loosely with fibres and break off easily. This method has become more popular than shampooing as it requires less water during process of cleaning thereby causing less drying time.

Preconditioning method: Application of preconditioning agents allows bonding with earth particles and then makes it easier for removal later. Stubborn dirt loosens up with this process. But the type of agent is given as per fabric of carpet. For synthetic fibre carpets alkaline solutions are best and for woollen ones acidic solutions like diluted acetic acid are best.

Bonnet Cleaning method: This requires a certain amount of skill and gives good surface cleaning as the surface fibres are cleaned with a heavy duty motorised equipment with rotating pad immersed in cleaning solution that cause dirt to be absorbed from the surface. But this method has drawbacks as it cleans 1/8th inch deep, leaving fair amount of residue. So this is best used for thin but strong carpets as it might damage other types of carpets. Also it is usually followed by antimicrobial agents for the purpose of sanitization.

Looking closely at advantages of Steam Cleaning

Non toxic and Eco friendly: Products used are non toxic and are extremely safe for the entire family including pets.

Preserves and enhances the beauty of your homes: This technique puts life back into your carpets making your homes look beautiful, inviting and pleasant.

Improve health of your environment and family: This method effectively removes dirt, pollutants and allergens from your carpets.

Removes stain: This method removes stubborn stains like those made from tea, coffee or wine which can get embarrassing as they look unsightly.

Lengthen the longevity of carpets: After you have had your carpet for some time, allergens, sand, dirt can damage its fibers which might split and make the carpet look dull and damaged. By steam cleaning the dirt are removed and it strengthens the life and fresh look of your floor coverings.

Traffic Lanes are removed: Regular carpet use causes traffic lines or tracks on your carpets. And the traffic recurs in the same area again and again causing the areas to darken when compared to other areas of carpet. The dark areas are basically with embedded dirt that can be effectively removed by professional steam cleaning services like Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney.

Can remove pests and other debris: Steam cleaning removes problems like, pet dander, fleas, eggs, pollens, grass, dust mites, mould and mildew and also musty odours.

While you can be careful about maintaining your carpets by personal practices, but nothing will get the floor coverings as thoroughly clean and healthy like professional cleaning services who not only improve your home appearance but it goes a long way in extending the life of your carpets. By removing allergens, mildew and mould you also minimise risk of breathing difficulties. So a good professional service should be called in twice or once a year for health of your homes and your carpets!



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