Best trucking companies for new drivers

December 14, 2022

To become a trucker, you must spend time, effort, and money on training and obtaining a commercial driver's license. This is a more challenging task than it may seem. But if you are reading this article, then you have either already coped with it, or you will soon go to the exam. In any case, you are interested in a difficult question: how to find a job for a novice trucker? Especially if you have absolutely no experience and useful acquaintances in the industry.

From the outside, it seems to many ordinary people that it is impossible to find a job without experience. But what if we say that some companies are even willing to pay for your training and obtaining a commercial driver's license? This is a common practice of large transport companies that want to attract more truckers.

Of course, we want to clarify that you should expect a salary of less than $ 60,000 from the beginning of your journey. After all, the wages of truckers grow along with their experience. Of course, there are different companies and working conditions, and even your commercial driver's license can help you increase your salary. But we suggest looking at the situation objectively. Expect a salary of $30,000-$45,000. Of course, if you were doing accounting for trucking companies, then your payment would be more, but specialists from this site do this.

So, before starting your journey, we recommend choosing those transport companies that are looking for novice truckers. Because in companies where there is no such task, preference is given to experienced drivers.

Attending a good truck driving school is also one of the ways to get a high—paying job. Therefore, we recommend choosing those schools that have been on the market for a long time and have earned the trust of truckers. Alternatively, if you haven't started training yet, it's better to ask at interviews which truck driving schools are better to go to.

So, in this article, we will talk about the best transport companies for new drivers that most truckers are happy with.

The best trucking companies for new drivers: the complete guide

1. Prime, Inc.

This is one transport company that offers refunds for truck driving school tuition. There is also a program for beginners in which you can earn money while still studying (relevant for Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Utah). Before applying for a job, you need to obtain a Commercial license permit (CLP) in the state in which you live. Also, after obtaining a commercial driver's license, you will need to go on routes with an instructor for some time.

2. Pride Transport Inc.

Many truckers note that this transport company treats drivers with great understanding and respect. And this is very important, especially with the first experience at work. The company is based in Utah.

3. Nussbaum Transportation

This is a transportation company from Illinois, which is also flattered by truckers. They specialize in dry cargo, which is excellent for starting a career since it is not a complex material.

4. H.O. Wolding, Inc.

Another transportation company that deals with dry cargo is now from Wisconsin. According to statistics, most truckers who come to this company stay there to work for a long time. And this is an excellent indicator that says more than any words.

5. Schneider National, Inc.

One of the most famous companies from our list, you've probably heard of it once. The main advantage of Schneider is the opportunity to study and get a commercial driver's license directly in the company. This is excellent news for those who have yet to start their studies but are worried about finding a job. You can be accepted even without a license, promising work at the end and reimbursing expenses. The company pays great attention to the safety of the trucker, cargo, and truck. The salary will also please you because a little more than $50,000 is offered for the first year of work. A nice bonus is the wide range of services covered by medical insurance.

6. Fraley and Schilling

This transport company boasts a convenient working schedule, as it provides a weekly stay-at-home for all truckers. Only some transport companies can boast of this! Haley and Schilling also have the best salary in the industry and an extensive package of benefits (life insurance, dentist, disability insurance).

7. Roehl

Another employer that fully pays for your training in truck driving school. Approximately one month after obtaining a commercial driver's license, you will go on your first route. This month you will undergo additional training with an instructor. Roehl also offers weekly time to visit home, which is always a significant plus. You will receive from $50,000 to $65,000 in the first years of work. Also, this transport company boasts a wide range of valuable benefits.


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