Current Trends in residential interior design

December 1, 2022

After the global pandemic, life has come back to normal again. People have started going to work, meeting their friends, vacations, etc. Similarly, people have also started thinking about decorating the interior of their houses after spending over 2 years of their lives completely at home. Everyone wants a comfortable stay. A perfect space that portrays their style and also matches current and future trends.

The evergreen contemporary style of residential interior design is always popular in all times. From the beginning of the 2000s till today. Experienced home Interior designer shares their home decorating ideas more professionally with people. The most fascinating element about it is its intricate designs, detailing, uncluttered and clean appearances, natural materials, cool colors, landscape palettes, and more.

  • The beginning of workstation at home

Working from home or a remote job is the new normal and is going to stay with us forever. Hence, people are focusing more on a workstation set up at the house for a comfortable and happy work life. The aim is to set up the basic layout which is flexible and can be changed from time to time as per need, this is to avoid monotony.

  • Spaces with multiple purposes

Although people have started visiting offices in a hybrid mode still most of the days a week, they are working from home making it troublesome for everyone to find their particular place. Considering the same, one of the trendiest interior design objectives is to convert your one space into a multi-purpose one. To meet the expectations of each family member to seamlessly fulfill their many activities, hence, every space is designed in a way that it would serve at least two or more purposes. This way the humdrum of daily activities is broken up and has given more enthusiasm by adding a small desk in your living room or yoga or workout set up in the bedroom. Many people choose the option of a makeshift gym due to lack of space which is a smart alternative.

  • Maximalism is for you

Today is the trend of bold and beautiful. To keep an ever-lasting excitement, it is important to consider the delight and amazement factors for the spaces where you live. Going over the top is in the trend such as using vivid colours, huge art pieces, complex patterns, extravagant chandeliers, and more. Your space becomes more lively and gives a rich atmosphere that emits a welcoming and upbeat vibe always. Moreover, you get the chance to be yourself.

  • Praise the natural materials

The more we stayed indoors we understood the importance of mother nature. Today we all want to deepen our bond with nature and hence it is trending to decorate interiors with organic and natural materials. Its uneven designs and imperfect qualities give depth, personality, and aesthetic fascination while imitating the peaceful, rejuvenating atmosphere of nature. Decorating spaces with plants whether it's the work area, kitchen, or bedroom, is praised immensely. The use of handmade decorative items from the earth is extraordinary.

  • Use of statement smart technology

In the era of digitalization, the interior designing industry is also not behind the idea of adding smart technology to your interior to make your home a smart home is trendy and is being appreciated by a lot of clients. It includes smart statement bulbs, sensors, speakers, smart gates, windows, etc which can be operated via mobile or remote. It gives a contemporary and futuristic vibe.

  • Beautiful warm colour combinations

Colours describe our personalities, our moods, our emotions, our character, everything. We all need a coziness and calming atmosphere and it's not hidden that it comes from warm colours. These colours add a more joyous and friendly vibe to your ambiance making it look luxurious. Applying a two-toned combination of colours or using warm colours like beige, brown, and off-white is in trend.

  • Personalized furnishings

People today focus more on bespoke furniture. This is to get a plush comfort, grandeur, and refinement. Premium furniture meets all the needs for relaxation while adding further depth, splendour, and suppleness. A luxurious or curved sofa can be utilized for a variety of purposes today, including working, watching television, or simply unwinding with family. Hence, personalized furnishings is getting more popular day by day.

  • Vintage accessories

A vintage accessory can add extraordinary elegance to your interior. It can control the narrative. The antiques give every space a soft and delicate touch, sensuality, and spiritual emotion. Besides their attractive nature, these pieces are fashionable and sustainable.

  • Ornate wallpapers

Ornate wallpapers are the coolest interior design options. It is a perfect way to decorate your space and make it different and classy without putting in more effort. Wallpapers provide a foundation for the interior of your home, it offers you a prepared surface to paint your ideas. Moreover, you have the option to change it as per your mood without costing you much.


A variety of factors influence the connection between the space and its surroundings. It includes individuals entering and exiting, nearby spaces and associated traffic, media depictions, and so forth. That is why the interior spaces are dynamic and vary from one another making them more attractive to human psychology. Interior design trends keep evolving. Interior designing has become progressively about personal expression rather than just trends. It is an expression-based trend which is a theme-based interior design that is essentially a core notion that inspires the entire concept. It works as a bridge between architectural and design components. Over the decades, residential interior design has witnessed enormous transformations.


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