December 28, 2022

In the past, a person’s competency was judged solely based on academic performance and IQ. However, the tables have slowly turned to favor individuals with high emotional intelligence and people skills. A key indicator of a high emotional quotient is effective communication skills.

Communication is one of the most coveted professional skills in the 21st century. Over the past few decades, communication has evolved beyond the traditional meaning of communication. In the age of digital media, businesses require communication specialists and professionals with a variety of relevant skills, such as corporate communication, internal mediation, digital literacy, non-verbal communication, etc. Thus, earning a degree in communication can help boost your career. You can also take up roles as a communication manager or specialist.

Your Communications Degree

You must have acquired a suitable skill set if you already have an undergraduate degree in communication. However, even if you majored in any other genre, for instance, business, marketing, engineering etc, you can opt for a graduate degree in communication management. Plus, with the growing popularity of distance learning and online degrees, you can continue working alongside your studies. There are plenty of options whereby you can earn a master of communication management degree online from one of the renowned colleges across the country.

Lets take a look at some of the career paths you can take after completing a degree in communication:

Career Options for Communication Degree Holders

A graduate degree in communication management teaches you advocacy skills and communication theories and helps you develop the ability to approach communication issues with ease and make strategic decisions accordingly. These skills are vital to the new generation of leaders, and learning them will open up various career options for you. Here are the top career pathways where effective communication is crucial:

1. Human Resources

Human resources, often termed the human element of the business, is a people-facing function. Hence professionals in this field are required to have strong emotional intelligence. Naturally, effective communication skills are imperative for anyone looking to make a career in human resources. With your communications degree, you can boost your career in human resources management, as skills such as counsel/advise employees, dispute resolution, empathy, developing training programs as well as delivering them, since verbal and non-verbal communication are vital to this field.

2. Public Relations

Public relation is a strategic function tasked with managing the organization's public perception and undertaking activities to improve it. Every organization, regardless of its nature, mission, or vision, requires public relation specialists to develop its image and build a positive reputation in the market. The analysis of public opinion requires the ability to effectively empathize with others while enhancing the same requires an intrinsic understanding of how people perceive things. It makes a communications degree the ideal qualification for a career as a public relations specialist.

Moreover, a communication degree can help public relation officers working with advertising and marketing firms. These agencies have an array of different clients and requires effective communicators to deal with them. Besides, with a communication degree, you can work as a public relation specialist in the communication departments of government and non-profit organizations as well as corporations have to communicate right messages to the public and stakeholders about them.

3. Marketing and Advertising

Another great field where your communication degree can be of great value is marketing and advertising. Like public relations, all organizations require marketing and advertising services. Some prefer to keep an in-house team, while others prefer consultancy services from professional agencies. Here communication professionals can assess how people react to the marketing strategies and campaigns and help in planning effective campaigns to help the company gain more customers.

4. Coordination & Planning

Coordination and planning are spin-off functions of administration. However, they are critical of themselves. Coordinators work as the glue that holds an organization together, allowing for effective coordination and collaboration between the different functions. Therefore, coordinators are required to have excellent people skills, which include communication. Similarly, planners must simultaneously work with numerous tasks to plan and manage activities, meetings, events, etc. Naturally, being a people-dealing job, planning also requires above-par communication skills. Therefore, a career in coordination and planning is an excellent choice for your with a communication degree.

5. Social Media Management

You may have thought that social media management is within the marketing ambit. However, with the growing popularity of social media, it has become a separate domain in itself. Social media managers are one of the first contact points for many potential customers. As a social media manager, you run a mini PR, Marketing, Coordinating, and Communications department. Since all these functions require effective communication skills, social media management is a good career path for those with a communications degree.

6. Motivational Speaking

A communications degree teaches you a lot about people, including public speaking and basic psychological skills. Using these skills properly makes you appear relatable but also inspiring and astute. With some homework, your communication degree can make you an excellent motivational speaker, which is a great career option. That is because employee development and wellness programs in every organization require them to conduct regular sessions on matters of health, mental well-being, and life skills. As a motivational speaker, you can be sure to have no shortage of work, whether you work independtly or with an organization on contract basis. With your communication degree in hand, you can leverage your knowledge to provide TED-style coaching, helping individuals unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

7. Training & Development

Another excellent domain for communication professionals to find work in is training and development. Communication, as we saw, is a highly coveted skill that organizations want their employees to learn. By imparting the same knowledge you acquired during your degree to others, you can make a stable career as a consultant corporate trainer. Or, if you work in an in-house environment, you can find a role in any organization's training and development department. In this role, you will be responsible for the training of new employees as well as the development of existing employees and their skills.

8. Sales Management

It might be a surprise, but communication graduates make excellent sales professionals. In the corporate sector, sales positions generally require little to no qualifications and instead focus solely on one's personality and demeanor. Individuals with effective communication skills having the ability to hold a room do exceedingly well in sales, as the entire job is dependent on relationship building. For sales-driven organizations, such as real estate, insurance, and FMCGs, sales departments are the heart and soul of the business. Hence, with your communications degree, you can boost your sales career.

Final Words

Communication is a valuable skill for professionals today. There are endless opportunities for hard workers with effective communication skills in the corporate world and beyond.

Your communications degree can take you to places you wouldn't have imagined. In addition to the above career options, there are many other genres, such as political campaigning, journalism, business development, and even acting, where a communication degree can prove essential. Just follow your heart and take a step toward your passion.

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