How Technology is Making Chartering a Yacht More Affordable

December 28, 2022

In years gone by the yacht was the domain of Russian oligarch’s and the Wolf of Wall Street. Now however, it is becoming more and more common to see normal people enjoying the red hot rays of the Antiguan sun from the top deck of a yacht.

The increasing affluence of the average tourist has of course played a part in this, but the main driving force behind yacht’s egalitarian popularity has been digital technology. Want to know how and why digital technology has been so pivotal in the yachting tourist trade? Read on to find out.

What is Digital Technology?

You could be forgiven for reading the words ‘digital technology’ and having your mind conjure up images of space-age yacht’s floating around the Caribbean with Moon Beams and an Android captain.

Fortunately when we say ‘digital technology’ we’re referring to the much more mundane world of the internet and mobile apps, full house poker can be played not just on the deck of your yacht now but through virtual online spaces too, allowing users to experience the best of what card games have to offer whether it’s tournaments or just playing with friends.

How Has This Technology Made Yachting More Affordable?

Twenty years ago if a British holidaymaker had wanted to charter a yacht to take them around the Caribbean they would have had two options. The first would have entailed visiting an agent in the UK who could organise everything in advance for them.

The second would have seen them relying on word of mouth and the goodwill of friends, colleagues or business associates. The first option would have been costly as the agent would not only charge for their services but most likely use a company they were already associated with rather than looking for the best deal.

The second option would see the holidaymaker relying on word of mouth recommendations and simply hoping that everything turned out okay. Neither of these options would give the holidaymaker the best chance of finding a good value deal.

Now however, digital technology enables holidaymakers to prioritise good value deals by cutting out the middle man. If you want to charter a yacht from Antigua you can open up Safari or Chrome on your phone and browse hundreds of options.

Not only are there comparison sites out there to compare and contrast deals, but there are also sites where you can build your own package. Do you want a boat with a captain? How many cabins are you going to need? What size boat suits your needs? You can even customise right down to the colour of your yacht.

Does Technology Really Make Yachting Cheaper?

In addition to everything discussed in the previous section, there are even more reasons why digital technology has made chartering a yacht cheaper. Naturally by eliminating brokers and agents technology has made hiring a yacht cheaper than before.

Then there are the knock on effects of digitalisation that have made the whole experience more affordable, the biggest of which is competition. In days gone by there wasn’t an awful lot of competition in the yacht chartering business.

There were companies with enough assets to own multiple yachts and agents willing to put tourists in contact with these companies. Now, thanks to the accessibility of the internet, anyone with a yacht can rent it out online within half an hour.

Which means that now, there are hundreds if not thousands more choices for tourists than in years gone by when it comes to chartering a yacht. With big name providers no longer having a monopoly over the market, prices have fallen in line with increased choice.

Why Charter a Yacht?

It’s all well and good knowing that yacht prices have fallen in recent years but what does that mean for you? What’s so special about a yachting holiday in Sicily that should make you give up your tried and trusted holiday routine?

Well, here are a few things that along with affordability should put a yachting holiday high up on your list of priorities:

Freedom: When you head on holiday to somewhere like the Caribbean you might be surprised at just how far apart things are. That shouldn’t be too much of a concern if you’re the type of person that likes to lie on a sun lounger and read all holiday.

If you’re an explorer though it can be a real pain, especially as to get around you’ll have to rely on communal, public modes of transport. Conversely, yacht hire gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and on your own terms.

Luxury: There’s nothing quite as luxurious as waking up in a wood-panelled cabin on a top of the range yacht. Some of the larger boats also come with on-board chefs who can make every meal for you and your guests.

There’s a reason that yachts are so often associated with the mega rich. If you’re (pardon the pun) pushing the boat out, you may as well do it on a luxurious yacht.

Relaxation: There’s something enchanting and calming about the sea, especially when you’re sat atop of it on the deck of a luxurious yacht. Setting sale on a boat in the Caribbean will give you the peace and tranquillity that you crave from a holiday, far away from the crowds of land-based resorts.

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(Why not enjoy an experience like this if you can?)

Do you have any personal experiences from a yachting holiday in the Caribbean? Let us know about your trip in the comments section below.


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