How To Choose Artificial Grass Recyclers

December 21, 2022

Artificial turfs are here to stay no matter what some people may say about them and for good reasons too! Another concept that is gaining traction daily is recycling.

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those artificial turfs used in different sports arenas all over the nation? Even down to fake greens used in homes, places of business, and other public properties. How are they disposed and what becomes of them?

In times past, it was difficult to recycle it when the lifespan ends. This was due to the stress of separating the varied materials and all that goes into the installation of the fake grass. But thankfully, that is no longer the case these days; some machines have simplified the process. Therefore, many companies that undertake the task of recycling artificial turfs have sprung up. Click here to see the benefits of recycling:

In this article, we will share some tips that will help you choose the best artificial turf recycler.

What To Look for in a Good Artificial Turf Recycler

The following are qualities to look out for before choosing the company to use/buy from: -


Ensure that the company you seek to send your used fake turf to for recycling is known for its work ethic. They must be people who abide by the laid-down ethics of the industry. Some companies do not care about the ethics or code of conduct of their industry as long as they make profits.

You can find out the work ethics and integrity of the company you want to use or buy a product from by visiting their work site. Some companies collect used turfs in the name of recycling them only to dump them. But when you visit their physical location, you will know whether they truly recycle and under what conditions.

Expertise and Experience

The process of recycling fake grass as we mentioned before is both tedious and long. However, technology has made things easier. A seasoned and experienced artificial turf recycler is one who has grown through various stages and eras of recycling. They should have perfected the science of recycling through years of experimenting and working with different technologies.

You may wonder how you will know the level of their experience; by checking out how long they have been in business and how well customers speak of their services.

Team of Skilled Professionals

The expertise of a company is determined by the quality of staff that they employ. Ensure that you find out the quality of staff that the company you are considering employs. They should be people who are not only qualified but duly certified to do the job.

Professionals who are certified always seek to protect their reputation. This is because they belong to one professional body or more that will not hesitate to withdraw their certification if they are found wanting. You can be sure that whatever product such a company puts out will be top quality. And if you give them your used artificial lawn to recycle, they will do the right thing and not dump it in a landmine.

Steps to Choosing the Right Company

Aside from recycling used artificial turf, a number of these recycling companies provide refurbished or repurposed turfs to customers. These products come at quite pocket-friendly prices. So, let’s say that you’ve been thinking of installing artificial turf, but you are not quite ready to invest a substantial sum on it, you can try a recycled product.

The following steps will help you make an informed choice: -


Do not just buy the first product you see. Thankfully, the internet is a repository of information. You can find out all you need to know online before making a choice.

Read Customer Reviews

This is also part of your research process. Find out what previous customers have to say about them. If you come across any site where customers have only good things to say about the company, it might be a red flag. What you should rather be on the lookout for is a company that has a good percentage of satisfied customers and how they handle customers who have one issue or the other with them. Check out this article on how to spoke fake customer reviews.

Compare Prices

As you surf from one site to the other, do not forget to compare their prices. While exorbitant prices do not equate to top quality, good products do not come cheap. Although in the case of recycled artificial turf, we are looking for more affordable products, ‘too cheap’ may mean the lowest quality. So, look out for prices that are commensurate to value.

Reach Out to the Company

After you have followed the above steps, you should have narrowed down your choice to about three companies. Speak with their customer care or sales rep. This will give you the final feel of whether to buy or transact business with them or not.


We have shared some information on recycled artificial grass and how to choose the best recycler to work with or buy from. We believe this information will come in handy when you go shopping for your recycled fake grass or need to dispose of used one(s).

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