How To Make A Guestroom More Inviting

December 15, 2022


Preparing your house for guests is a fun yet stressful time. Getting the home ready and making it look its best is going to be one of your main priorities. This obviously includes getting the guest room all set up for them to be comfortable. If you do have a guest room, many use this for other things such as a wardrobe or a store room, but this is going to change now.

When starting to plan your guest room, think about what you would like to find in a 5-star hotel. This is exactly what you should be adding to your guest room, even if your budget isn't high, there are many cheaper alternatives that you can buy to give the same effect. In this article, we will go through some of the best tips on how to make a guestroom more inviting.

Provide a comfortable bed

If you have guests you want to give them the best impression possible. So leaving them with the old saggy mattress is not going to do this. If your budget allows, having a new or used bed will ensure they have a great night's sleep. Alternatively, an air mattress is another valid option. They are more comfortable than one may think and can be placed upon a box spring.

Upgrade your bedding

It goes without saying, but dirty old bedding won't cut it, ensure everything smells amazing and is beautifully clean. If your budget allows, having some luxury pieces in the form of feather mattress toppers or weighted blankets will help them to keep warm and have the best night's sleep.

Make room for a suitcase

Nobody likes living out of a suitcase, so make it easy for your guests to hide it. There's nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night for the toilet and stubbing your toe on your suitcase. Ensure that there is somewhere to hide their suitcase. You could do this by offering a small table or chair that they can place on or under as this will be better than nothing.

Clear out the clutter

Less is more when it comes to making your guestroom more inviting. Resist putting any of your collections on display in the wardrobe or having out-of-season clothes in the wardrobe. Ensure that all drawers, wardrobes and dressers are all empty and ready for your guests. In a guest room, less is always more when it comes to space as it makes it more comfortable and airier.

Brighten the room up

Brighter is always better in a guestroom. It makes it look bigger, and it creates the feeling of more space. One of the worst things hotels do is not offer enough lighting or offer super dark rooms so you can’t see yourself getting ready. Instead, opt for light-coloured walls and offer a selection of lighting options for your guests. This could include bedside lamps for when they need to go to the toilet or read. You could also offer a separate space to read with a chair and a reading light. This makes them even more comfortable.

Provide some privacy

You might know that nobody can see through the windows in the guestroom, but your guests certainly don’t. Having your windows covered in some form is essential to help give your guests privacy and also to help keep the light out in the mornings. There are many options for this, the first is obvious curtains or blinds, but if you would prefer a more permanent option there are blackout stickers for your windows, but having blackout curtains to match your decor is a great touch.

Empty your wardrobe and dresser

As we said earlier, nobody likes living out of a suitcase. If the space permits room for a wardrobe or dresser, you should get some so that your guests can put their clothes away neatly. If you already have these in your guestroom, chances are that they will be filled with your out of season clothes. As your guests won’t be staying forever, its best to put these away in your room so that your guests can use them. If your room doesn’t permit the space for these, you could offer an inexpensive over the door hook so they can hang their robes or coats. If you have the wardrobe, ensure that there are hangers in there. A nice touch for dressers is to have scent aper so that the draws smell nice and fresh once you have cleaned them out.

There are many methods to make your guestroom, but having a clean space, clean bedding and somewhere for them to put their clothes are all essential parts of making your guest have the best visit ever.


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