How To Prep Your Kitchen For New Appliances

December 4, 2022

Revamping your kitchen space is exciting. It can be a creative way to add functionality and new styles that improve the efficiency of your kitchen. If you love cooking and spend most of your time in the kitchen, smart appliances make your work easier and more enjoyable. They also add value to your home.

However, you need to prepare your kitchen before the delivery day. Preparations depend on the kind of appliances you’re expecting. Here are some tips for preparing your kitchen for new appliances:

1. Upgrade Your Electrical System

New kitchen appliances come with higher electricity consumption and the need for more connections. If you only have one wall outlet, it may not suffice. You’ll need extra sockets to accommodate the new kitchen appliances. You may also need to replace low-capacity circuit breakers with higher-capacity ones to ensure the new appliances don’t overdraw electric currents and cause tripping.

It’s essential to work with professional electricians for safety guarantees. Faulty electrical connections may lead to short-circuiting, potentially causing fires and damaging your equipment. So, search for a reliable electrician Bankstown if you live in the area. You can check their services to see if they offer what you need.

2. Establish Your Zones

Smart appliances can make your kitchen work more manageable, but you still need to arrange them appropriately for maximum benefits. For this reason, you should have designated working areas. You must design your kitchen and allocate specific working zones for maximum efficiency. They help you organize and keep your kitchen neat. The main standard kitchen zones include the following:

  • Food storage
  • Food preparation
  • Cutlery holders
  • Pots and pans
  • Cleaning and garbage disposal bins

Setting up your work zones helps you have an organized space. Besides improving workflow, proper organization makes the kitchen appealing, drawing your family members to spend time there. A little creativity will help you achieve the desired results, even if you’re short on space.

For instance, you can place your microwaves on wall-mounted brackets instead of leaving them sitting on your countertops. Freeing up the countertop gives you ample room for food preparation activities. Additionally, you can install drawers to keep small appliances instead of cluttering your countertops.

3. Measure The Space

One factor to consider before installing your appliances is the space. Measuring the space guarantees you have enough room for your new appliances. Your appliances should fit perfectly in the area you allocate them. It’s even better to leave ample space around them.

You must also leave enough space to open cabinet doors and move around. It goes a long way to preventing accidents. Moreover, some appliances, such as the fridge, need ventilation for proper air circulation. If the appliances you intend to buy don’t fit the designated space, you may have to do some reconfiguring to create space, perhaps by moving a wall or removing fixtures like cabinets. Use the help of a kitchen remodeling company in Austin or Arlington to come up with a design plan that has enough storage for your kitchenware items, and new appliances.

4. Create Enough Entryway

Another preparation aspect is ensuring enough passageways. This helps avoid damaging the appliances before you even get to use them. You’re also at risk of breaking your new appliances if you hit them on doorways or knock them over.

For large-sized equipment, you can let your delivery crew know beforehand. This allows them to bring the proper equipment to move the appliances through seamlessly.

5. Check Water And Gas Connections

Most kitchen appliances require water and gas to run. Thus, ensuring the connections are in a good state is essential. Their position will also affect where you’ll install your appliances. For instance, the gas cooker must be installed near the gas valve, while the dishwasher should be connected to your home’s water supply. If the fixtures aren’t correctly set, you may need some plumbing readjustments before bringing in the equipment.

6. Make Plans For Your Old Appliances

Keeping your old appliances intact while bringing in new ones will only cause congestion. So, you may want to dispose of the old appliances you no longer use. You can donate or sell them to a recycling company. This is an excellent option if some of your appliances are still in working condition that others can use. But if you decide to sell them, you can negotiate for better prices. You can also have the delivery company assist you in taking out your old appliances before the new ones are put in.


Revamping your kitchen with new appliances sets you up for more fulfilling food preparation sessions. Preparation may involve upgrading the electrical and plumbing system, disposing of old appliances, and creating more room. While you can do some of these yourself, hiring professionals for the more technical tasks would be best. Experts guarantee safety, especially for installations that may potentially cause harm.


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