How To Protect Your Home And Prevent Moth Infestation

December 28, 2022

Full grown moths are normally harmless for your homes, however their larvae can be extremely damaging as they voraciously eat through wool and cotton fabrics, dry food like bread and other items in pantry causing immense nuisance ruining expensive clothes, plush rugs and carpets, food and other items in your homes. So to actually tackle their damaging effects and prevent further damage, you can take help from specialist Pest Control service provider.

Why do moths attack cloth?

Cloth moths feed on animal fibers like fur, silk, felt, leather and feathers. These contain a fibrous protein keratin which moth larvae digest. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon and cotton fabrics are not usually attacked unless blended with wool or if they have heavy soiling with food oils or have body oil spills. Severe infestations of cloth moths may grow in hidden spaces, causing irreparable damage. So to safeguard your homes hire Pest Control Reservoir specialists.

Do moths affect your health?

Moths usually do not manifest any health setbacks in humans with their presence. They do not cause any allergies or infections unlike silverfish. But their caterpillars or larvae may cause irritation and certain allergic reactions if they come in contact with human skin with their hairs or sharp spine like protrusions that can give something like a sting causing symptoms like scaly skin, blisters, irritation, rashes and skin outbreaks resembling eczema. They may also give rise to contact dermatitis that produces swelling, hives and redness. Coupled with allergens produced from other household pests like dust mites, moths can contribute to your homes with insect substances leading to allergic reactions with those who are sensitive to allergens. So, getting professional pest control Lalor services are really important to keep your environment healthy and moth-free.

A few tips about how to get freedom from moths

Moths may be tackled by a few methods once you know they have already got into your homes.

Using Cedar oil: Spread the essence of cedar by using a spray bottle filled with cedar oil and diluted with water or by using a diffuser. Moths are generally repelled by the fragrance of cedar and leaves.

Mixture of powdered herbs:  In a bag keep a powdered mixture of dried and crushed bay leaves, cloves, lavender, thyme and rosemary. Hang this bag in food larders or cupboards where clothes are kept. Moths are repelled by the smell of these herbs. You may use diluted essential oils of mentioned herbs and spray them over your clothes and linens.

Using a sticky trap: Use sticky traps to attract moths and once they get stuck, they are unable to escape and then they die.

Keeping floors, carpets and moldings dust free: Frequently clean up your spaces with dusting cloths, vacuum and eco friendly cleaners to rid dust and dirt. Clean and throw out the contents of vacuum bags. Regular rinsing and cleaning dust rags is a good practice to prevent eggs and larvae from developing.

Cold temperature method: If you discover moth infestation in your personal articles or clothes placing this inside the fridge for a day will destroy the larvae as they die.

Hot water method: If you see eggs or larvae in clothes, wash them in hot water and high heat over the dryer.

Using vinegar: Using a mixture of vinegar and water solution, wash and scrub those areas where you found larvae or eggs.

Engage a professional pest control service provider: For serious moth infestation the quickest and best remedy is to call in expert Pest Control Doreen service providers who have the latest and effective treatment plans for your moth issues.

Prevention is better than cure

Let us look at some handy advice you can follow that will help prevent moth attacks.

After wearing clothes, brush them after taking off: Moth eggs can infest your cupboards or closets by fixing to wool or fur items .Brushing your clothes can keep larvae from getting inside.

Wash your clothes before storing them away: Dry clothes in sunlight. This way of airing and washing removes any trace of eggs or larvae because they die and do not develop any further.

Place your clothes and belongings in airtight containers: By using strongly lidded chests, airtight containers, sealed suitcases will keep moths from getting in and laying their eggs. Don’t leave woolen suits outside exposed to air. Place them in airtight clothes bags with zips and place them in those sealed chests if you do not need them for a long period.

Keep dry the storage for clothes: Moths live in moist and humid places. So avoid places like sheds, garages, basements or lofts to store your clothes. It's best to keep them indoors in your room cupboards or closets.

How to prevent moth infestation in your kitchen?

Here are a few tips to avoid the return of moths into your cooking area-

Store food in the refrigerator and do not leave it exposed outside. Also start using tight containers. By doing so, you cut off access to food sources to moths and other insects.

Humidity and warmth are ideal haunts for moths. The pantry and kitchen have a tendency to get warm, so keeping a check on the humidity is essential as well as good ventilation. Fix any leaky taps and ensure there are no food spills in and around the kitchen spaces.

  • Get rid of any musky smell by using a spray of lavender or cedar oil that repels moths effectively.
  • You can prevent pest from entering by sealing cracks and crevices. This also keeps out rats, cockroaches, mice.

How to prevent moths from spoiling your carpets?

Carpets are beautiful and they serve to embellish your homes greatly. It’s important to preserve them well and increase their life. Moths however attack the fibers of carpets and make unsightly holes .The moment that happens you can be sure you have moths in your home.

first assess the extent of infestation by minutely observing the carpet well. Holes, webbings and droppings indicate things are bad and you should call Pest Control Lalor expert services.

Clear and suck in all the dust, debris, mud, moths, and larvae using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum all surfaces of carpet, top and beneath the carpet. De-clutter and remove the contents of the vacuum bag outside the house and put it in garbage or trash bins quickly, not allowing any moths to return back inside your homes.


No matter what home remedies you might follow, moths can be obstinate pests and difficult to handle. Pest Control Doreen services have excellent technically trained licensed staff that has the right solutions and equipment to eradicate the pests completely.





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