Installing A Round Base Bubble Glass Chandelier for Transforming an Average Living Space

December 15, 2022

Yes, this is what a majority of private residences in the US are doing to enhance the welcoming vibe, as they were somewhat lacking in this particular aspect. Well, functionality, fixture addition and user-friendliness are always the top priority when remodeling or renovating a house, but the aspect of style also counts. This is exactly when you think of fitting a crystal or glass chandelier on your ceiling, be it in the living room, patio, study, staircase, dining room or in the foyer. It always helps in impressing your guests through aesthetic improvement.

Here in the United States, one such company that brings to you a whole new range of crystal chandeliers in a variety of new designs is “Sofary”, which is headquartered in Seattle WA. You can definitely check out their official website, if you're seriously considering installing a designer crystal-based lighting product in your bland looking interiors. It can easily go on to produce a glamorous and glittering feel, which is desired by all.

Get the Best ‘Holiday Sale’ Offer this Christmas

When you’re shopping online from a popular store, you can avail huge discounts and benefit from the festive offers, especially before Christmas and New Year. One such bubble chandelier can cost well below $300 USD, which is quite lower than its original price, during the non-festive season. So, why not take advantage of this lucrative offer, and buy one for your house that can definitely impress all your first-time visitors to the house.

This Christmas post Covid era, can be a great time to install a glamorous looking chandelier in your living room or foyer, simply to create that liveliness in the air around you. It brings in positive vibes and a good mood.

Unique & Stylish Concept of a Glass Bubble in Chandelier

It is a stunningly beautiful 100% glass-based lighting product fitted to a round shaped flat metal base that hangs from the ceiling. It gives the look of round bubbles hanging in the air. In fact, a full glass chandelier is a perfect beauty addition to your living room or dining area, where you host your guests and friends. It is like cascading bubbles in the form of glass spheres, suspended from the ceiling.

This easily creates a Wow appeal among all visitors that step inside your house for the first time. One such contemporary style chandelier is for all proud homeowners that want to look different and belong to a league of glamorous individuals that define lifestyle through their home interiors. And, it is one such designer chandelier that can also serve as a great ‘welcome’ showpiece in your foyer or entryway to the house.

What Comes in the Pack?

Well, along with the glass bubble chandelier, you get a pair of industrial gloves, a set of screws and an installation manual that can help you install this beautiful lighting product, all by yourself in a DIY manner. Even though it takes quite a bit of time, it is well worth the effort. Once it is successfully installed, your home interior presents a glamorous look through the glitter and sparkle of the glass spheres or balls that shine, when soft LED light falls on them from the base of the chandelier. The two distinct materials of this product are hand-blown glass and chrome finished metal.

A Contemporary Looking Chandelier that Enhances Aesthetic Beauty

This exquisite looking product brought to you by “Sofary” is definitely a beauty addition to your home that was lacking in ambiance, style and aesthetic. The ever shining glass spheres attached to the strings and the round flat chrome finished metal base, adds to the overall appeal. It is all glitters that make any average living space look so distinctly lively.

One such beautiful hand-made chandelier comes with a 1 year warranty, when you’re buying it from a premium company that ships this product to your doorsteps, absolutely free of cost. And, talking about its technical specifications, it comes in fixed height and is LED compatible. The spheres in this chandelier are made from hand blown dimple clear glass and bubble glass. This is what makes one such chandelier piece different from the crowd. Lastly, the circular canopy which is fitted on the ceiling is made from polished stainless steel.

A Modern Home Decor Product Unmatched in Quality

If you're looking for a contemporary style home decor product at an affordable price tag, it has to be a glass or crystal chandelier that may not be a functionality addition, but definitely a style enhancer. It helps create that glittering and modern effect on any home interior that has become outdated in style.

The sparkle of the glass and the LED illumination in one such bubble design chandelier is bound to produce a modern vibe. It is perfectly styled and designed for a modern living room in a big city, where you receive your friends, colleagues and guests. It is no surprise, as to why a majority of affluent residences are installing such luxury lighting products for improving upon the visual aesthetics.

Conclusion or Final Words

All homes in big cities that are seriously considering improving upon the overall vibe of their interiors can consider installing a foyer or staircase chandelier in a variety of new designs. It can be in the form of spiral raindrop crystals, bubbles, wagon wheels, rectangular raindrop crystals or a square frame chandelier with bright or mild LED illumination. And, if you want to look different from the league, and give out a feeling of grandeur and opulence to all your first-time visitors to the house, why not install a round base glass bubble chandelier with ceiling light. It is a modern and ultra stylish home decor lighting product that has a mix of glass & steel, all handcrafted to perfection. You can simply order the product online over the official company website, and get the delivery within 2-3 weeks of ordering. This is how your abode is ready to host high-profile guests and visitors, throughout the year.


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