Keeping Rats from your Homes and Yards

December 28, 2022

Rats are a menace worldwide and occupy one of the top pests that are frequently found to affect and disrupt residences and offices causing damage to food, property and posing as health risks. Rat removal is one of the most common requests that are given to Pest Control Reservoir service providers as rats love to be around humans.

What do rats seek?

Rats are dangerous and they multiply very soon. So before you start eliminating them yourself that would be impossible, consider doing it the easier and practical way by calling in Pest Control Lalor expert services who give the right solutions for total removal. But let’s see why they infest our homes. The reasons are very basic actually-

Food: Being omnivorous, anything that can be eaten is what rats look for. They are scavengers that dig through rubbish and eat left over, spills, even rotten food. Some also kill small birds, lizards for their food.

Water: Although they are hardy and can survive for long periods without water, they do need to drink water. They thrive around drains, soiled dishes or moist areas around walls or pipes.

Shelter: In exteriors rats take refuge among grasses, weeds and shrubs. Inside homes they look for shelter behind walls, under furniture, dark, rarely used places like lofts, cupboards, attics, roofs. They also nest inside appliances like Air Conditioners or even printers and typewriters!

Signs of Rat Infestation

Before you think of rat eradication, let’s check out what are the signals that help us to know a rat is around!

Strong Smell and Sounds: Rats have strange ammonia like odour. Also being boisterous and active they make squeaky, scratchy and rustling sounds as they roam about the premises. All these are tell tale signs of rat presence.

Grease Smears and Droppings: Having weak eyesight especially during daylight rats leave grease smears or smudges along familiar routes around the house and inside walls. You might also detect their droppings as dark and tiny pellet shaped blobs that are a sure sign they are active.

Footmarks: If there is a corner that was not unattended or rarely dusted, rats leave footprints on those areas or tail marks and it becomes very apparent.

Signs of Damage: Rats have powerful and sharp teeth. They attack food larders, storage containers and chew or gnaw furniture, electric wires, chords, cables, paper and polish off food from kitchen counters and even from inside loosely lidded jars. And while they do so, their urine and droppings continue increasing risks to diseases for humans.

Once you identify their presence and feel frightened or threatened, reach out to any Pest Control Thomastown service providers who will remove these harmful nuisances in no time!

Ways to get rid of rats from your residence

No one wants to have rats around and there are a few tips that might keep them away-

Thorough Inspection of interior and exterior: You need to first find the source of rat infestation by locating external areas where they are active. Observe signs of damage to drains, gaps round vents, cracks in garage doors that might help them gain access. Inside homes look at vents, sink drains, appliances damage, so that once you locate you can start sealing and set some traps.

Sealing holes and gaps: Rats do not require large spaces for entry. They actually squeeze their way in through any holes, even tiny ones. So sealing gaps in both interior and exterior wall surfaces is a must. For a better solution filling the gaps with wire wool, cement, metal kick plates is a good practice. Regular checking these areas is also helpful. Of course calling in Pest Control Craigieburn service professionals is the best option to get an expert solution.

Eliminate their Hiding areas: Of course using poison is a common enough practice but removing the places they hide is also effective. So de-clutter your exteriors and interiors and keep objects away from walls. Keep garbage bins closed and use air tight jars to store food. Regularly take care to clean up spills and keep your drains and pipes clean.

Trapping rats: Use of traps is one of the most effective methods to eliminate rats. It is fast and it’s effective. It is what kills rats fast and effectively. It also is a poison free method for eradication.  Usually traps are best placed in areas of high activity of rats using food baits like apples, bananas, unsalted seeds, grains, bread, etc. Of course if you are not confident about placing traps on your own get help from Pest Control Thomastown service providers.

Using natural repellents: Rats may stay away if you use a few natural deterrents like cayenne pepper, cloves, black pepper, and peppermint oil around residences’ exterior to prevent rats from entering. Applying any one of the options between your foundation and the ground helps in preventing them from coming in. Using pepper sprays in front of rat holes will prevent them from coming as they get irritated by it.

Keeping Garden clean: Rats feel secure in closed places and avoid open spaces. So a neat and trimmed garden is the best way to keep rats away. Trim your hedges and grasses, remove leaves and other wood debris, keep sheds and storages locked, seal any holes and keep external garbage bins covered. Avoid keeping fallen fruits or vegetables for birds as rats will get attracted to them

Use of Dry Ice: A good method of getting rid of rats without use of poisons is by using dry ice which produces carbon dioxide. This anesthetizes and kills rats. Get some dry ice and place the dry ice in front of rat holes or burrows. Dry ice can damage human skin, so take care to wear gloves.

Use Professional Services: Rats are not to be taken lightly as they breed quickly and once they start coming in, they break havoc, So contacting a pest control professional will give you complete removal. These experts are quick to identify entry points, dig out their nest and food source areas and extract them from inside walls. They also use the best and latest techniques to eradicate the rat infestation with professional execution.


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