Orlando Car Accidents: Seeking Local Legal Help Can Be Beneficial

December 28, 2022

Florida is considered one of the most dangerous states to drive in. Speed limits are constantly ignored, drivers text and talk on their mobile devices without consequences, drunk driving occurs regularly, and the streets there are crowded.

According to The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Orlando accounted for nearly 25,000 crashes in 2022. If you were involved in a car crash here, it's best to seek local legal help after an Orlando car accident. An attorney can help you understand what you are entitled to and the things you must do afterward.

Car Accidents in Orlando

As per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Florida is home to the 19th highest rate of driver fatalities. The city features one of the most dangerous intersections in the US. Old Cheney Highway and North Semoran Boulevard intersection is among the nation's most fatal intersections.

After having an accident in Orlando, it's advisable to immediately report the details to your insurance provider, seeking medical attention for any pains, aches, or other injuries. Lastly, you should contact an experienced Orlando car accident attorney.


It's best to enlist the help of a lawyer when you want to file for compensation from your insurance company. A lawyer can represent you in court if necessary. A good lawyer is familiar with the ins and outs of auto accident cases and how to file claims.

Additionally, lawyers can keep you abreast concerning local laws so they can tell you the information you need to provide when you sign medical releases.

If you don't have the necessary information, it is challenging to collect compensation or prove fault due to injuries from an accident.

You Might Be Entitled to Compensation

Suppose you've been in a car accident and suffered injuries from the crash. In that case, a qualified attorney can advise you on the best way to remedy your situation and notify you of the kind of compensation you will be entitled to.

The severity of your injury dictates whether or not you receive any monetary compensation to cover certain damages regarding your pain and suffering, which resulted directly from your motor vehicle accident.

If your car accident caused considerable financial loss, you could be compensated for your losses. If you find that you have a case for personal injury compensation, it's essential to know that it covers a variety of things, such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future and past economic loss
  • Psychological and physical suffering
  • Future and past domestic assistance

Determine Fault

In some instances, one driver will admit fault in the motor vehicle accident immediately. However, this doesn't happen all the time. Suppose you are uncertain if you're at fault or the at-fault party refuses to take responsibility. In that case, you must call a legal professional as soon as possible.

Interestingly, it's worthwhile to consult a lawyer even in a situation where you believe you were at fault; in some cases, you may be eligible to receive car accident compensation anyway.

Having a legal professional at your disposal will allow you to determine better what you need to prove which party was at fault for the car accident. Your responsibility will be to collect evidence like witness accounts, photos, and other relevant accident details.

Insurance Coverage

If each party refuses to take responsibility, your insurance company will require evidence concerning who was at fault; this specific situation can be complicated, and getting legal advice will make it much more straightforward.

Your lawyer has the expertise and experience to help you if your insurance company needs to provide you with the coverage they promised. An attorney can also help if the insurance company takes a long time to pay out.

Final Thoughts

Handling legal paperwork after a car accident can be difficult because there are many things that you must understand. These tasks often leave people feeling overwhelmed.

Getting legal advice can help you alleviate the stress that comes with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accent. The attorney will be familiar with the local laws regarding car accidents and know how to get compensation for their clients in Florida.


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