The Best SEO Strategies for Your Online Fashion Business

December 7, 2022

As an online fashion business, one of your goals is certainly to attract more people to your store. To have more people find your brand online, you should work on your search engine optimization for fashion eCommerce. The aim of SEO, in this case, is to have your apparel appear in front of people who want to buy the clothes you’re selling. Keep reading to learn more about the best SEO strategies for your online fashion business.

First things first, you should create a user-friendly website - this is quintessential. Your website is the first thing potential customers see and thus creates the first impression. The next thing you want to do is increase traffic with proper website optimization. Additionally, make sure that the navigation through your website is easy and simple. Another way to attract more visitors and keep loyal ones engaged is by starting a fashion blog and posting meaningful, hot, and insightful content. Also, you shouldn’t forget to make your website mobile-friendly.

Create a user-friendly website

Every successful online business starts with a website. Not any website - but a user-friendly one. So, the first SEO tip for you is to invest in a user-friendly website. It is a fact that people most likely won’t stay on your website and shop if it is slow, unappealing and non-responsive, or complicated to navigate. On the other hand, if your website is user-friendly, it makes it easier for people to browse your website and find what they need. Make sure that you have categories. If you sell wholesale clothing, create subcategories such as wholesale dresses, skirts, shirts, and so on - you get the point. Moreover, if people spend more time on your website, Google is notified that your website is helpful and relevant. This is beneficial for you as it helps you rank higher in search results, which means more traffic to your website.

Increase traffic with proper website optimization

Another key SEO tip involves choosing relevant keywords. In fact, keywords play a crucial role when it comes to where your products appear in search results. If you don’t include the right keywords, you will deny your website valuable traffic. To decide on the right keywords, you need to conduct proper keyword research. Keyword research helps you find relevant terms to include in your website. There are various keyword research tools you can use to complete this step. While in the process of keyword research, try focusing on long-tail keywords as they are more specific and can thus attract leads looking for your products specifically.

Make the navigation through your website easy and simple

One of the most critical aspects of your website is navigation. When potential customers visit your website, they expect it to be easy to navigate as well as well-organized. If, however, your navigation is difficult for some reason, you risk losing customers to a competitor with a better website. As far as fashion stores online are concerned, there are usually distinct categories, such as women and men, and then various subcategories, such as jackets, dresses, suits, shoes, bags, accessories, and so on. Some brands even include categories such as clearance and new arrivals, which is also a great option. It should be as organized as possible. Take a look at some examples online.

Start a fashion blog

One of the most essential aspects of SEO for fashion brands is blogging. Blogging helps you boost traffic to your website and search result rankings. Blogs are a key asset of SEO as people always search for information online about recent trends and information regarding the fashion industry. By giving people the information they need, you keep them longer on your website. When they spend more time on your website, they browse and decide to make a purchase. To start a blog, you should have some topics in mind. Research the popular topics and common questions that shoppers ask. The content should either be fun, informational, or entertaining to keep readers engaged.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Lastly, you should make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, as most online purchases (76%) are made through our smartphones nowadays. As far as Google is concerned, it moved to mobile-first indexing, so having a website that works on mobile phones helps you rank higher in search results.

SEO is an inevitable part of every online business nowadays, regardless of its niche. Don’t overlook its importance and do it the best you can - or hire an SEO expert to do it for you.


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