The Commonest Of All Household Pests-Cockroach

December 28, 2022

Those irritating elements that seem to come alive when you happen to visit your kitchen at night! Yes cockroaches frequent our homes and they seem to be in large numbers and they never seem to go and return quickly enough. So wherever there is an abundant food source, water or shelter , cockroaches thrive, eating all kinds of animal products, fruits, vegetables  and also feast on paper, leather, starch, fabric, grease particles. So if you are worried about how to get rid of these creepy insects call in professional Pest Control service expert.

By habit these pests are active during night and if they are spotted during day, it indicates that the infestation is very large. They stick together and groom themselves often. So when they do so, any pesticide sprayed on the ground is carried by dust which is eaten by the cockroaches. Pest Control Wollert service providers offer excellent eradication plans to give you a pest free home with minimum health risks including those caused by cockroaches.

Cockroach eggs are often found like brown capsules stuck to surfaces of things. When they hatch the young ones gather with the adults and mature in good time.

Health risks from cockroach infestation

We almost know that anywhere which is messy, damp and unkempt, the possibility of cockroach presence is very strong. Due to their filth loving habits they collect a large number of pathogens and germs which they spread into food and surfaces on which they feed on and crawl through. This is another reason why approaching professional Pest Control Whittlesea service specialists are needed to avoid any health risks.

In retail or stores these pests can cause harm to customer and staff wellbeing. Also in cases of businesses and food processing or restaurants their presence could negatively impact people’s perception and end in breaching laws of food safety. Infection is transmitted by consuming items or food contaminated by cockroaches or their eggs or feces. Their presence also causes asthma attacks in a few people and allergies. They also spread E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus. Other infections may include-

 Dysentery

 Salmonellosis

 Typhoid fever

 Leprosy

 Listeriosis

 Cholera

 Campylobacteriosis

How does transmission happen?

Through contaminated food and drink: This can happen through direct ingestion of contaminated food or water or by eating out of utensils which are contaminated.

Inhalation of air that is contaminated: If air is polluted from cockroach shed skin or proteins from cockroach droppings, this might be inhaled by people and this might result in an allergy or asthma attack.

Coming in touch with contaminated articles: Cockroaches spread contamination in utensils, glassware or other kitchen items which in turn are used by humans which results in pathogens entering the body via mouth, nose, eyes or open wounds. Since you cannot check the cockroach entry or its presence, having routine Pest Control Mickleham service providers, ensures that your premises are safeguarded beforehand from health risks from cockroaches.

Prevention is better than cure

The best way to prevent the menace of cockroaches spreading diseases in your home environment is to minimize their points of entry by taking a few measures. But the best method that gives the best solutions is those by Pest Control Whittlesea service providers who give a comprehensive plan for complete eradication.

If you reduce the entry of cockroaches it will automatically minimize health issues caused by it. Let’s look at what you can do to help in the process of prevention.

Regular Cleaning:  This is the most effective method in controlling and combating cockroach infestation. Dirty messy unclean methods not only look unsightly but also harbor dust mites and germs that are harmful to human health. Since cockroaches are attracted to dirty places, it’s a good practice to clean floors with cleaning solutions, keep kitchen workspaces neat after use. Cleaning drains and sinks and under sinks daily is needed. Wiping wet utensils with kitchen towels and washing the kitchen cloth and drying them also keeps things hygienic. In the food industry and business it’s important to be compliant with food safety rules and laws and ensure cockroaches stay away by maintaining strict standards to prevent any infections arising out of cockroach presence.

Hand washing regularly: Many times diseases are transmitted because we do not wash our hands frequently. So using soap and preferably warm water can kill any bacteria or germs that can cause health issues brought in by cockroaches as we might touch so many things and their surfaces throughout the day. So a good practice is washing and during food preparation and before and after eating. Also washing is a must after using the washroom.

Sealing of crevices and gaps: First step of control is always to seal entry points of pests like cockroaches. So once you identify cracks, crevices, holes or gaps, seal them immediately. This would be very effective in minimizing the possibility of transmitting any pathogens that cause diseases in your residences or businesses. So, regular inspection of your property is a must. Checking of drains, pipes, walls, outer surfaces, ceilings, doors and windows help in control. Usually expanding foam is used to seal up cracks.

Expert cockroach control services: For the most effective and permanent remedy for complete cockroach removal, one has to opt for expert execution by Pest Control Mickleham service providers. By using the latest and state of the art techniques, chemical and pesticides, these services have trained technicians who do a great job removing the pests in no time with least inconvenience or effort at reasonable packages. They are any day preferable than do it yourself remedies which essentially uses over the counter store bought products which do not have enough intensity for complete eradication as after a few days the pests reappear.

Benefits of hiring pest control services

A company of good repute knows that a service industry like pest control will not survive unless you give maximum benefit to customers at standard rates. The reasons why they are preferred is they provide-

 Updated and improved technology

 Effective chemicals and treatments available

 Very good baits are available

 Sanitization services

 Thorough Inspection

 after application visits for check up for any activity

 Trained personnel

 Helpful suggestions for prevention are advised by servicemen



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