The OG Nike Dunk Low Will Endure

December 19, 2022

Beginning of the Dunk

A straightforward layout, tasteful color blocking, and a shape and style that can be worn in many different ways. One of the most sought-after silhouettes right now is the OG Nike Dunk Low. In the years 2020 and 2021, The Dunk, a basketball shoe turned skateboarding icon, saw a complete rebirth that was much beyond its original use as a collegiate basketball sneaker. The incredible capacity of the Dunk to meld art, fashion, music, and popular culture into a seamless whole, functioning as a shoe for several subcultures all around the globe, has remained one thing that hasn't changed, however.

The history of The Dunk isn't a straight line but rather a web of narratives. As a consequence, the narrative has expanded greatly. In its strange growth, the separation of the OG Nike Dunk Low and Air Max is a sizable puzzle piece.

An Overview of the Dunk

Taking its cues from the Nike Air Force 1

The Air Force 1, the Terminator, the Air Jordan 1, and the Legend are four former Nike models that were combined to produce the high-top basketball shoe known as the OG Nike Dunk Low High. In August 1985, it made its debut. The AJ-1 and the Terminator were combined in the upper, and the Legend helped create the molds for the Dunk. The AF-1 served as the inspiration for the Dunk's overall design. Although the OG Nike Dunk Low's predecessors influenced the final design, it was the legend surrounding the shoe's first introduction that gave it its distinctive appeal.

Increasing the Dunk

The shoe was first introduced in 1985, just as basketball was entering its heyday and Michael Jordan was its brightest star. When it was first introduced, the OG Nike Dunk Low, which was designed to support basketball strategies and tactics like spinning and blocking, became an immediate success, at least in terms of its technical specifications. The "Be True To Your School" OG Nike Dunk Low High from 1985 gained notoriety for something a little more vibrant and significant than this.

The OG Nike Dunk Low's debut advertising campaign was called "Be True To Your School." It gave Division I college basketball teams and their supporters a way to display their team colors. Georgetown, St. John's, UNLV, Syracuse, University of Iowa, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, and The Swoosh have all signed agreements making the Dunk High their team's official shoe in the past.

This was a genius move on Nike's part since it enabled the company to organically capitalize on the growing popularity of collegiate basketball leagues by promoting the Dunk both inside and outside of college arenas, fostering a non-competitive attitude to sport, and encouraging school loyalty. It was ingenious to transform a sneaker mentality into a team attitude. The 'BTTYS' series' unrestricted colors strategy would later come to be recognized as a distinctive aspect of the silhouette, which was novel at the time.

The original OG Nike Dunk Low High swiftly lost its relevance in the realm of basketball due to the extraordinary success of the Air Jordan 1 and other technical developments, but the style persisted among a more modest and casual population that had nothing to do with Nike at the time. Introducing the young people from New York who are skating about, being themselves, and just enjoying themselves.

The Dunk as it is now known

However, no prior release would have had as much of an effect on the Dunk's future as when Travis Scott was given the go-ahead to customize and be creative with the SB Dunk Low. Kylie Jenner had been photographed sporting highly coveted pairs of the model on her Instagram account, and Scott was a self-described Dunk fan, so something comparable was in the works.

The expectation only increased when the Swoosh hired Virgil Abloh to try his hand at the silhouette. In 2019, three vivid and dynamically-blocked colorways of the Nike x Off-White Dunk Low were released. At the time, Virgil Abloh's Nike collaborations were the most talked-about topic in the sneaker community. Of course, the SB Dunk made sense in the Off-White lineup that was reinvented.

People who couldn't get their hands on these new releases instantly started looking for OG Dunks, mainline, and throwback SB pairs made in the early and mid-2010s. Vintage Dunks are now worth less than they were. Ljr Batch An SB Dunk, a Dunk for sale, or a Dunk seen on shelves were all things of the past.

Virgil Abloh's OG Nike Dunk Low X Off-White Lot 31. (The Attic streetwear, 2022).


Over the last several years, the Dunks have featured a plethora of different color blocking. Additionally, its popularity has grown more than ever. Every month, we sell more than 100 pairs of Dunks at The Attic streetwear. It's a very basic sneaker that is still wearable.



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