Tips for Fantastic Interior Design Photography

December 6, 2022

Many people strive to make a career out of photography, and one lucrative area of commercial photography is interior photography. Photos of interiors are used on websites, in magazines, and on portals, so there is a lot of potential for this type of photography.

Of course, there is nothing difficult in taking a couple of dozen pictures of an apartment or a house, but in real estate and the press, the quality of the photo is very important, because it is the first look at the goods. And it is more difficult to take a high-quality picture. But nothing is impossible, so we offer you ten tips to help you take really beautiful interior photos. If you want to learn the basics of professional photography you can do so on the Skylum blog. You can start with the article “What is an aperture on a camera”.

ottomans and chairs inside the room

Helpful hints

It is usually recommended to use a tripod in order to avoid a camera shake. However, in the case of indoor photography, where the main subject is the interior, it is more important to maintain a straight horizon and perspective. A tripod will help you do just that.

In addition, it's important that there is less light indoors than outdoors, so you will need to use a high ISO to get a good shot. With this comes the problem of extra noise, which you can solve with a tripod.

You can set a slower shutter speed, which will produce a high-quality photo in low light.

In interior photography, it is important to keep the line between horizon and perspective, in order not to make a mistake it is also best to use a tripod.

Tripod will allow you to intelligently frame the shot and quietly move away from the camera to remove unnecessary objects from the camera lens's field of view.

Using the live view mode

LiveView may not be a favorite feature of professional photographers, but in interior photography, it comes in incredibly handy. It allows you to see and evaluate the shot before you take it, to make sure the composition is in place and that all the subjects are in place, and to evaluate the color scheme.

This is very important because color plays a huge role in an interior.

For an interior shoot, it is better if the screen is rotatable so you can comfortably see what you are shooting and you don't have to bend down to the tripod height (we will talk about that later). In short, don't forget to take this point into account when choosing a suitable camera.

Shoot with a wide-angle lens

A wide angle can make a room look bigger, and it's important when taking pictures of interiors. However, it is just as important to keep the proportions of furniture and the room correct. One of the most common options for interior photography is 16-24mm. Such a lens is more than enough to capture part of the space, which will allow us to judge the room as a whole. What you shouldn't do is try to put the whole room and all the elements in one shot, because sometimes one detail says a lot.

Take advantage of the range

When shooting an interior, we don't always get an evenly lit room. On the contrary, such cases are very rare. If you look at any room, you will notice that the areas near the window and around the lamps are the strongest. The rest of the room may be dark. It is best to take a few pictures to avoid over-highlighting. One with normal exposure, one that is underexposed by 2 steps, and one that is as underexposed. After that, you can combine the frames in an HDR photo stitching application. If you are not happy with the background but the picture is good, you can simply use Inpixio to remove it from the image

This way we will get a frame that will evenly display both dark and light areas.

Don't forget the flash

Another way to light the room evenly is to use a flash. The camera's built-in flash will not be enough for this, as we need to bounce it so that the light fills the space. If you point the flash at a wall or the ceiling (the latter is best since walls are often dark or bright), the light will scatter around the room.

You can also do this by taking the flash off the camera and pointing it at the ceiling. You can also use the flash with an external remote, in which case you can simply put it where you want it.

stainless steel sink with faucet


Our tutorial can be summarized as follows:

  • Don't forget the tripod;
  • Check the composition of the photo with live view mode;
  • Use a wide-angle lens;
  • Don't forget the benefits of range and flash.

The last thing worth saying about shooting interiors is that it's not that hard to master. Perhaps the easiest way to start is to be inspired by the work of others. Stock up on design magazines, visit a couple of websites, and start practicing. For rehearsal shots, houses and apartments of friends, exhibition houses, and of course, interior exhibitions are quite suitable.

Armed with the experience of professionals, a camera, and enthusiasm, you'll soon be able to put together a large portfolio. Your first steps in photography will be helped by Skylum's blog, and the article “What is an aperture on a camera” is a good place to start.


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