Treadmill Vs. Running Outside. Which is Better?

December 20, 2022

A prominent sport, running has millions of knowledgeable and devoted fans. Additionally, each runner has a preference. The choice is between running outside and on a treadmill. On the one hand, some outdoor runners think that jogging on a treadmill is a tedious and dull procedure, but others adore running on treadmills because they love a controlled environment. Although both running methods are healthy and helpful, each has advantages and disadvantages.

Whether you're preparing for a cardio workout, race, or warm-up, running outdoors and on a treadmill help you become stronger, quicker, and healthier. The climate can occasionally influence your running decisions. It is better to utilize a treadmill when it is cold outside; however, if it is pleasant, you can run outdoors. So, here we are with your doubt of which is the best, treadmill or running outside?

Treadmill Running

A treadmill provides the runner with a regulated environment. The weather is not always in the runner's favor. Therefore during this hour, the runner can choose a treadmill with the required environment and comfort. This is another benefit of using a treadmill: you can choose the interval, pace, recovery, and incline. Additionally, you may compute, find, and monitor your daily performance. A treadmill also provides a private setting where you can run without worrying about being observed or judged.

Jogging outside gets simpler if you've gotten used to running on a treadmill since it helps you keep up your pace. Also, running on a treadmill keeps your joints healthy for longer because hard surfaces like sidewalks and roads can damage them. In addition to these benefits, running indoors results in fewer injuries than outside. Try running on a treadmill if you want to progress slowly after recovering from an injury and getting back on the physical track.

Treadmill also keeps the runner motivated to complete a threshold or tempo run, which is not available while running outside. Treadmills come in various styles, including walk and work treadmills, free run treadmills, house treadmills, compact treadmills, etc.

Outside Running

Some runners feel that running on a treadmill is inferior to running outside on a beautiful day. Running outside aids energy expansion more than running on a machine. Running outside helps your body activate more muscles because there is no set speed or straight line to follow. Running outside is always beneficial for your bones since running on a solid surface, such as a road, distributes more ground reaction forces than running on a machine can. Running outside will make you feel connected to and close to nature if you love the outdoors. According to studies, if you run for at least 30 minutes each week in a natural setting, you'll see a nine percent drop in high blood pressure and a seven percent drop in depression. If you do not count the expense of a sports kit and running shoes, which are required for both types of running, outside running is cost-free.

Some runners have an adventurous spirit, which helps them fall in love with jogging in the snow or drizzle. You encounter various people, animals, and plants while running outside. You can socialize and can get mentally recharged by doing this. Running outside also trains your body to adapt to various environments and types of nature. You can travel to new locations by running outside. Plan a different route every day before you begin your running session, keeping safety in mind, and take pleasure in a different spot each time. On the one hand, wind resistance requires greater effort when running, which burns more calories, whereas fresh air aids in breathing in pure oxygen. On the other hand, you can train for running competitions and races by running on roads, in gardens, and on hills.


There is no right or wrong answer in the argument between treadmills and outside running. Both have equal value, and each has perks and drawbacks. Running is more crucial here than whether you choose to do it outside or on a treadmill because it will keep you strong, balanced, and cheerful. You should enjoy jogging and commit to it for a very long period. Running enhances mental wellness while reducing the chance of chronic diseases. So, pick a safe running ground for yourself and start running.


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