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December 28, 2022



Pest Control Services undoubtedly offer time tested and scientific methods of pest management for your homes and offices which no home remedy or do it yourself methods can do. Among the variety and range of category of pest eradication they undertake, two options that are not much mentioned are bird removal services that are executed by Wasp Nest Removal Brisbane service providers among others. Birds at day end can create disrupts and when things go out of hand expert servicemen have to be called in and solutions found.

Another area that pest control management covers is end of lease pest control which is extremely useful for those residential members changing homes. Pest Control Brisbane service companies have been providing this bespoke service to many of its residents.

Bird Control and Proofing

Birds can be a tricky and sensitive area to handle when they infest homes and offices. Their removal also is part of pest control services and most include trained personnel who understand habits and breeding patterns and remove their presence , nest , eggs , droppings, even dead carcass using the best techniques to control, proofing and removal needs.

Bird Removal Brisbane service providers understand that control and elimination of bird(s) have to be undertaken responsibly and with caution. Many preventive methods are available which have to be applied assessing the suitability of case and place.

Usually birds take refuge and build nests in different styles of buildings which often are in coincidence with their breeding season and breeding cycle. So having prior knowledge of this makes detection of their presence easier.


Dangers from Birds
Bird feces are extremely unsightly and birds rampantly deface walls, railings, walkways, air conditioning units, concrete flower pots, garden seats, window ledges, porches and make the visible areas look messy. These lessen the aesthetic appeal but also are health risks.


The feces carry disease causing fungus. When these fungus multiply, their spores get air borne and if inhaled by humans can cause serious issues. Among all birds as peaceful as they are considered pigeons can be quite the nuisance among all other birds.


Our feathered friends also carry bird lice and mites which too are things we all should avoid. So engaging Bird removal Brisbane service experts can lessen our worries and restore the beauty and cleanliness of our buildings and homes.

 Common Birds infesting homes and buildings in Australia

Feral Pigeon: These are dark grey medium sized birds that nest in buildings, down pipes, gutters and bridges. They usually gather in large numbers defacing statues and buildings. They eat buds, fruits, food scraps, vegetables, seeds, bread, etc.

Common Starling: These medium sized birds are black in color with stout reddish pink legs. They make messy nests from grass, leaves, twigs and rubbish bits and place them in tree hollows or roof gaps and found in parks and cities with human activity.

Indian Myna: With origins in Asia these sturdy but small birds are brown with black heads and yellow beak, feet and patch around eyes, nest in walls and roofs of buildings. Their messy nests are made up of rubbish, leaves and feathers. They are scavengers and like to gather in groups making deafening noise.

Sparrow: These small birds with big rounded heads nest in roof gaps, wall crevices, tree hollows and bushes and construct large nests feeding on spiders, berries, flower buds, seeds, food bits.

Welcome Swallow: This is a protected species. It is tiny, blue black in color with light grey underside having rust forehead and chest. They build mud and grass and line it with feathers and attack it to a building structure. They feed on flies, moths and mosquitoes.

Seagull: These medium sized white bodies grey winged birds are coastal beings and make nests close to ground from plant matter and seaweed. They feed on fish, insects, worms, plankton, and scavenge garbage.

Techniques of Control and removal  


Baiting: This control method involves pre feeding birds for two weeks and on the last day an agent causing immobilization is used which pacifies them and then they are removed safely from the site.

Using trapping method: This method requires to be done in controlled area where the birds are not disturbed by daily activities. A target area is set, suitable food is placed and then different cage components are placed till they become comfortable. Once inside the cage, birds are trapped. Then the cages are removed.


Shooting: This is usually seen as an action of finality if they are considered extreme nuisance and other methods have failed.


Proofing and Preventive Techniques

This is usually provided by professional bird management pest control services. They guide and advise the below methods for bird proofing-

Using netting: Using nets you can keep birds away from entering your premises.

Bird Spikes: Spikes are installed with walls, framework, and pipes to keep birds from roosting.

Bird Wire and Coils: These like spikes prevent birds from nesting in broader ledges. These might give shocks as they may be electrified.

Steel rods: Called Daddi Long Legs, these thick, long stainless steel rods are used in proofing of lights, air conditioning and other flat areas.

Now let's see what the term End of Lease Pest Control means.

Why do you need it?

When a family or person is about to vacate his residence for another new place, real estate or the landlord would wish them to do pest control. This is End of Lease Pest Control which is undertaken by services providers.

So is it mandatory for tenants to hire End of Lease pest control experts?

No, if you are living on rent in a property that starts to show pest presence then it is the real estate’s responsibility to get pest control and or avail the services if it comes under warranty from the last pest control.

Yes, if you are about to leave the property and pests are there, and then it is your responsibility to call in these services.

What is the specialty of End of Lease Pest Control?

Usually the general end of lease pest control before vacating a home will focus and target on spiders, cockroaches, ants. And will do so in external and internal spaces including gaps in the roof. But if you had pets that had potential risks of fleas, you would have to do flea control treatment as an extension of end of lease pest control. This would involve spraying carpeted areas and wooden flooring. If your pet frequents outdoors then get spray done on external areas. But it would be best to understand what the landlord or estate requires from you beforehand you call in End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane service providers.



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